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The Power of B-List Blogging Connections

You can fail alone, but to become successful you will require a team.

There is hardly any need to go into the details of why blogging connections are important. You need traffic, social shares, mentions, links, comments and much more to become a successful blogger, and all of it requires strong online connections. These are the people who are always the first to promote and share your content on the social media or leave a comment on your blog post.

There is no harm in making A-list connections; rather you should focus on making these connections actively. But do remember that an A-list influencer or a blogger is always busy and their time is limited. You have to work really hard to make these connections and expect very little in return.

Granted, there are powerful Influencers who do their best to support you, say for example “Ted Rubin” who not only participated in my previous roundup but was the first to tweet out the post as well. There are others too, like Mary Jaksch, David Meerman Scott and many others who are pretty quick to respond and are always very open to requests. But we need to understand that they are busy, way too busy – a quick look at the contact us page of Quick Sprout, which will tell you more.


Now, coming back to the B-List, this is where you should invest the bulk of your time. The B-listers have influence, connections, and most importantly – time. They can do a lot more for you if you do the same for them. So, how to build these connections?

1. Connect, Mention, Submit and Share

My friend and the owner of this blog – Atish, recently submitted Linda’s blog post on Amplify Blog. I did the most natural thing next – voted the submitted story and sent the submission to the front page of AmplifyBlog. Left a comment thanking Atish for submitting the story, and tweeted out the submission. Then I went on to leave a comment on Linda’s blog. As you can see in the screenshot below, Linda thanked us in the tweet. But she did not stop at that – she went on to give us a mention in her next blog post. Isn’t that amazing? tweet Recently, I linked to Ana Hoffman’s post. She not only tweeted my post but also linked it from her weekly roundup post. That is how you build connections.

2. Reach out with a Review Request

Vashishtha Kapoor and Pallab Kayal both offered to review AmplifyBlog. amplify blog I got really excited, who does not want a review – as you can see, AmplifyBlog is still pretty new, and we need all the reviews that we can possibly get. So, once their reviews were published, I made sure to do my part and promoted both the reviews very strongly over the social media. I had bought credits from JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz, which I used to promote the posts. Along with that, I send both of these posts to the homepage of BlogEngage where I have the DTFP package.

3. Connect with more people

Always look for opportunities to connect and if there isn’t one – just try to create it. When Pallab submitted his roundup post on AmplifyBlog, I did the usual – commented, voted and promoted the post on the homepage. Along with that, I tweeted the submission. While tweeting, instead of just mentioning Pallab, I mentioned Brent, Kevin, Sherman, and Pallab. The result: Brent, Kevin, Pallab and Sherman Retweeted the status update and Favorite it. Brent even took out some time and posted a comment.

4. Create roundup posts

There are quite a few ways to create a roundup post, and all of them are in fashion. Early this year, I did a roundup of Twitter Influencers which received over 2k+ shares. My point with the roundup was, it does not matter how many followers they have, but what they can do for us. Fair? So, I only listed those people who follow back or tweet others or at least take out some time and respond and connect. I followed it up with an expert roundup post where I asked as many as 18 Experts to predict their number 1 Social Media Trend for 2015. Surely, there’re plenty of other ways to do a roundup post, and all of it works. These roundups not only bring a lot of shares and traffic, but they also build strong connections too.

5. Comment and Reply

Old school blog commenting still continues to be one of the best ways to build blogging connections. Recently, I listed as many as 81 active blogs where you can make a comment and build a connection. These bloggers are very active and supportive. Recently, I linked to Rebekah from the latest Guest Crew blog post on – News Jacking. Rebekah tweeted it out.

6. Connect on other platforms

B-listers hang out on several social bookmarking sites, for example, Bizsugar, Blogengage, Kingged, klinkk, AmplifyBlog!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest and other top level social sites for your marketing. There’re over 1.3 Billion people on Facebook! Shouldn’t that be a huge reason why you should put all your marketing focus on Facebook?

Yes, but that also means you have over 1.3 Billion untargeted people out of which you need to search and target your prospects.

While on the other hand these niche social sites have other marketers just like us, trying to comment, share and connect with other marketers – just like us.

Your time is a valuable asset, and it is a depreciating asset. Do consider wisely on where to invest it, your overall business ROI depends it on.


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About the author

Uttoran Sen

Uttoran Sen is a content marketer and a social media expert. He is the CEO and Founder of Guest Crew.


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  • I am a new blogger in the internet world. and i want to go with you as you told in your post above. I don’t know too much about how to become a successful blogger. Buy the way Thanking You for your informative article. I think that you can help me building traffic on my blog. If you can help me, thats great. And please contct me.. [email protected]

    • Hey Purush Uttam,

      Thank you for your comment,

      Everyone starts somewhere, it is absolutely all right to be a Newbe.

      Don’t worry too much and just keep blogging and reading other blogs. As a new blogger you gain some knowledge everyday, do try to apply some of it that makes sense. In time your blog will be popular too,

      Uttoran Sen,

      • Thank you very much for your support and reply. I am also doing as you said. Please post an article about how to gain traffic for new bloggers.

  • Hi Uttoran,

    Welcome to Atish’s blog. You’ve come up with an interesting topic. By writing “B-list connections” I think you’re talking about connections with novice, newbie and seasonal bloggers.

    I agree about the review thing… I’ve written reviews of my mentor’s forums — Aha!NOW ABC community and Blogger Help Forum. So yes, newbies does help in creating noise.

    Round ups work extremely well. I do a round-up series at my blog popularly known as “Expert Speak” where I invite experts which get my attention. They’re mostly those who I work with or help them with something.

    Commenting is the most powerful technique to get discussions started at our own blogs. Aha!NOW ABC community is a great place to find and connect with incredible bloggers who drop wonderful comments.

    I see that you listed Kingged, it is a great source for traffic and comments for many bloggers but I find some members dropping links of Kingged[dot]com on other blogger’s blogs. And that’s why I fear sharing my posts there.

    It was a good read. Thanks Atish for having Uttoran at your blog.


    P.S. Uttoran, let’s connect on Twitter, my handle is: @Techbluemoon and @Rohanlicious.

    • Hey Rohan

      Thank you for the comment and the warm welcome,

      Yes, I know Herleena, she is a great blogger. I know her for ages now. I will join the ABC community soon, have heard so much about it already.

      A-list refers to blogs such as Problogger, Copyblogger etc. Most others blogs fall under the b-list.

      Uttoran Sen,

  • Hi Uttoran,

    What a wonderful blog post and thank you so much Atish for submitting my blog post to Amplify Blog and for the mention as I truly do appreciate that Uttoran.

    The Power of B List Blogging Connections are extremely powerful as we all need traffic. We need to get out into the blogging World and use each method you mentioned in this blog post.

    I am a newbie and am learning so much from you. I didn’t get a chance to read your roundup post but I will do that as soon as I can. Can you send me the link?

    Thank you so much for sharing Uttoran and you have a wonderful weekend!


  • Hello Uttoran,

    Great write up. I enjoyed reading it. I try to make connections with those bloggers who respond. There are many biggies out there whom I admire but they don’t bother to reply at times when you have something to ask for, so I generally be in the community of those who find some time to reply and engage.

    Thanks for the mention mate.

    • Hi Atish

      thank you for giving me this opportunity to guest post on your blog, I really appreciate it.

      Yes, there are many powerful influencers and bloggers that, at times, does not respond. That makes us wonder if there is any use to build those A-list connections?

      I do actively make A-list connections, that has allowed me to guest post on blogs like copyblogger, problogger, writetodone, johnchow and many others. So yes, such connections has its own benefits – but you can’t really network with these bloggers and get along like friends.

      This is where the B-list is always helpful,

      Uttoran Sen,

  • Hey Uttoran,

    Thanks for the mention, buddy.

    I’m proud to be included on the “B” list if it includes the likes of Ana Hoffman and Brent Jones! Of course, gosh, it sure doesn’t FEEL as though I have time. 🙂

    (This likely has to do with my having a regular, full-time job in addition to my blogging duties. Oh well…)

    I’ve already tweeted this out, and I’ll be sure to share it on Facebook shortly.

    Good work, Uttoran. As always. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


    • Hey Kevin,

      thank you for the comment,
      it is always a pleasure to link to you,

      If there is one blogger that has started out like any of us and become an A-lister, that will be Jon Morrow – but still, when you think of an A-lister, you think of blogs no less than problogger or ZenHabits etc. So, basically the rest of us are all in B-list and proudly so!

      Thank you for sharing it, glad you liked it

      Uttoran Sen,

    • ‘I’m proud to be included on the “B” list if it includes the likes of Ana Hoffman and Brent Jones!’

      >> That’s what I’m saying, bro! lol I get to hang out with you, Ana, and Sherman Smith? Damn. I kinda like being a B-List blogger! Haha…

  • Hi Uttoran! Great post. the information shared by you is invaluable and it shows the importance of how a team can actually help in getting bigger and better. I really liked your tips and I ll pay a great attention with detail in creating the connections and follow up. Great work. It will be a great delight to hear more from you in the future. Cheers.

    • Hey Ovais,

      thank you for the comment, glad you liked the article,

      Yes, building connections and then leveraging it to gain business momentum is the secret sauce of Internet Marketing. The better you get at building connections the quicker you will be able to grow your business.

      Uttoran Sen,

  • This was a very informative blog. I now understand how to make specific connections in the blogging world. I am always commenting and supporting all bloggers. I feel like it’s important to be supportive and help others receive traffic. We should all want to help one another to be successful. Thank you for posting this! I’ll be sure to share it!

  • Hey Deshawn,

    Thank you for your comment, glad you liked the article,

    Yes, commenting and supporting others is very important. That is the basics to start building these connections.

    Good to know that you are supportive and always look to help others. I like that and actively do it myself.

    Thank you for sharing the post,

    Uttoran Sen,

  • Wow, Uttoran! Thanks for the shout out. Hey man, if being a B-List Blogger means I get grouped together with people like Ana Hoffman and Sherman Smith — I’ll take it!

    I totally agree with you. Too many newbie bloggers with 17 readers trying to get Neil Patel to notice them.

    My general rule of thumb is to multiply my followers by 10… for instance, I have about 1,300 Twitter followers. So I’ll generally limit my outreach to bloggers with 13,000 followers or less.

    (It’s not an exact science, but I have found it to be a good guideline for the most part)

    Chat soon,


    • Hey Brent,

      thank you for your comment, always a pleasure to link to you,

      Yeah, it’s B-list where all the fun and networking begins.

      Agreed completely with you about the outreach. Yes, most influencers are good and helpful, but at the end of the day they do look into it and think – “what is in it for me?”. So, unless we have something big to offer, there is little chance of getting noticed. On the other hand targeting people who are like us or have a slightly bigger influence and connections works out much better.

      When my guest post got published on CopyBlogger I saw most bigger influencers like – searchenginejournal and others tweet it. That is one of the best ways to get attention from other A-listers.

      Uttoran Sen,

  • As one of the moderators on BizSugar.com, I am glad to hear that: “B-listers hang out on several social bookmarking sites, for example, Bizsugar, …”

    I would classify myself as an “E” blogger! 😉 I started my first blog, Ego, in 2002.

    • Hey Martin,

      thank you for the comment,

      Good to know that your blog is as old as 2002. I started blogging way back in 2002 as well – that was on “Lucid Dreaming”.

      I have made plenty of connections on Bizsugar, both A-list and B-list, so I guess both listers are active on Bizsugar,

      Uttoran Sen,

      • Good to hear! Have you listened to my interview with Ivana Taylor of DIYMarketers? I would classify her as an A-Blogger and successful online influencer (listed on D&B’s top list).

  • Hey Utorran,
    You are points-on on the importance of concentrating on B-list bloggers for connections. The reason of time for A-listers is clear enough even for the uninformed.

    Well, connecting, submitting, and sharing contents for B-listers are great to creating and establishing a lasting connection. After all, B-listers today can transform to A-listers tomorrow. So, it makes good sense to court the “B’s” seriously today.

    The perfect online relationship is give and take. We must make the effort to connect rightly today!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com as well

  • hey Sunday,

    thank you for the comment,
    Glad you liked the points,

    Yes, I agree completely with you. All bloggers start new from scratch and then they grow. I still remember way back in 2008 / 09 when bloggers like Ileane used to blog on blogspot domain or Herleena used to post on a very specific niche health blog or the popular Syed Balkhi or wpbeginner used to own web directories.

    Yes, they grow – and it is best to connect with them when they are just starting out.

    Uttoran Sen,

  • Awesome post! This reminds of the film “A Beautiful Mind” when John Nash went to the second prettiest girl in the bar because the most beautiful girl will be busy entertaining everyone. This is exactly what bloggers should do too! They should leverage their connections with all bloggers, whether popular or not. The important thing here is you use all your available connections to strengthen your blog.

  • Hi Christopher,

    thank you for the comment, glad you liked the article,

    Will surely check out the film, have heard so much about it but so far haven’t managed to watch it yet,

    Deep down, it is all about the ROI and connecting and investing our time with similar bloggers tends to give the best results,

    Uttoran Sen,

  • Hi Uttoran,

    While I see where you’re going with the article (and you make some valid suggestions), why is there even a list, though?

    “A-list”, B-list”, etc – it’s all BS. Bloggers are different things to different people, and that goes for the value they bring to.

    Differntiating bloggers into these tiered “lists” is outdated and all that’s wrong with the “social web” (and I point that finger at those who would continue to separate bloggers by “rank” as opposed to their true value, and not you directly).

    • Hey Danny,

      Thank you for the comment,
      Yeah – I don’t like categorizing people into lists. It would had been much better to just say – there are helpful bloggers vs. bloggers that don’t have time to help others out? But that seems much rude, right?

      I guess another issue with lists / ranks – is that there is no easy metric to tell if a blogger is a Pro Blogger or an influencer. Most established bloggers will claim to be an A-lister or an influencer …

      By B-list – I meant bloggers who are helpful, who contribute and support – engage and communicate … because at some point you grow too big and stop seeing others from that height ..

      Uttoran Sen,

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