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The Dangers of Torrenting

Ever since torrents have hit cultural mainstream, people have had access to a wealth of content. There are tons and tons of torrent sites including movie torrent sites, music torrent sites, and game torrent sites. However, what you may not know is that torrenting is not as safe as it may seem.

We will be mentioning some of the biggest dangers that torrents pose. These range from your data being threatened to legal issues that may arise from using torrents. Do not worry though, as we also tell you how to deal with these problems and protect yourself whenever you are downloading files over a P2P network.

Malware and Viruses

The most obvious danger that many people may know about is the vulnerability that you have to Malware. Since torrent files do not come from official sources and are uploaded by random users on the internet, it is entirely possible that a file that you download may contain malware which could mean anything from a slightly sluggish computer to a completely hung system.

There are some ways that you can reduce the possibility of downloading an infected file while torrenting. One of the ways that you can do is to prioritize files which have a high number of seeds for you. These files have been downloaded by a lot of people, and the high number of seeds not only represent good download speeds but are a vote of confidence in the files.

What you can also do is purchase an Anti-Virus software (or download one for free). One of the best free Anti-Virus software available right now is Avira. Avira shall protect you from most threats when it comes to infected files.

Safety of Data

Most people do not seem to know it, but there is a significant chance of people gaining access to your data whenever you are downloading torrents. As soon as you connect to a P2P network, everybody else can see your IP address (and you can see theirs). Hackers can use this information to get into your system and gain access to your private files.

In order to decrease the chances of losing control over data, it is best to have as little exceptions in your Windows Firewall as possible. On top of that, it is a good practice to turn off ‘Remote Desktop’ as well as ‘Remote Assistance’ in your System Properties (Control Panel). Also, make sure to use your Anti-Virus software and perform regular checks to see if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.

Lastly, a VPN can hide your IP address behind a secure server in order to offer you complete privacy when downloading torrent files. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a VPN for torrents, but we recommend NordVPN for its top-notch security and commendable speed.

Legal Issues

Although the chances of you being hauled to court over torrenting are slim, it is best to always be aware of the problems you can run into so that you can prepare for any situation that may arise.

Torrenting in itself is completely legal. However, many of the files that you download from a P2P network are pirated and thus can lead to legal action. For the most part, authorities try to find and persecute the people who are seeding torrents as it is not viable for them to locate everyone who has ever pirated a file.

In some cases, the film industry hires agencies that specifically look for people pirating copyrighted content from the internet. They are able to track downloaders by tracking their IPs and having embedded tracers inside of the pirated files.

If you followed our advice about protecting your data and decided to purchase a VPN, you are in luck as it will also protect you from legal action by masking your IP address and any other information about your connection. Using a VPN will make you a completely anonymous torrent user and all the data that you download will not be traced back to you in any way.

Selecting a VPN

Before we end this article, it is important to note what to look for in a VPN. A VPN which is great for torrenting needs to have no record of your sessions (logs), dedicated P2P servers which can provide you great downloading speeds, and a kill switch to protect any information from leaking in case you lose connection.

Considering all of the above, we recommend you use NordVPN for torrenting. If for some reason their services do not satisfy you, ExpressVPN is a great alternative which fulfills all your security needs and makes sure that you get ample speed whenever connected to a P2P network. However, ExpressVPN is quite costly. If it fits your pocket, there is nothing better than this VPN service.

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