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The Dangerous ASSOC command

Tonight, accidentally I have executed the command assoc.exe=file and this command has changed the all .exe extension to none. So that any program like notepad, word, explorer(all the .exe) etc had been stopped working. I was scared and thought that I have to format my windows but at the same time I got an idea and I tried assoc.exe=txtfile Command.


After executing this I have tried to open programs, this time they were opening but all are opening as .txt file(notepad ).
Here I have got the exact idea to retain my default setting and then i executed the commnad assoc.exe=exefile
finally, Now I am able to open all the programs as they were opening by default.

Now we can change any extension to anyone but to retain we have to do as:




simple explanation, assoc.exe=file command changes the all .exe extension files to no extension so that no one was opening.
then assoc.exe=exefile command changes all the .exe extension files to .exe extension so that they were opening again.

Note: changing extension doesn’t mean that they lose .exe extension. Here it means they open with attribute has changed to no file (if we do assoc.exe=file) or as txt file(if we do assoc.exe=txt). and when we do assoc.exe=exefile then it’s open with attribute again changes to .exe .

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