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2 Awesome Years of TechTricksWorld.Com

Hello to all the TTW readers and everyone out there over internet. I am here today to share the happiness of completing 2 awesome years of Techtricksworld.com in the blogosphere. Yes! It has completed  2 years on 10th may 2013.

celebration 2 years completed

I haven’t shared this kind post even when we have completed our first year on 10th may 2012 but just now I have got asked by my li’l sis Sugandha that “Bhaiya, why don’t you write about completing 2 awesome years for TTW?” And also she insisted me to write.

This post might be a little boring for you guys but how can I disrespect the words of Sugandha Didi :P. before we move on to this post. Lets have few words from Sugandha(my li’l sis cum blogger at Techosky).

“Congratulations Atish Bhaiya and Zainil for Completing 2 years journey with TTW!

You Guys really Rock in the Blogging world.

I’m Happy That I’m the part of TTW and have completed one year with TTW.

I wish you guys more and more success in life and hope that TTW achieve success of heights in the Blogging world.

Cheers to you guys! “

congratulations techtricksworld.com

I am considering actual birth of TTW on 10th May 2011 because the real journey started that day only. However it was started on blogspot on 4th June 2010 but at that time it was inactive or just a normal blog which was being updated sometimes with a 100 words posts. 😛

Later when it was launched on self hosted domain and hosting with the help of my friend Durgesh Chaudhary, It was started getting updated regularly as a professional blog.

I feel proud to say that Me and Zainil never broke our consistency within these 2 years because I have met so many guys in this period who have started their blogs and ended up after sometime or just left updating their blog.

!Consistency is the key to success!

The very first year was amazing as after launching the blog, we have got page rank 4 directly and it became zero to Hero in no time and from then we haven’t looked back. We have been working consistently since 2011 to till date. And I assure you that as long as I am alive TechtTricksWorld.com Will be there running with regular updates.

Let me share few stats of TechTricksWorld.com:-

Alexa Stats:

Alexa Global: 19,320
Alexa India: 1,887
Domains linking in: 1068

Google Stats:-

Page Rank: 4
Links to site: More than 35,000(According to Google webmaster)
Domains linking in : More than 1000
Indexed Pages in Google:- 3,560

Other Stats:

Domain Authority: 47

Page Authority:  55

Facebook Fan page Likes: More than 1660
Twitter: – Around 850

The data doesn’t look great but as per the time we (Me and Zainil) devote to Techtricksworld.com, it seems quite good to me. We are working to do better on Facebook and twitter. 

Especially I Have ignored twitter for a long time and that was a big mistake. Recently I have started using twitter seriously which seems to be fruitful and working more to build better fan base there too.

I would like to get suggestions from you to improve Techtrickswold.com

Now I want share few things of what I have learned in these 2 years of blogging (actually part time blogging):-

  1. We should help everyone who is in need because it has great benefits. You may read a post which I wrote about few months ago, Why should you help the newbie bloggers but I suggest to help only those who are helpless only, Don’t help those people who don’t want to help themselves.
  2. We should mind our manners. Read my post about the manners in blogging which we must follow in order to get success and win the hearts of thousands of people.
  3. We should always love our work. I do blogging and I love it. Read here, why do I love blogging. As per my experience, If you do something you love and have passion for that then success is guaranteed.
  4. We should not ignore the SEO for your each posts.  Read the every basics Of SEO here On our other blog Stoogles.com.
  5. We should be a good writer to be a better blogger (sadly I am not a good writer). However, being a good writer only is not good enough to succeed in blogging.
  6. We should read research and write a lot.             

Ahh.. The list cannot be complete because Blogging teaches a lesson on daily basis to me.

Within these 2 years I have got so many great friends online who are great bloggers too. They made my life so easy which seemed to be too weird before I met them. The First name always came to my mind is Zainil, the person who never complaints even I don’t work on blogs for months and always stays there for me as brother and as a partner.

Apart from Zainil, Durgesh Bhai is an awesome support to me. Inspite of his busy schedule, whenever I ask something to him, he is always there to help me. In fact, the attitude of helping everyone I got from him only. Thank you bro for being there.

As per my experience I want to suggest few normal things(not the blogging tips) to all of you:-

  1. Go beyond the limits of hard work (with smartness) to make your dreams come true.
  2. Do compete with everyone but don’t ever get jealous.
  3. Love your blog.
  4. Time is money and health is wealth [Always remember].
  5. Don’t just see your own benefits, Try to do something for other’s benefits too.
  6. Believe In yourself.

I will not bore anymore now. Just celebrate the 2 years of TTW by posting a comment and sharing this with your friends by using these social media buttons given below.

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  • Congratulations Atish Bhaiya and Zainil for Completing 2 yrs journey with TTW!
    You Guys really Rock in the Blogging world. 🙂

    I’m Happy and even can’t believe I’m the part of TTW since one year wohaa..!! Can’t believe it we met years ago and I have completed one year with TTW and both of you guys know me specially Atish Bhaiya. 🙂

    I’m too much close to TTW as this is the first blog in which I visit and read something about technology. Even, today I remember while chatting on Facebook Atish Bhaiya sent me the cool post of TTW to read on while Introducing me to the blogging world. 🙂

    Blogging World Know Atish Ranjan Bhaiya for his Helping Nature and I’m learning this from him and Zainil the Techie for lots of Giveaways he hosts here. 🙂

    TTW is the first blog from where I have won my first giveaway in which I have participated for the first time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The Best “INDIAN JODI” is here who is working together as ONLINE and the result is TTW, Stoogles, 2012onwards and the new member Stechie. 🙂 🙂

    We all should learn from you guys what’s the dedication is for once passion. 🙂

    Atis Bhaiya, Thanks for sharing your experience and the lessons you have learned here and the cool tips too. I’ll keep in my mind for sure. 🙂

    Thanks for writing Bhaiya 🙂

    Thanks once again for sharing your Story, and here’s wishing both of you much joy and success in the years to come. 🙂 God Bless you Guys..!!

    Sugandha! 🙂

      • Thank for the love and today I can feel that feeling which you always expect from me but I haven’t made possible.

        A Big Sorry infect not sorry but yes i’m feeling bad for that and today I’m Promising you here on TTW I will do whatever you teach me till now. 🙂 🙂

        I will do whatever you are expecting from me ONLINE as well as OFFLINE. 🙂 🙂

          • I missed it 🙁 and came late here. Sorry Atish bhai… I was busy with myself

            Congratulations for completing two year. But I Can guess the.com has completed two years. the total journey of your blogging is 3 year old Right ? 1 year on blogspot :).

            I am attached with it from last few months. When I first meet with you.
            And after that I was feeling a change with my blogging career. Really 🙂

            I came to know about many bloggers and Pro-bloggers, just after the online meet. And here , today I feeling proud I am also a part of TTW. Some awesome moments are with this blog. Just like the Zainil’s birthday :D. winning the giveaways etc etc.

            I lot of things that can’t be write in words 😉

            i want to remain always in touch with you Atish bhai.

            wishing you again for great success in the life.

            Happy Blogging 😀

            • Thanks Ravi, For your kind words. Keep up the good work.

              yes it was on blogspot sice 2010 but that was not actual blogging. That was just fun and nothing else.

              thank you again for stopping by!

  • Hi Atish,

    Congratulations indeed – great achievements 🙂

    I know the hard work and effort you always put in your posts, and that speaks itself for the level where your blog has reached today. Like they say – hard work always pays, and it surely does – and that shows in your stats 🙂

    I liked the lessons you learnt along the way, and I hope everyone can take cues from that. Your post reminded me of completing my blogging journey also 2 yrs back last December, and these are the small milestones we should remember that inspire us to keep doing better.

    We all know what a helpful person you are, besides being there to support and help others too. Wishing you all the very best in years to come.

    Thanks for sharing more about you and your journey with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Thank you so much Harleena. We are working even harder to get into full time blogging. Hoping for the best.

      Even I love your blog too. Thats a very nice place to read about relationships and all. I don’t comment always there as I don’t have things to say on those posts but I do read them all. 🙂

      • I’m sure your hard work will make this blog reach greater heights 🙂

        Ah…thanks for your kind words, and if you are reading my posts and they are helping you in some ways, that’s all that matters – more than the comments. 🙂

        Thanks once again and keep up the good work!

  • Congratulations Atish and Zainil. Just two years of hard work and we see great results! It’s not about how much you do, but it’s just how you do. My best wishes to you, keep rocking!

  • 😛 My Hearty congrats to TTW 😛

    Hi Atish and Zainil,

    Thanks for sharing the records and previous history of TTW!

    I enjoyed reading it and thanks to Sugandha who insist you to write about this.

    Hope TTW has gained countless new readers and hope am one among them.

    It has great stuffs related to blogging, online money making, SEO, Social media and software related stuffs 🙂

    I’ve gained remarkable knowledge from TTW and continuing the same as of now.

    It is a must activity that you should write about its birthday as there are new readers are getting benefits through it.

    Also it is good to get true wishes from you readers n followers to achieve great things.

    Am one of the daily visitor of TTW, expanding my knowledge through it and expecting the great stuffs from it.

    I am feeling proud that I had presented 3 guest posts for TTW and wanna write more posts to show my indebtedness to TTW owners!

    Again wishing true n kindheartedly that TTW should rock in the Blogosphere 🙂

    Will give my support to it forever!!!

    @ Atish,

    Cograts!!! I really appreciate your hardwork and keep doing it.

    Am proud to say that my blog is live, bcoz of your great support and hope it is performing well.

    😛 Thanks for everything!!! 😛

  • Good job and well done guys! TTW has been great and almost perfect to me. I’ve learned a lot of SEO tips on this blog and it’s like an “SEO Encyclopedia” to me. One suggestions from me that might sounds silly : I would like TTW to make some SEO tutorials on videos. I don’t know if that’s possible just a humble suggestion from me. Anyway, wish TTW all the more wonderful years ahead! 🙂

    • Peter, Thank you for your wishes. I would love to do what you say but because of time constraint it is not possible at the moment but I assure you I will try to do it.

  • Be lated Happy birthday to TTW 😀
    I have read your full post and i like your determination and dedication to work.
    i will defenately follow your tips bro
    thanks for sharing your experience with us 😀

  • all the bet to your work here and your blog!! It is always interesting to read your tips and thoughts.
    Greetings from all the team of
    Bluemar Travel

  • Configurations guys. This is the result of your hard work. I could ake a lesson or two from you guys.

  • Congrats Atish, It is wonderful to hear that you have completed 2 years and impressive stats bro… Keep Rocking…

  • DUDE , you have really worked hard , and that why you are getting such great results. As a blogger , I adore your blog. I mean the DA and PR and Traffic stats+fan following of your blog , is quite exquisite. Good Luck for future. 😉

  • Hi Atish,

    Great Job and i say to you Congratulations Atish and Zainil. because i am big fan both of you . Really which you have done in 2 years of hard work, its so brilliant for all of us and what u do ? .it doesn’t but one thing which you do that its helpful and useful for everyone.. i must say both of you that you are to genious bloggers. thanks alot for this job.

  • Congratulations Atish and Zainil for Completing 2 years with Techtricksworld ..it’s very nice and informative blog for technology , seo ,blogging it’s very nice …keep it up

    Thanks for sharing

  • Congratulations dude! Really an awesome site.

    I’ll suggest you to change your theme. Choose a theme which looks professional and unique

    rest is fine completely

    Good luck for coming days.

  • Congratulations Atish and Zainil for reaching big milestone.I hope you will get good alexa rank and google page rank in coming days.God bless you dears.

  • Great numbers, especially the alexa ranking and Page rank. The DA/PA are also great.
    It all shows how much hard work you have been doing. It’s an inspiration for all newbies.
    Congrats and keep up the good work.

  • Many, many congratulations, Atish – sounds to me as if your success is well deserved. You’ve worked hard and the six principles you cite at the end of this post are admirable. You have a great work ethic and a wonderful attitude to helping other people.

    I wish you and TechTricksWorld continued and increasing success in the months and years to come, Atish – you’re a real inspiration to other up-and-coming bloggers.

    Well done – a truly awesome achievement 🙂


  • You’re more than welcome, Atish – and I’ve very sorry for my belated response to your kind mention of my site in your interview with Nirmala – I never got a ping-back for some reason, and have only just seen it – many thanks 🙂


    • Pingback Didn’t come because I have linked your site’s home page there. Ping back comes when someone links any of your post. Any way thank you again!

    • But do also check whether you are allowing the pingbacks or not. You may check in your blog’s dashboard by going in Settings>>discussion then check option for pingbacks is checked or not.

      Thank you Sue

  • Congrats Atish, Been a reader from past year, when I was a newbie with TechDweller. A lot have changed in short time. All the best for the future.

  • First of all Congratulations for complete 2 years. it’s very nice , good , great and informative blog. you have always shared very informative post i have got more information about seo here..


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