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TBOX – A Reincarnation of SMS

Have you been annoyed by spam messages in your phone every day? :-@ Are you looking for an effective message cleaning app? If so, TBOX is at your rescue.

Yes, I have been using this SMS cleaner app for the past one week; it helps me to organize my SMS’s in a better way. Let’s discuss about the features of TBOX (Clean and Organized SMS) through this post which would help you to recognize its ability, so that you would also like to install it on your Android phone.

TBOX – Clean and Organized SMS

I receive a lot of promotional messages and thus my phone Inbox is always flooded with SMS’s! 😛 I don’t get time to delete them and moreover I am unable to remove the unwanted messages in group as I take delivery of imperative communication related to my profession through SMS. Sometimes, my personal messages get suppressed with promotional SMS’s and I feel tricky to separate my momentous communication from them! 🙁

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Furthermore, I was craving to take backup some critical SMSs in a secured place. So I had to look for an app to clean and organize my SMS’s. While searching in Google Play store, I found an amazing App for my Android phone, TBOX- Clean and Organized SMS! 🙂


Amazing Features of TBOX:

The TBOX SMS app is one of the most different apps for SMS that you’ll see. I have already mentioned in the post that it organizes the SMS’s in a really good manner.

  1. With TBOX, I have marked unwanted SMS’s as spam and blocked sender! 😎 Thus my phone Inbox is looking clean now. I marked specific sender as spam by tapping the message from right to left. As I did so, I’ll not get any notification when a new message comes from that sender. They will be directly pushed to “Spam” box! 😀
  2. I’ve organized my personal and work messages to different categories by tapping the message from left to right to move them to different categories and assigned smart tags to my professional SMS’s. By saying the word “organize” I mean to say that you can set the numbers for categories like Friends, Family, Spam, Business and others.

There is another very nice section “Today”, where one can see all the SMS’s received during the day.


  1. Every SMS has options like Add Tag, Share, Forward, Send to email, Copy, Message details and Delete. I found this feature very useful as I can send my preferred SMS’s to my email for future use/reference.
  2. Another impressive feature of TBOX is “Remind Me later” where I can set the reminders for important SMSs to relook or share. I can even set my own time or select different timing as shown below.
  3. In the era of cloud computing, what do you need when you have remarkable option like taking SMS backup on cloud storage! 🙂 This is surely a notable feature of TBOX. You can also take backup on your storage device.Backup
  4. Yet another appreciable feature of TBOX is that the password protected message sent via email! 🙂 One can send the messages to your email and the application sends them in a protected PDF format. You will receive the password on your mobile number after the email gets delivered.

[color-box color=”white”]Recommended Reading -> Send Confidential Emails by Encrypting Text[/color-box]

  1. Out of all, I accomplished security feature for my business messages. Yeah, I made my business tag secured by clicking the “Lock” Icon at the top of the phone and created a 4 digit pin. Messages under this protected category can be viewed after entering the pass code. This is really exciting, isn’t it? 😎

Missing’s @ TBOX:

Honestly speaking, except for the fact that TBOX is available only for Android devices, I didn’t find any con as such; the moment I found an app to spam the SMS’s and organize them in folders, there was nothing more that could load higher satisfaction for me in the app. However I’ll be glad if I could see some of the following updates in the TBOX:

  1. When I set reminder for a particular message, I get alert sound only once and also no notifications on the homepage. It would be awesome to see a snooze option in an app here! 😀
  2. I love smiley’s, and everything around is getting emojis; recently even WP got an emoji update! 😎 I got surprised to note that TBOX does not support emojis! 🙁
  3. I happily created several categories in the app, but, when I tried to delete the categories, there was no option to remove the unused category! 😛 Also as my practice with Gmail, where I used to add multiple tags to an email; I couldn’t add many tags to 1 SMS.
  4. Ages back, I used Way2SMS where it had an indeed notable feature of scheduling the SMS’s. It would have been great if I could schedule the SMS’s using TBOX.

[color-box color=”white”]Recommended Reading -> Schedule Email’s in GMail[/color-box]

  1. When I tried to take backup, I had endorsement of all my SMS’s, including the promotional messages 😛 How nice it would be, if I could mark multiple categories & SMS’s whose backup I want; and similarly for an email, there should have been an option to mark multiple SMS’s categories which can be emailed! 🙂
  2. For all the techie’s out here, TBOX is using Holo UI; an upgrade to Material UI is needed to match the looks of OS.

Comparison with Other Similar apps:

When I compared TBOX with many applications out there, TBOX is superior with its awesome features which will be loved by everyone. Personally, I found it more productive as the promotional and junk messages can be muted according to our settings! 🙂

No matter which application is it, but we usually look out for alternatives. In case, if you don’t like this message handler, you can try out the applications listed below:

Google Messenger: Google Messenger is a replacement for native SMS application with the material design which was introduced in the Android L update. This app offers all basic stuff like native application; still Google Messenger is colorful in terms of UI and easy to use! 😉 You can check the details of Google Messenger which were posted few days back.

Hangouts: Hangouts is another alternative which combines both Hangouts and SMS feature, so that you can even have conversation with your Google+ friends without leaving the application. Hangouts offer group chat support with a limit of 100 friends per group. Another feature which recently introduced is that you can call other people on hangouts for free. The application is cross-platform so that you can have it on all of your devices.

All in all, it could be said that, TBOX is better than its Google version competitors! 😎


If you wanna get better SMS experience, you should install the remarkable Android app -> TBOX! 🙂 You can fully integrate your contacts with this SMS executive app to send, receive and restore your messages. With TBOX, you phone inbox will look fresh & structured. So, what you’re waiting for? Try this app to get piece of mind from promotional messages and stay productive forever! 🙂

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  • Hi Zainil,

    Thanks for your comprehensive review of TBOX. I thoroughly checked its amazing features and installed it on my Android phone. I too receive a lot of promotional messages like you and unwanted SMSs from the mobile network operators. Besides, I get essential school messages for my daughter. So I get frustrated sometimes to separate the messages. I hope this SMS handler will help me to effectively manage my phone messages. Thanks for sharing the details of TBOX 🙂

    • Hi Nirmala!

      Indeed TBOX is amazing, specially when you just uninstall an app like Google Messenger! 😀 & Like the outlook, you could add the number of your daughters school, and assign a separate category all together! 🙂

  • Hi Zainil,

    The features of TBox sounds interesting. Every day I get spam messages to my phone. I even registered for DND. That didn’t help. Features of this app sounds good. Let me try it and share my experience.


    • Hi Umapathy!

      Yes its indeed an interesting App! 🙂 Do try it and share your experience with all around, I am dead sure it to be a positive experience! 🙂

  • Looking to be a cool app. I will try it today. Thank you so much for writing a great review of this. Everything looks clear to me so that I don’t think I will be having any issues using it. Thanks zainil

  • I get a lot of promotional sms to my inbox and managing them is too tough..I delete all at once and because of this many times some important SMSes get missed too. This is gonna helpful for sure. Thank you so much for writing about such a app which at least every Indian smartphone use needs.

  • Hi Zainil,

    Thanks for introducing with TBOX and the awesome review. I’ll surely try this in my phone to organize and block some sender 😀

  • Hi Zainil,

    Thank you for reviewing TBOX app. We are working on 6 points that you mentioned we should take care of in TBOX. You should see most of them in our next release this month. Do let us know if you find any issue.

    Founder, TBOX

    • Hi Mihir!

      I am glad to see your comment here on the post! 🙂 Ill be awaiting to use the updated version of TBOX! 🙂

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