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Tagmmer Review – Unique Combination of Dropbox and Pinterest

Once upon a time, in 2007, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi – two keen entrepreneurs launched a service that laid an important mark in history. Dropbox, as we call it, is currently one of the top cloud storage platforms.

Three years later, in 2010, Ben Silbermann founded nothing but a simple photo sharing website. This weird looking concept worked, and Pinterest is currently having a user-base of over 25 million users.

What if I told you, that I am going to show you something that magically combines the power of Dropbox and Pinterest, and that is miraculously useful for your everyday lifestyle? I am not talking nuts, what I am talking is a sheer reality! Something like this already exists, and it’s called Tagmmer.

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Yes, Tagmmer is the combination of Dropbox and Pinterest, and just like babies of humans, it has the traits of its parents! True, a combination of Dropbox and Pinterest sounds weird! It’s like a combination of two things that don’t have any match. I completely agree with you. But Tagmmer is a result of deep intuition and is created to solve a problem which exists.

Why on earth do I need Tagmmer?

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform. It’s awesome – you can get a free account in seconds and store some precious data you want to access from anywhere or just keep a reliable backup. Its paid plans are even better – with improved features and storage.

But imagine a situation where you are using Dropbox for quite long. You have already stored a lot of data there, and your screen is flooded with items as soon as you sign into your dashboard. Suppose you want quick access to a file, what would you do? Dropbox is not visually great. You would have to go through the entire list to find an item. There’s no other way out! You can’t even take a quick glance at the items. What would you do then?

Take Pinterest for now. Pinterest is one of the social networking tools that sound appealing. You can pin any image from the web, its integrated browser widgets work flawless, and you can categorize your pins into boards. There’s a lot you can do with it. But, can you store your files in it? The dumb question it seems! Of course, you didn’t create an account there to upload your data, but what if you could actually do that? Wouldn’t doing that be freaking awesome?

I hope you now know why you need Tagmmer! Tagmmer is the awesome solution to efficient cloud storage and pinning content from the web!

Mouth-Watering Features of Tagmmer

Create boards, pin your content, and upload your data – this is how the cycle of Tagmmer goes. Images make it easier to access and browse through, and data storage is an added advantage. You’re given 30 GB of free cloud storage! That’s a lot, really a lot!


Normally, your boards are public and can be accessed by anyone. However, if you intend to make it confidential, you’re allowed to make it private. Moreover, your dashboard can be looked in 4 different ways: Dynamic, Thumbnails, List, and Picture. Choose whichever you prefer!

Of course, you’re allowed to create separate boards for separate things. Also, Tagmmer has categorized it all into 36 different categories. Choose any of them to categorize your content better. Likewise, you’re provided with analytical data of your pins, which is a feature absent in both Pinterest and Dropbox. It’s a grave advantage to have insights of your content!

Tagmmer knows the importance of teamwork. Your content can be accessed and modified by different team members. Be it colleagues, students or anything else – Tagmmer can work for all!

Like Pinterest, Tagmmer has a small bookmarklet that can store your web-links anytime you want! Get that bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar, and you can add any page you want to your Tagmmer boards. There’s a “Read Later” section that can mark items you intend to read later on.

Tagmmer is social too! You can check out people’s accounts, follow them and even subscribe to their open boards if you like to. Tagmmer ensures an “SEO friendly” technology with which your boards can get the search engine exposure they deserve.

Tagmmer, in short, is a hybrid version of the current social media tools, with all the best features combined into one!

How People Use Tagmmer?

Let me highlight some excellent Tagmmer boards.

  • Startup News deals with updates from the various startups.


  • Pablo Picasso has some beautiful works of the great painter Pablo Picasso.

Example 2

  • CES 2015 contains videos of the Hardware Battlefield 2015.

Example 3

Behind the scenes

Tagmmer is basically a French startup launched recently in 2015. Arnaud Ravel and Patricia Oria are the co-founders and CEO/COO while Ludovic Hindryckx is the CTO as well as a co-founder. Its offices are located in New York and Paris.

We expect Tagmmer to reach a decent user base by the end of this year.

Final Words

It’s time we can shift to Tagmmer for cloud storage as well as pins. With its unique concept, I bet it has already won many hearts. Look at the home page and you will find that lots of boards have been created already, and they are gaining a decent number of followers. There are some creative boards on one hand and some technical boards on the other. You can say the boards are from various categories, and there are boards for almost every interest.

To conclude, Tagmmer is the new social service!

What are your thoughts on Tagmmer? Can it emerge as a cutting-edge social network? Can it give Pinterest and Dropbox a tough competition?

Let us know your views in the comments section below! Also, share this article to let your friends know about the new game changer in the industry!

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • This looks fantastic. Pinterest is surely something amazing for photographs and having dropbox plus Pintrest at one place is awesome, specially that sharing with colleagues feature it has got.

  • 2 in one alike some candy’s do.. Aha.. Quite amazing features.. I think it will be crazy for photographers,cinematographors, and for those guys mad with all kind of pics n videos to be in one place can be useful right??

  • Hi Atish,

    I am using Dropbox for a long time, yes I agree with you finding old files difficult in Dropbox, Tagmmer looking great with the combination two popular platforms advantages.

    I think this service will get a lot of subscribers if they promote it well, I will also try this service, thanks for sharing this information, see you soon.

  • Hi, very informative and useful topic. Pinterest and dropbox plus are awesome and it works very well. The way you handle in this post are very clear and understanding.

    Thank you for sharing this master guide.

  • Tagmmer looks great. I don’t use dropbox but use pinterest. I mostly skydrive and google drive to store. Surely will give a try to tagmmer as it looks great to have 2 things at same place.

  • Hey Atish!
    Awesome post!

    Really great information about the uses of Dropbox and Pinterest. I like Pinterest most due to having amazing feature about photographes.

    But deep description about tagmmer is really much interesting. I try tagmmer at least once..

    Thanks for sharing such a great informative post.. 🙂
    Keep writing..

    – Ravi.

  • Interesting concept. There were many spin-offs for Pinterest in the last few years and hardly any took off. But with people constantly looking for storage the 30GB free storage might be a good idea. However I wonder how viable that is. Images are usually large files so it won’t take long to storage to climb up.

  • Hi Atish,

    I am using Dropbox and Pinterest from a long time now. This article is very informative and helpful. Pinterest and Dropbox together is a plus. This will be very helpful as it a combination of two different features.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

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