WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for 2016
WhatsApp is one of the most used and downloaded apps on Android as well as iOS marketplace. It has successfully replaced texting because it works on your existing internet connection over, 4G LTE, 3G or even Wifi. WhatsApp also recently rolled out the calling feature by using it you can make calls over your internet… (17 comments)

The Best Wechat Tips and Tricks
There are a lot of text messaging apps available in Google Play store. Wechat is one of the best text messaging apps after Whatsapp which you will find in Google Play store. The app is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phones. If you are looking for a replacement app for SMS… (7 comments)

Undo Your Mail in Gmail!
I would recommend you not to hit the “Send” button in Gmail until you’re exactly sure that you need to send that email. What will do, if you accidentally sent a secret matter to a stranger? Do you always send emails in Gmail with embarrassing typos? Are you forgetting to include the essential attachment at… (6 comments)