Tablet vs Smartphone – What to Buy?

In the United States today people have officially started using their smartphones more than their PCs to browse the Internet: in a few years this trend could shift to tablet browsing. Will you be one of the tablet advocates, or a smartphone-ophile until the very end? However, with the increasing availability of T-mobile android phones with no-contract phone plans, people feel less trapped by long term commitments that hamper the fun of owning smartphones.

According to the Guardian Android currently holds 46% of the smartphone market with Apple following with 20%. However, this statistic might drastically change when tablets reign as most popular: iPads are still the most popular choice for tablets, as they were the groundbreaking source of tablets, so Apple stands to hold a larger share of devices overall as tablet popularity grows.

The smartphone or tablet debate gets even hotter when people discuss BYOD (bring your own device [to work]). Securing tablets is much more difficult than securing smartphones because their functionality is more complex like a PC. Will companies be willing to allow BYOD programs if people start switching to tablets as their first choice device?

Check out the infographic below to find out where you stand in this debate: are you a tablet person or a tried-and-true smartphone lover?

Tablet or Smartphone

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