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Sure Fire Ways to Get Huge Twitter Followers

If you wonder what wrong you had committed or what ethics you hadn’t followed to boast large Twitter followers, then this post is for you.

Or you might be puzzling with the importance of having great Twitter followers like “Why would I want more supporters on Twitter”?

So, before giving some practical tips to get huge Twitter followers, let me explain the significance of having more followers on Twitter.

Why to get more Twitter Followers?

  1. Twitter is a prominent social network where you can easily build your reputation.
  2. You can broaden your ideas with no trouble and extend your influence with it.
  3. The more people you follow on Twitter, the more popular you appear and thus it boosts your credibility.
  4. Apart appearing as an expert, you may make rapport with people and they may give a hand for you in getting something.
  5. Obviously, hefty group on Twitter will provide you the opportunity to get more sales and conversions.
  6. Moreover, Twitter has indirect SEO benefits.

I hope that you’ve understand the importance of getting huge faction on Twitter. Now, let me give some solutions for you to get massive followers over there.


8 Verified Tactics to Gain More Supporters on Twitter

So, what is your problem with Twitter?

I’m assuming that you’re telling some general complaints like

  1. I’m tweeting on a regular basis, but hardly getting response!
  2. I’ve started following a lot of Twitter people, but no one is following me back!
  3. Even I retweet other’s tweets in full swing, but never get retweeted for my tweets!
  4. I’m powerless to drive traffic from Twitter for my blog/website.

If you’re complaining the above four reasons, I would suggest you to follow the below proven strategies to have more Twitter followers!

1. Optimize your Twitter profile

To tell what you do, having an optimized Twitter profile is more important. Upload a good photo or company/blog logo as profile picture. Avoid using disparate images or cartoons as it would spoil your professionalism.

As the Twitter provides you to customize the background and header image of the Twitter profile, you may use them to emphasize your branding.

Add your bio with captivating lines and include your place if needed.

2. Don’t tweet too much or too less

Keep away from tweeting over and over as it would annoy your followers. Likewise, don’t be idle for long period as they may forget your face soon. So, tweet on regular basis but don’t being over promotional.

3. Tweet relevant stuff only

Tweeting the information that matches to the interest of your followers matters a lot. Yeah, producing relevant tweets would easily get other’s attention. Keep it in mind that the people who follow you will always expect the information related your blog niche/business.

4. Practise to share valuable things

Not only tweeting the relevant matter, it would be good to make the tweets in such a way to induce curiosity of the visitors. Be generous and point priceless stuff for them and thus they would show more interest to read your tweets and retweet them for their Twitter friends. When your tweet got shared on their network, you’ll be more likely to get new Twitter followers.

5. Follow alike twitters

Search like-minded people on Twitter and follow them. Since your views and interests match with them, they will follow you back for sure.  Tool like Tweetadder will be more helpful in getting the people on same wave length. There should be a good follower to friend ratio and hence don’t blindly follow back the people who follow you. Also, do remember to retweet the tweets of your followers.

 6. Make use of hashtags

Using Hashtags in tweets is another way to connect to people with related interests. As they are behavioural, using wise hashtags would compel an action. As a result, strong message will be conveyed to the people which would give opportunity to interact with more followers.

7. Tweet at right time

Tweeting time is more important to grasp fresh Twitter followers. With the help of a Twitter tool like Followerwonk, you could find when your followers are online. So, try to be active on that peak time to share your tweets and get more visibility. If you couldn’t available during that rush hour, utilize the Twitter tool like Buffer to schedule your tweets.

8. Respond to mentions

If someone enquired about the material s linked to you, make sure to respond them. Likewise, if you get praised through anyone’s tweet, show your gratitude by replying to that specific tweet. Therefore, instead of ignoring mentions, try to be engaging with the persons who talked about you.

Effective single line tips to grab vast twitter followers

Below are some of the rapid-fire tips to gain immense twitter follower count!

  1. Add your Twitter profile in Email signature and Facebook page.
  2. Keep your tweets short and crisp.
  3. Add Tweet button to every page of your blog/website.
  4. Run Twitter contests.
  5. Share dazzling images to grab more eyeballs.
  6. Retweet positive things.
  7. Use Twitter profile while performing guest blogging.
  8. Find Twitter influencers related to your niche and network with them.
  9. Always follow Twitter Etiquette to get more followers.

Final Words

How to get more Twitter followers is the hottest question that rises among the bloggers and digital marketers.  There are some ways to widen your followers on twitter but following some proven methods will let you to yield good results.

Some people who are busy with their enterprise show keen interest to buy Twitter followers from some best services to perk up their presence over there and thus saving their time & effort.

Whether you’re spending quality time to engage the Twitter visitors or buy retweets to spread your tweets fast, enormous follower count is a good sign of your authority. Yes, to increase your brand recognition and establish your fame & popularity, it would be good to have more no. of twitter followers.

I’ve done sharing my opinion on grabbing extra supporters on Twitter. What are your thoughts? If you have any creative way to get huge Twitter followers, I would ask you to share it in comment section.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Hello Atish bro,
    This is a great and informative post. Twitter is surely not a ting to be missed, if you are a blogger or online marketer it is even more essential.
    Hashtags are so very important. It increases the life and reach of the tweets. 🙂

  • thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely have to try implementing some of these tactics. It’s hard, my blog’s content is not “contemporary” and “current” but insofar as I participate more in the community, maybe that’ll help it along. And help me imprison more peasants.

    • Participating in community can do a great deal if you want to increase your twitter follower. Thanks for coming by Manish.

  • Atish, you’ve listed some practical tips to implement in getting the enormous Twitter followers, thanks!

    To be frank, I’m not giving importance to build my follower base on Twitter. Whenever I find time, I tweet my blog posts and am not driving any traffic with it. I’ve all the four Twiiter problems which you’ve mentioned here.

    This is a good eye-opening content for me to recognize the importance of Twitter. Thanks for crafting this helpful post for us.

  • Hi Atish,

    Good points bro, from quite long I am missing out on Twitter and I think i should rewind things and start using it for my better. Sharing relevant content and to the right people at right time is what one should follow for better results.

  • Thank you Atish for sharing these awesome tips. I have seen that more people use twitter for social sharing than facebook or any other social network. I have always felt it a little tough to get followers on twitter than on facebook. Let me try your suggestions and see if I can make any changes in conversion.

    • Twitter is awesome. There is less spamming out there than FB. Do share your views once you apply these tips Imran.

  • No doubt social media can play very effective role on any websites ranking and SEO and twitter is very handy and powerful tool for this. Very nice post thanks for sharing.

  • One thing we have found great success with is automation. I’m not saying add some bot to follow everyone and just forget about it. But to semi automate the process that can be automated. For example you can use software to automatically send tweets in a determined time. Also create queue’s to send them again and again. This combined with the points above will surely give much more results.

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