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What is Suikoden Why Should You Play it

Well, the scene of RPG games has gone through a huge update over the past few years. However, one of the games from the Japanese stable, Suikoden has still reigning the scene – if you are a real connoisseur of RPGs.  One of the most loved RPG game has been one of the little-known ones; it has been finding the signs of revival in over four years. What is this game all about and why should you play it? Let us explore the details in this concise compilation.

What is Suikoden?

By any standard, Suikoden is one of the finest RPG games ever made. The game indeed has a rather bizarre kind of mention in the realms of RPG games in the history. It has been one of the games that have been one of the most loved games but also remains to be the least known options.

Its popularity is well indicated with the demand for the inclusion of the game on PS4 which prompted Sony to add the game to the PS4 portfolio way back in 2014. However, after that, it went dormant for over four years. Konami, the developer of the game, has relaunched and revived the game and its website recently. It can be a good indication and possibly, we can hope to find the revival of the games and the series.

What is the game all About?

There was a time there were games based on the 14th to 16th-century Chinese novels. Suikoden is one of such games. The game is loosely based on the novel Water Margin by the author Shi Nai’an in the 14th century.

The game is all about a group of criminals or outlaws who form an army to dethrone the government. However, they are sent to control the uprisings and foreign invasions. It has been rightly considered to be the Game of Thrones game even before Game of Thrones came into the fore.

How is Suikoden different from the other RPG games during that genre?

They indeed excel with their scale and depth. Of course, they are not the best in terms of graphics – but come with a fresh wave of vibrancy and a lively environment.

In fact, the developers of the game were more interested in the storytelling aspect of the game than focussing on the fancy 3D graphics that were making their entry felt at the time. That would possibly explain why the games were introduced in 2D. However, that had been one of the reasons why it was not on the list of better-known games. The game, however, caught the attention of an excellent premise, a fast-paced action, and an interesting story.

Why Should You Play It?

So, what did we like with the game? Well, there are several things that make it a great game. The characters are lovely and lively enough. The story is completely satisfying and realistic.

You have everything that will go a long way in satisfying the die-hard gamers out there. The villain’s character is one of the most terrifying you may have found in a video game. The looks of the game along with the subtle areas are interesting and lively. Then, there are several mini-games within the main game. You will find all variants of life including friendship, betrayal, love, and death.

One of the features that we loved the most with the game is it has an excellent continuity between Suikoden and Suikoden II. This can be one of the best features of the game and possibly in sharp contrast to the other RPG games. All the games in the series, including Suikoden III, IV, and V come with the similar universe and background. You have the recurring settings, story, and even the characters. This will go a long way in making it some sort of movie viewing or rather a sequel to a popular movie. That is exactly why we claimed Suikoden to be equivalent to Game of Thrones as the latter too comes with the same angle of continuity.

Why did it Take so Long for it to arrive on PS, then?

Well, that should be a valid question. If the game is so good and so mesmerizing and has a good playing value – why was it not on PlayStation for quite long? There are no prominent answers you can get on that premise. Konami, the developers have not come up with the right responses to those questions. However, there are several theories put forward, though all of them may not be true.

One of the likely answers could be Konami did not market it really well. It would have done well enough if they had given a little thought to the title of the game. Then, there was a reluctance to move to the 3D bandwagon. Of course, there are those gamers who value story and content over the graphics, but still, lack of 3D options was definitely one of the reasons for the lack of response.

One thing is sure. Developers could not assess the capabilities of the game and could not foresee the kind of success it would bring in. The fans took it over their head and convinced Konami of its high-end functionality and usefulness.

What does the Future hold for It?

Konami relaunched the Suikoden Portal in October 2018. In fact, this is the first update in over four years and holds a lot of promise for the game. Compared to the older version of the portal, the newly relaunched version does pack in a modern design.

Possibly, this is an indication of the desire on the part of the developers to revive the series. It has been quite dormant for over the last 12 years, with the launch of Suikoden V in 2006. So, will this relaunched portal hold any chance for the new version in the series – in short, can we expect Suikoden VI anytime soon?

Well, let us wait with a bated breath and crossed fingers – and persuade Konami for reviving the game further!

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