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10 Best Streaming Websites like Rabb.it

When Rabb.it went out of business in 2019, who knew we were going to miss it like a great ex

Jokes apart, though there are innumerable sites like Rabbit, it was one of it’s kind in the world of entertainment – till it got bankrupt and had to sell its rights. 

Wondering what made Rabb.it so special? Well then, let us first give you a gist about it.

What is Rabb.it?

Rabb.it, also known as Rabbit, happened to be the one-stop co-watching platform for all entertainment lovers. It was one of the most popular mobile applications and among the major streaming websites, where the users could create their own virtual chat rooms and enjoy together – no matter from which part of the world they belong to. 

Rabb.it was one of the hot-shot entertainment platforms, especially targeting the youth – until it went bankrupt in the year 2019. From group streaming to virtual rooms, and group chats – the platform offered it all and a lot more, which kept the users hooked. 

The co-watching platform, however, had to reach its end sooner than expected due to the lack of funding. Unfortunately, Rabb.it had to stop its operations and sell its assets to Kast – and the users found themselves without a limb. 

Even though Kast promised to bring it all that Rabb.it had for the users, they failed to meet the user’s expectations completely. Thus, even after two years, the users almost have no idea about rabbit alternatives.

10 Best Streaming Websites Like Rabb.it

We understand what a pain it has been for you to not know about the streaming websites like rabbit. But we come bearing good news – go ahead and scroll down to check out the best sites like rabbit.

  1. Tutturu.tv

Just like Rabb.it, Tutturu.tv stands out to be a similar and enthralling entertainment platform. It is, however, due to its exquisite features and sparkly specifications that has kept the youngsters hooked to the platform after Rabb.it. 

  • Free virtual browsers
  • Formatted message support
  • Interact with friends
  • Public virtual rooms
  • Group video chats

From shared browsing to virtual chat room sharing with your friends – you can do it all at Tutturu.tv. Moreover, it ensures a remote browsing experience and lets your friends join you in as well. Be it an audio chat or a text chat – you can avail all sorts of group entertainment here.

  1. Watch2gether

Who doesn’t love to watch videos and enjoy together with friends? Well, on Watch2gether, you can do that and a lot more. Free to use, you can go ahead and create your chat room even without signing up for it. So, those who feel skeptical about sharing their email ids, do not need to do it anymore. 

Here, you get access to a large library of videos, however, it is restricted to certain platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

  1. Simulchat

Want to play games and watch movies with your friends? Well, there’s no better place for you than Simulchat. Go ahead and create private chat rooms or share files, or just chat around in your private room without paying a penny. 

  • Free to use
  • Register in seconds
  • Synced videos

However, unlike other platforms, you need to create an account here before you go ahead and enjoy its services. Even though you cannot access sites like Netflix and Amazon – the platform opens a library of videos in front of you.

  1. AndChill

With a simple user interface, and extensive features, AndChill brings you the opportunity to create your own private and public chat room. In fact, no matter where your friends are located around the world – you can connect with them by making an easy-to-use web-based service.

  • Simple user-interface
  • Watch videos with anyone around the world
  • Share in one click

You can not only share video files but audio files as well. On your first visit to the platform, you can check out several public chat rooms. You can even see what other people are watching in those chat rooms and a lot more.

  1. myCircle.tv

Do you really enjoy listening to music and watching videos? Then, myCircle.tv is your one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. The best part about the platform is the fact that you do not even need to create an account or pay any amount for getting its service. 

  • Create your own playlists 
  • Upload your video and audio cloud files
  • Share socially with your friends 

The particular platform goes a step ahead and makes it easy for the users to navigate around and find the ideal content of their choice. You can stream any type of content you want from Youtube or, you can check out the large library of videos the platform has to offer.

  1. ShareTube

Just like Youtube, ShareTube is also a similar platform that allows you to create your own chat room and start inviting friends or family. With one of the simplest user interfaces, the platform allows you to create your own chat rooms, and invite everyone you want. 

  • Create a room with one tap
  • Watch synced YouTube
  • Binge-watch Youtube videos

There is no hassle to create an account and you do not even need to register to enjoy its services. Moreover, you do not even need to pay a price for anything on the platform.

  1. Airtime

Available both on iOS and Android, Airtime is a mobile application that makes up the list of sites like Rabbit. If you have not got a desktop or a laptop, there’s nothing to worry about because you can access all its features from mobile as well.

  • Share fun GIFs with your friends
  • Engage in video chats with your friends
  • Play games

You can watch videos together, listen to music, set up group video chats, or send messages. Alongside other applications, you can also access the supported platforms. You can also share GIFs and play games.

  1. Syncplay

Being a downloadable program, you can run it on your desktop and laptop. Once the program has been downloaded to your and your friends’ device, you can all join the chatroom and enjoy yourself with your friends. 

  • It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers
  • Gives access to the files to all individuals 
  • Free to use

Once it’s installed, the software launches a media center that is synced between connected users.

  1. Synaptop

The web-based chat service is much similar to the streaming websites like rabbit and brings along almost the same features for the users. Just like the other options, it also comes free, however, you need to create an account to enjoy its services. 

  • Entirely web-based applications 
  • It’s a web-based chat service
  • It is a complete remote desktop for sharing all types of content

Once you are done creating an account, you can add applications, watch movies, listen to music, play games, read books, and even collaborate on work projects with your acquaintances. The best part, however, is that you do not need to download anything and everything is web-based.

  1. Togethr TV

As its name says, watching Togethr TV together, doubles up the fun. It offers synchronized playback of video files through a web-based interface. It happens to be one of the best Rabbit alternatives that you can opt for. 

  • Audio chat with your friends 
  • Paid streaming services
  • Stream video from your computer

The best part about the platform is that you do not need to log in with your mail id or share any personal details. Besides, you also have the option of streaming video or music files directly from your computer.

Now that we have told you about some of the best Rabbit alternatives, it’s time for you to choose what’s best for you! 

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