STOP Treating Your Blog Readers Like Fools

Bloggers do act as the exact replica for your blog. In fact they can be called as the mirror reflection of your blogs. Whatever the way your blog is, the best feedback you can get are from your readers. Of course, success mainly comes from the readers that a bloggers attract. These readers turn into subscribers and then into loyal members for your community of your blog. In fact, readers actually highlights how much your blog is having interactions with visitors and with other networks. So, why do you want to make them fools?

Don’t you think that you treat your visitors like chumps? Are you sure? Let’s take a quick look at it.

You are Simply Slaying Their Eyes: This is absolutely correct, I feel. Content is King, is the daily cry of most bloggers. And in some extent, I feel yes it’s true. After all, without content, you have no readers. Right? A blog is simply nothing without content, just similar to a body without a face. But what good is the content when it is surrounded by horrifying designs which will bring sweat on your reader’s face.

So, if you want to encourage your readers to enjoy your site, spend some more hours on it and do come for the second time, then apart from updating your blog with unique and fresh content, also make your blog a warm place to welcome your readers. A good designed blog with good tinctures of color which makes a soothing effect on the eyes of your readers makes it an interesting place to spend hours after hours. On addition to it, if you somehow manage to update your blog with fresh and unique post, then it would definitely count as an additional advantage both for your visitors and your blog.
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 You are Making A Mess Out of Their Comments: This sometimes happens when one of your posts in your blog gets overcrowded with comments. Having a lot of comments on your blog, can lead to an unholy mess where replies to comments are not made in related to the context and they simply get complicated. Readers mainly add value to your blogs. So, do you treat them as precious and important?

Therefore it is always better to show proper value to each of your reader’s comment and do reply them as accordingly.

Stop Being Lazy While Updating Your Blog with Fresh Content: This is one of the bad practices of a blogger that they get lazy after achieving a significant position of their blog. When a blogger first started blogging, they got such a passion of updating it with exclusive posts so that it gets the coolest audience and huge conversations around them. This is true but it soon vanishes as your blog gets the appropriate position among your readers and also gets flooded with comments.

Yes, it is true that you start out being lazy and stop updating with amazing posts any more. Getting sluggish and indolent, you start updating your blog with old stuffs. Am I not right? You don’t even think of your readers and also about their feelings. All you do is to update with some pictures and write some false hidden meanings of it for your small business owners. If you really do this, then I would say just make a stop of all these stupid stuffs. It is rather advisable to make a FULL STOP! of all these. There is nothing beneficial in updating old, boring stuffs in your blog and in fact no one is interested to look at it. All you need to think about your readers and the content they would love to read. Hence, it is advisable not to sacrifice the way you create a fresh content for your readers always and it is always great to be the way you are meant to be great.

 Thus, these are the main facts and ploys which you need to change or else it can change your reader’s intention on your blog. You might not like being told about this, especially if you are guilt of any of the point above. Thus, going in the right track is never being easy but it is always true that the results are much more worth as well as effective than the effort.

Aditi Datta is a technical content writer who works in a leading web content writing company inIndia. She has also inscribed a lot of articles on content writing tips and also excels in seo content writing. 

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  • Totally agree with you, Aditi. Some blogs simply tend to advertise their affiliate’s products, rather than writing useful and quality content. I even came across a blog once which had hardly any content, but a bunch of ads. Ads, and especially pop-ups are a huge turn-off in case of blogs, rather any website. Readers are not fools to notice no content yet to click on an affiliate link to buy the product. And replying to comments is an integral part of socializing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Emily,
    Yes, you are absolutely correct. Creating a blog is always interesting and bloggers do update their blog with unique post at the starting which gradually diminishes. Well, I think this should not be. One should have a passion for updating his blog throughout and make it a warm place to welcome all his visitors. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post!!

  • Hi,

    This post is a tight slap on the face of all those who are suffering from complacency and over confidence.It takes not more than a minute for a reader to assess the quality of the content of a post. Once they realize that they are being taken for a ride, we all had it. We must respect what we do and for whom we do.


  • Yes Neha, I do agree that blog readers should be given much importance and blog owners should think about them while updating their blogs with content. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post!! Well appreciated!!

  • This article is very inspirational. You are absolutely right about everything. Same thing happened to me. I got lazy after a while blogging and doing the same thing. Best thing to do when that happens is to find something to keep you motivated and keep going forward.

    • Thanks Roshan that you liked reading the article. Yes, this kind of situation happens with almost every bloggers. I feel thinking in a creative way of updating your blog is much more beneficial for your blog. Thanks for your valuable comment. Well appreciated!!

  • Hi Shivani,
    It’s good that you liked reading my post. Thanks for your comment!!

  • I have gone through a whole article body and enjoyed. You really tried to reach the message everyone. Nice article. Thanks for the post.

  • Informative post and i am totally agree with you first thing your content should be very uniquely end original. Second thing your are topic which should be more attractive and interesting which both are most important things.



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