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Stellar Photo Recovery – Get Back your Lost Photos With Ease

Gone are the days when we used to shoot our photos and images from a point and shoot camera or a traditional camera. Life now has moved to the digital way in every aspect, and photos aren’t an excuse either. 

The photos we click form part and parcel of our lives. Losing them or even thinking something on those lines gives us jitters. However, if such an eventuality has hit you recently, you need not fret. There are tools that assist you in getting your photos back without hassles. 

One such tool we found – Stellar Photo Recovery – assures you an enhanced performance standard. 

Stellar Photo Recovery – What is it all about?

Well, like you have already found that out, Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the reliable and efficient image recovery software that has been able to offer you an exciting performance standard. It helps you recover any of your photos irrespective of formats. The software can recover either JPEG or RAW file formats without hiccups. 

Yet another excellent option we found interesting with Stellar Photo Recovery is it can help you recover audio and video files as well along with your photos. The software can recover any of your deleted, corrupted, or damaged files. 

The easy to use interface and a broader compatibility with devices is what should sum up the capability offered by the photo recovery software. 

What are the unique features offered by Stellar Photo recovery?

We have, in a way, summed up a few features of the capable photo recovery software. However, to make it more understandable for you here is a detailed analysis of each of the features we liked. 


That would be one of the unique features we liked the most with Stellar Photo Recovery. In fact, there are several photo recovery tools available specifically designed for professionals. However, if you are an amateur, hobbyist, or a little tech-savvy, they can prove to be quite complex and difficult to handle. 

This is an area that Stellar Photo Recovery attempts to address. But, before you can jump to the conclusion that the interface is attractive, let us point it that it is not attractive from the visual point of view. But, the ease of use and simple functionality is what would make it one of the great choices you can go with. 

There are not many complicated options and steps to be followed. You can only scan the drive for deleted or lost photos, and the software handles it brilliantly without complicated steps. 

Recovery Efficiency

In fact, the prime factor that you would want to look for in your photo recovery software is the ability and efficiency in recovering almost every one of your photos. Stellar Photo Recovery does not disappoint you in that arena. 

It can work with a vast range of file formats. No matter whether you have lost your files accidentally or have removed them intentionally, recovering them would be a breeze with Stellar Photo Recovery. So much so that it can even recover the files that have been removed from the recycle bin. 

A few of the file formats that it can work with can include image files in JPEG, BMP, PNG formats, video files in AVI, 3GP, MP4, MOV, and MXF file formats and audio files in MP3, WMA, AMR file formats. That should make it one of the prime and one-stop solutions for all your photo recovery requirements. You can use it with MicroSD cards, SD cards, USB Pendrives, external and internal hard disk drives, which makes it one of the undisputed players in terms of compatibility. Moreover, it can even work out of the box with almost all cameras from manufacturers such as Sony, Nikon, and Canon. 

The Speed of Recovery

We would treat Stellar Photo Recovery as one of the efficient photo recovery tools in terms of the fastest photo recovery options. It does take a while for scanning your drives, but that takes place in the background without affecting your productivity. 

An average-sized driver should take around two hours for the scanning and recovery process. Stellar Photo Recovery also comes with the option Advanced Scan to help you scan precisely the type of file you want to recover. It can even recover files in TIFF or RAW format. 

A few important features we found interesting in the newest update to the software can make it all the more intuitive and effective.

The photos, videos and audio files can even be recovered from the drives that are encrypted with BitLocker. This is an area that most of the photo recovery tools tend to fail to achieve. The software can now even show the preview of the RAW files which was not the case in the previous versions. This can be helpful in reviewing your files and recover them only when you are confirmed.

The Engine is now updated to scan NTFS/FAT/exFAT File. The scanning performance and speed have now been considerably improved and the software now completes the scan of an entire drive within a few minutes. The support for the APFS File System is an excellent option.

Recover your Corrupted or Damaged Files

One of the excellent options we found on Stellar Photo Recovery is its ability to repair your corrupted or damaged files. This is perhaps a feature found in a handful of photo recovery tools currently available. 

One of the excellent options we found on Stellar Photo Recovery is its ability to repair your corrupted or damaged files. This is perhaps a feature found in a handful of photo recovery tools currently available. 

For instance, you are not attempting to recover a LOST file, but trying to recover a file that is corrupted. You may find that a file is not opening and want to recover it. Stellar Photo Recovery helps you achieve that by repairing the corrupted file. 

It may not be able to offer you a 100% performance in this realm. The Advanced Repair option on Stellar Photo Recovery tries to recover and repair your damaged or corrupted file with ease. Do note that you will need to offer a reference image (preferably from the same device) to achieve the repair functionality.

How to Use Stellar Photo Recovery to recover your images?

Now that we have understood enough about the capabilities of the software let us have a look at the working of the tool and how you can use it to recover your lost images. 

  • To begin with, launch your Stellar Photo Recovery Software and choose the files you would want to recover. Refer to the image above. 
  • In the next screen, choose the drive you want to recover your files from. You can even connect your devices or external drives to recover the photos from them. 

  • After making a choice with your scans, click on the scan.
  • The software will begin scanning your selected drive for the lost files. You can check the scanned and recoverable files along with a progress indicator.

  • You can even choose the Deep Scan option in the previous screen. Do note that a deep scan takes more time than for a standard scan. 
  • Once the scan is completed, the software alerts you with the number of files that can be recovered.

  • You can now click on each of the recoverable files, and check the preview for the file that can be recovered.

  • If you are sure that it is exactly the file that you want to recover, you can click on the Recover option at the bottom and choose the output folder for recovering the file. 

You can even choose multiple files and opt for a batch recovery of your files and go back to your task. 

You can check out the supported file formats from within the settings: 

Pricing and Subscription

The software does not have a free or trial plan as such. The free version does let you scan the files, but recovering your files will require you to opt for a license. 

If you are looking for a one off functionality, it may not be the right option in most of the cases. However, you can check out if the software can recover your lost files. If it can, you can opt for any of your preferred paid plans. 

The software is available in three plans. You can choose a plan that best meets your requirements. Compare the features offered by the Standard, Professional and Premium plans and opt for the one that works best for you. 

The differences offered by each of those plans would be evident enough from the image above. Please note that these are one-year subscriptions. You can expect to get a discount if you go with a two-year plan. 

The subscription plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You can even have access to 24 x 6 dedicated support. 

A Few advantages and disadvantages of the Photo recovery tool

As with any tool or software, you can find a few Pros and Cons with Stellar Photo Recovery as well. 


  • It can help you recover audio and video files in addition to Photos. That should be a feature in sharp contrast to other photo recovery software options. 
  • A faster recovery performance and speed. 
  • It can even recover your files 


  • Searching for folders can be a little tricky. 
  • It cannot recover the polaroid RAW files. 

The Closing remarks

Well, that was how effective and efficient Stellar photo recovery can be for your task of recovering any number of lost or damaged files you may have. The simple design would be what would make it one of the much-preferred options because it provides you access to an excellent performance in every right. 

Choose the perfect plan as per your preferences, and you would not regret your choice.

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  • I wish I had known this a few years ago. Lost over 3 years of family photos. Hopefully it will never happen again, at least if it does I will be better prepared with how to hopefully recover them! Thanks for saving potentially wasted tears!

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