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A Word To The Wise: 5 Statistics To Measure For Your Blog

Here is a word to the wise bloggers of the world. Unless you consider it just as a timepass, measuring how the blog is performing is of absolute importance. Today, blogs are not just a place where one jots down their thoughts and activities, but it is also a hub of business. For many, it is also their primary source of income.

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So even if you are not so keen about the numbers or statistics, monitoring these will help to boost the performance of the blogging business. It not only helps to comprehend how your hard work is playing out in detail but also can provide valuable insight into developing a master strategy for the future of the business.

The first thing to understand is that like any business, this too takes considerable time to kick off. But most often, many people get disheartened because they do not see direct results. That is exactly why doing a statistical analysis could shine some light into things that might not appear to the plain eye.

To get things clear on how the blog is working or whether it is even working at all, measuring these five following statistics would be the right place to start. 

5 Statistics To Measure For Your Blog

  1. The Viewers

 Visitors are the most significant assets of any blog. The overall improvement of the website oftentimes is proportional to the presence of the audience, their engagement, and their feedback. Studying the viewership is interesting enough to find out about the blog traffic. It is even more necessary to understand how traffic is developed and from where the visitors are flowing from.

This could be done by analyzing a variety of statistics that further break down the visitor traffic. It includes the number of visits per day, the number of page views, the post getting the most views, the number of visitors returning and even the average time spent on the blog. To get more in-depth analysis, it is also recommended to get the statistics for each post individually. This will let you know what kind of posts are receiving more attention, the more searched topics, and the demand.

  1. The Leads

 Lead generation is another crucial component for the growth of a blog. Many businesses now entertain a dedicated section for articles with inbound links that promote leads to their services. These links are also essential for search engine rankings and to get general notice. The more the leads, the better the chances are that the business will be recognized. These leads can be in your own article content, a part of guest posts or even included in the articles you submit for other pages.

But it is not always simple or easy to insert a promotional link. Crafting content that organically places the inbound link is necessary for the blog. As a business owner, you might not be an expert in composing such content or might not have enough to come up with blogs regularly on a schedule.

To help things through, platforms like EssayPro.com extends their writing services to content writing as well. Whether you are looking for long term content or a one time job, the website has a team of professional writers ready for you. The topic and the content have to resonate with the business and target the audience at the same time. And these expert writers create blogs right for all these parts.

However, at times even when a particular post does not get visits could still generate leads. To understand how the previous posts are performing and to create future strategies for the same, both views and lead generations from the blog should be checked thoroughly. 

  1. The Subscribers

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It makes a big difference whether a reader is just visiting for one article or actually subscribing to the website. It is not often that someone decides to be a devout of the blog. But if they do, it is definitely a good sign. Increases in subscriber rate, however, might test your patience. It is certainly a slow process and one that requires tremendous effort. And all it takes is spamming a user with unnecessary emails for them to unsubscribe as well. So one has to check out on increases and drops simultaneously.

See whether the visitors are signing up for emails, and continue to update yourself with how these visitors are directed to your site too. Subscription does not always have to be via email itself. In this era, social media following base hold equal or more weight. 

  1. The Social Media

Social media today can hold the key to the success of your business. Once you make a post, it is almost completely left to the engagement from your followers. So how the post is performing directly shows how the audience is responding to your business.

Social media is not just about engagement but can also be used to generate leads. Apps like Instagram and Facebook had exclusive business tools that make the package more attractive. Make it a point to regularly update yourself with the social media statistics, on whether the visits have increased, and how the leads are performing, It is also smart step to reach out to the other bloggers and grow the community as well by promoting each other.

  1. The Feedback

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While looking at audience engagement, one way to directly understand how the blog is doing is to look for direct feedback from the audience. While the subscribers might be an indication of this, it might not explicitly show any action from the users. For this, the comment section or even the direct messaging tools are the best sources. Is anyone commenting on the blog, if not, why aren’t they? Even though the website might have many visitors, there might not be any comments at all. Most people prefer to leave a like or share then make a comment.

When and if they do, it has to be studied to improve the action from the audience and then again, to find scope to improve the brand. There are many ways to start a discussion in the comments by carefully using the post captions. While the feedback might not directly reflect the growth of the page, it might speak about its quality and how the audience perceives it. Listening to the audience is definitely an excellent way to make the services better.

Final Takeaway

On an ending note, statistics alone will not do the work. One has to take actions to analyze and formulate plans by inferring from the statistics. That said, the first step is to gather the data. By measuring these important elements, you are sure on the right track to boost your blog.

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