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4 Basic Skills That You Can Use to Start a Consulting Business

Business consultants aren’t all experts in business strategy or finances. In fact, most business consultants begin with a very basic set of skills; as consulting coach Sam Ovens said in a recent video, all you really need to become a business consultant is “a cellphone and a laptop and the skills you already have.” So what skills do you have that could be marketable as a consulting firm?

4 examples of common skills that are in demand for business consultants:

Social Media

The vast majority of young adults are extremely familiar with social media. They’ve been using it since high school, if not earlier, and know the ins and outs of how people interact with each other on these various platforms. So while your mother may nag you about spending all your time on Facebook, with a bit of dedication and some hard work, you could actually turn those skills into a business.

Many business owners are members of your parents’ generation and are not incredibly familiar with how to market their businesses on Facebook. Your knowledge and skills regarding social media could be just what they need to improve their social media interactions and increase engagement with consumers.

Of course, a history of sharing memes isn’t going to get you many clients, so you should put some time and effort into truly studying how to leverage social media for marketing purposes. There are some free social media marketing programs out there, so get started on honing your skills, and you could be starting a consulting business in no time.

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Team Building

If you’ve got a knack for bringing people together, and you have exceptional people skills, you could start a business as a team-building consultant. Business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve team dynamics in the hopes of increasing productivity and collaboration. You could offer your services to these businesses with team building workshops and programs, or by consulting them on how to overcome current tensions in their office atmosphere.

Attend a few team building workshops yourself, or see if you can work at a corporate retreat to learn more about the ins and outs of corporate team building. By capitalizing on your natural skills, you can turn your love for people into a thriving business.

Writing and Editing

Did your parents ever tell you that your English degree would be good for nothing? Well, you can let them know that content consultants are in high demand for businesses around the world. There’s a saying among marketers that “content is king,” and who better to create that content than someone with your specialized skills?

Most businesses are in need of a strong wordsmith to create or edit content for websites, blogs, social media posts, and marketing copy. So if you’ve been trained in writing and editing, then you’re perfectly poised to begin your own content consulting business. Ideally, you should familiarize yourself with SEO techniques, as this is a skill that most businesses want in a content consultant. But there are free courses available online to help you brush up on this, so with just a bit of studying, you can begin offering your consultation services.

Health and Wellness

If you’re thinking that a health and wellness consultant is the same as a personal trainer at the gym, then you’re wrong. Personal trainers’ sole purpose is to push people through workouts and hold them accountable for their diet and exercise regimens. But health and wellness consultants provide an entirely different service and can be found quickly and easily through online platforms like Dormzi.

While health and wellness consultants can be employed by individuals, like personal trainers, the services they provide are done entirely on their own, rather than under the employment of a gym. The best part about that? You are your own boss, and you don’t have a gym taking a part of your clients’ payments every month. Consultants also typically provide their services at an individual’s home, and rather than just pushing them through workouts, they’ll provide comprehensive guidance in improving overall wellness.

But another way in which wellness consultants differ from personal trainers is that they can also provide their consultation services on a corporate level. Many businesses hire wellness consultants to provide input on how to improve the overall health of their work environment. These consultants can help businesses to implement organized yoga sessions on lunch breaks, incorporate more ergonomic workstations into the office, or apply other changes that can improve employee health and wellness.

While simply being a healthy individual isn’t going to land you many jobs as a health and wellness consultant, it’s possible to break into the industry from a related field—like personal training, for example. Becoming a health and wellness consultant can take time, but if it’s a skill you possess, then it could be the perfect career path for you.

Odds are, you have a marketable skill that business owners would pay for. So take a moment to think about where your talents lie and decide if one of them might be the basis for your own consulting business. You might be surprised just how many opportunities there are out there for people with your exact qualifications. With just a little time, effort, and dedication, you could be running your own business in no time.

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  • Very informative. I was always fond of the job title ‘content consultant’. But was unaware of the opportunities and the demand of the job in the business industry. This post has raised my morale. Thank you so much.


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