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Spinbackup: Backup Solution You Can Trust

As an increasing number of us use out PCs and tablets for work or even just data storage, and backing up our data becomes a fundamental operation that we ignore at our peril. We expect our devices to work properly and for most of the time they will, but it only takes on glitch – or more worryingly a virus sneaking its way onto our system – for it to go wrong and our files to end up a distant memory.


If we were to suffer a catastrophic data loss, to not have a backup would mean that it is exactly that – a huge loss, and depending upon, what your data is, that could mean the serious financial or personal burden. And by not having a backup to restore the data, you may not even be sure, what information, that you are missing until you come to do your yearly accounts, or try to find a particular photo of your kids or dog.

Plainly backups are important!

Computer and tablet backups have a couple of purposes; they can be used to recover data it has lost already, and to retrieve data saved at an earlier time  has become corrupted or overwritten. They should be carried out regularly – possibly daily if you have important information – and can be a simple as copying to the cloud or a memory stick, or as permanent as magnetic tape, which is still regarded as the standard for long­term data storage, but, however, you do it, the right software always makes it easier, and with so many to choose from, picking one that suits you – and will work as you need it – can be tricky.

Furthermore, more of us are using the services within Google on a daily basis and now use it as the de facto tool for calendar entries, photo management, scheduling, contacts, tasks and, of course, Gmail.

But that is where Spinbackup comes in handy. This simple to use backup solution employs cloud technology to ensure, that documents, you save, are securely held and available to download to your system should you need to replace your files. Following the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Spinbackup offers as a total solution to the tricky problems of what how you should backup and retrieving your data should you need to. SaaS allows the purchase and use of centrally­located software, which means there is no possibility of buying rogue software, which may damage your devices and you know that you are always using the most up to date level. Both of those points are important when dealing with something as important as backup solutions!

Data backup has a fundamental problem; as a backup set must duplicate files from your device and contain at least one set of all the data that you want to be saved and can represent a significant storage issue, which, as we store more files, could be several tens or even hundreds of gigabytes. While there are mobile devices such as external hard drives now reaching terabytes of data most people, who employ that method of data backup, tend to leave the device somewhere in their house. Unfortunately, it then becomes vulnerable to any catastrophe, which might befall your house, and you remain at risk of losing it all. Using the SaaS solution decentralises your backup and keeps the data safe and ready to retrieve, whatever happens. This means that you can enjoy total protection and have the ability to retrieve your data with ease.


Spinbackup offers a number of solutions, that will fit whatever you want, including a free option, that aligns with your Google account, and can backup data from all of the services you use in the network giant and keep them secure. Spinbackup has a number of obvious pros that make it a system of choice, including:

  • Complete backup for all of your Google services and total peace of mind in retrieval.
  • The ability to export data to another Google account as you want.
  • The program can  be  set  to perform an automatic backup based on your own parameters and timescales.
  • A variety of both free and paid packages are available, offering a variety of different storage solutions.

Those factors alone make Spinbackup an exciting and obvious choice if you are a frequent user of Google products, and it can be found by searching Google Apps Backup within your products app store, or alternatively visit site.

Signing up for and access App takes you to a simple control panel, that is easy to use and can be used to dictate, how and when you backup your data. It is at this point, that you choose, which element of Google you add to the backup set and determine the frequency, with which they are stored in the cloud. Once you have completed the basics, you are free to start using the product.

With a full backup done, you now have the satisfaction of the knowledge, that you can restore your data at any time should you have the need to. If the situation arises, where you do need to perform a restore, this function is also easy to achieve in Spinbackup too. You select the backup, that you want to restore – if you have more than one available, and allow it to run ­ and hey presto, your data is back in place and you once more have access to all those files you thought that you had lost. Spinbackup also offers an App that is available for both iOS and Android, and can give you the same level of confidence on your mobile devices as it does with your computers.

Backing up our data is imperative, as the loss can be catastrophic. That means that regularly running a comprehensive backup system such as Spinbackup saves your data and enables you to have confidence, even if you have a dodgy system or are prone to opening emails with questionable attachments. That doesn’t mean that you should run an old system or be careless with your online security, but at least you can always get back to square one if you do.

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  • Hey Atish,

    Most of the time we fear of data loss. There should be a solution. And it’s always recommended that the backup should be kept. But how?

    Here comes the backup tools and Spinbackup seems quite promising. I am sure, it would help many users.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

  • Hello Atish,

    Thanks for sharing this tool. This tool will help me as well other people who are for data backup solution. I will not say more about this. Because I didn’t use it till now. Will share feedback after using this. I also recommend Spinbackup in mu network.


    Moumita Ghosh

  • Dear Sir,
    My HDD Box lost all data, i tried many softwares to recovery but did not success. I found this tool i use. Spinbackup is very good for me.
    I will tell my friends use it for do not waste time.
    Thank you

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