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Software That Will Make Your Online Maging More Phenomenal

Online gaming has never been easier. With the amount of software available, you can take your experience to new levels with better ease of access. Not only has it become significantly easier, but it can improve your performance as well. 

One really fun part of online gaming is maging in role playing games. Mages in RPGs are usually magical beings or intelligent character types, so this role is a really popular choice for gamers. Making the most out your mage character is important for your online gaming experience, and luckily there is software to help you do that! Check out these programs that are bound to help you out in your online quests.

Voice Chat

Online gaming can often rely on your ability to communicate with your guild, clan, or strangers. As a mage, you want to be able to have direct communication with who you are playing with to keep your hand off of the text chat functions, and keep them on your important hotkeys. Using voice chat software is important, with TeamSpeak being one of those options. Other functions of voice chat or speech software includes communicating with merchants online, you can check them out for a better understanding of how voice chat is not just useful for connecting with other players, but gold sellers in an RPG too. Not everyone uses a mic, but you can become a more well-recognized player and make trades easier if people are familiar with you.

Lag and Ping Reducing Software

Lag and ping are two notorious problems for gamers. Lag is the phenomenon where the connection strength is slow, which causes the game to appear choppy, and thus results in bad performance. Ping is a similar problem where the reachability to the host of a connection takes longer, or is intermittent. Ping is measured in milliseconds, so good speeds are usually lower than 100 (90 being a good benchmark), and bad ping was up to or exceeding 300ms. There are useful software programs available that can help reduce these problems and help increase your ability to perform quests, and enjoy the game more. Haste is a good, cheap option that can reduce connection problems for your online needs.

VPN Client

Securely logging on to your online account is important so you do not lose any of your data. The worst thing that can happen if you paid for an online account for a game is logging on just to find out that someone has either hacked it, or completely erased your game data. You spent countless hours trying to build up your mages stats, acquire gold, and make trusted friends – you would not want to lose that. Using a VPN client for safe login is a good idea, especially if you are out and about playing on a laptop. Public networks are prone to this type of activity and it can easily be avoided with a secure login program or a virtual private network to keep you and your character safe.

Performance Boosters and Overclocking

Everyone is always looking to get the most out of their games, and this often revolves around speeding up your computer’s performance. Overclocking your hardware can be a simple process that results in significantly better in-game speeds. There are a lot of free overclocking software, with the MSI Afterburner coming to mind. Online RPGs require a lot of processing speed to properly render the amount of characters, and they use a lot of memory as well. Another great tool is the CPU-Z program which gives you a detailed report on how to improve your performance, even if it is more complicated for amateur computer users.

Cleaning Software

Cleaning out your computer’s folders and files can take an excessive amount of time to get the job done thoroughly. That is why there are a lot of options for file folder cleaners. Removing excess junk data can increase your computer’s memory usage, and add some much-needed storage space that can be used for your games files instead. Removing unwanted garbage from your computer will help boost your performance so you can get back to maging without the worry of a slow system keeping you from fully enjoying your game experience. You would be surprised at how much performance is being lost just because your computer is bogged down, so clean it out and get back to your quests.

Online maging is an integral part of online gaming for RPGs, but there are ways to improve it. Software for your gaming experience can help you get gold, improve your voice chat capabilities, and even boost the performance of your computer. All of this can help you get the most out of your computer, and allow you an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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