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Why are Some Social Networking Sites so Successful While Others are Not?

Today everyone is active on social networking sites, at this moment your real life image depends on your Facebook and twitter profile

No matter how you are using them, what matters to the creators of these sites is that you are using them, You are using them because you love it, don’t you?

There was a question in my mind, that why? Why are some social networking sites super successful while other don’t even hit a million users in their lifetime

And I took my time to research on the stories of three of my favorite social networks, here are the answers?

Have a look at the top social networking sites of the world, if you look at it deeply you’ll notice that all these sites had something in common, they had a target in their mind and created something to hit that target to fulfill their dreams

So here step by step we’ll discuss the top 3 most talked about social networks or should I say 3 of my favorite social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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So first in the list is Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook; I know you are already aware about that but what he did to beat the that time giants My Space and friendster.

Creating a My Space like site for people was not difficult for mark but the question was how to make people use his site, most importantly how to make people love his site.

I don’t know the exact thoughts in his mind but I guess I know what he did, he shot for the targeted audience, and he targeted the youth, the college going youngsters and built Facebook for them.

I mean, that where others were focusing on the general public he focused on a specific group, He thought What drives life at college?

Apart from studies, your relationship status, interests, who are you dating were the things that make college life fun.

After he found out what else he needed to add, he just did that and BOOM!!!

We got the social media giant FACEBOOK

So what lesson can you learn from it

You can’t make a huge impact on a large herd of people but you can make a great impact when you target a specific group of people because they can be influenced easily and the rest just goes autopilot, when you’ve made an impact on your small followers you don’t need to hire a marketing a firm, they will promote your product because you have made them love your product.

A similar kind of example in my list is twitter

When Jack Dorsey created twitter in 2006 he wanted to create a short messaging service for people, Jack says

I want to have a dispatch service that connects us on our phones using text

At that time text messaging on our phones was not simple as it is today unless you make a lot of money and own a smartphone. He simplified the existing concept of messaging and people wanted it. Today you know his product by the name of Twitter

When others were on Facebook and some of them were blogging, twitter was a microblog one of the first few of its kind

Jack’s story can teach us the following thing:-

If you want others to get attracted to your services or products you need to have an attraction factor and there is nothing more attractive than a new and unique thing about which you have never previously heard of because the curiosity of the people will automatically drag them to your doorstep once they have heard of you.

The third and the most interesting part is what I discovered behind Google plus

Google was already in the field of social networking from a long time previously, we know about Orkut and Google Buzz but the problem with that was that Google was not able to devise the new concept or was able to present it before people.

We know what happened with previous Google projects but in the year 2012 when G+ was launched it was more than what people expected from it, personally I expected another form of orkut but to shock my expectations they had learned from their past and they were inspired from the other existing giants

But the thing which I find somewhat interesting about Google’s social network is that when people didn’t wanted to leave Facebook or twitter Google made them do so.

Google was, is and will be ruling the search engine world and they thought of using their pre-existing power in the market for the success to their new project and how can we ignore it their first priority has always been to give you better search results

Google soon added authorship

Google announced Author Rank

Rumors say that Google will soon stop serving professional resumes from LinkedIn and will replace it with Google Plus profile

All these three things attracted bloggers and webmasters to their site, they wanted their work to get a higher position in search results and they were ready to do anything for it

They started using Google Plus

Also ignoring this clever thing they had some really awesome features, Facebook planned to have Video conferencing between two friends so Google multiplied the same by five, you can hangout with 9 of your friends, including you it becomes ten people

They have Communities like Facebook as groups

Like in twitter you can follow people without making them need to follow you back similar feature is the Add To Circles in Google Plus

Lesson to Learn:

Google taught me the proper way to market a product, if you want to sell it to the people make your audience your potential customers, don’t just make them want it make them need your product and the most important lesson I learn from Google is that never stop learning, they learned from the giants to improve themselves and so should we.

Over to You

What you need to do is just find what is still remaining to be discovered to be the next big player in the field of Social Media as I always say, Social Media Has No Limits.


Nishant Arora is the owner of Inside Tech Tricks and a not-so-famous blogger (at present) who mainly writes on technology but also loves sharing blogging and marketing tips.


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  • I think Google Plus is more intresting and getting better then twitter and facebook , people are addicted to Facebook and twitter due to their kind options , widgets , chat forumes , and also the fan page options.
    Rauf Arshad recently posted…Sunderland vs Man Utd Live Stream EPL – 30 March 2013My Profile

    • Yeah Rauf

      I also personally think Google+ is better than facebook and twitter,

      and its not like that Google+ also has some features like facebook and twitter

      but the thing which still attracts people towards facebook and twitter is the people who are already there on these sites and have still not switched to G+

      their mentality is…

      My girlfriend is on facebook, why should I switch to google plsu
      Nishant recently posted…Some Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All TimesMy Profile

    • I also think Google+ as a more interesting social network than Facebook. I think because it’s Google’s, all its search, ads, apps email, and other services including YouTube, are all integrated into one place.

      Facebook has grown to over a billion user. But unfortunately, Facebook’s integration to the overall web is not as wide as Google’s.

      Twitter however, is totally different. The 140 character social network is trully a pioneer in delivering microblogging into the social web network.

  • Nice post by the guest blogger!

    Good explanation for the success of Facebook, Twitter and G+.

    Thanks for sharing this Atish!
    Nirmala recently posted…Useful and Popular Google Chrome Extensions for BloggersMy Profile

  • Totally agreed with your statement that soon, Google will give more priority in serps to g+ profiles. and thats why they are considering everything related to it give a suitable rank to it.

  • Great insight about various social networking websites and what work for them and what brought them down. People consider it as a fluke or pure luck but it is all about the holistic approach that makes a social website stand out from the rest. G+ is definitely trying to up the ante for future.
    Rashmi Sinha @ GreetBlog recently posted…5 Best Action Games for PS3My Profile

  • Great post Atish Thank you to sharing me this. Well now days the buzz of social sites mushrooming all over the world. Most of the peoples great attachment Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and many more social sites. But i like Google+ and Facebook. Definitely these social sites build a strong influence our life. these sites helps to promoting our business, social discussion and many more thing.

  • Google is trying to rule everyone in every field. Google Plus has made a great impact and bloggers know the importance. I dont know how many common people use Google Plus but definitely all my blogger friends are there in Google Plus. Facebook is something where we can meet everyone. The best part about Google Plus is the people can HANGOUT with each other. I have recently seen CP Joshi, Union Cabinet minister, Road , Transport and Highways to interact with people using Google Plus and he was interacting to them, hearing their problems. This is something incredible. All thanks to Google Plus!
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…iPhone 6 Rumours, Concept, Price And Release DateMy Profile

  • Well what i think is the reason for super success of some social networking sites is not only they are more user friendly but also well promoted. There is a continuous status war between google + and facebook. though facebook is leading it but google is not a weak player so see what happens in future. anyways Aatish, good post, keep it up.

  • If Google would only make Google + more interesting and user friendly perhaps one day it will beat Facebook or Tweeter.

  • Yes i am agree with you ! today everyone is active on social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter My space, LinkedIn and other social network site. social networking is a big online communication platform..

    Great Information. Thanks for sharing

  • In comparison with Facebook and Twitter, Google + has less popularity but growing very fast and could be main Social networking site in coming days.

  • I think luck and timing have a lot to do with it as well. Luck in the sense that there needs to be a group of loyal early adapters that use a new service. Timing in the sense that these users have to either not be heavily involved in another community or have recently become fed up or tired with whatever community they were spending their time on. It’s essentially a competition for time.

  • I am having doubts the Google+ will be as successful as Facebook. Most of my friends who are not webmasters/bloggers would not want to use Google Plus because the interface is not so attractive. Although the features are almost the same, but Facebook has definitely got the right footing from day one and its difficult for Google+ to catch up. But i definitely agree that the +1’s will have an impact on the search engine rankings.

  • I haven’t used Google+ much other than creating an account in it. The features which you described sure make it look like having a lot of potential and I would like to see if it overpowers Facebook also. Nice review.
    vicky recently posted…Htc One Overview Features And PriceMy Profile

  • Google+ is the best way for website promotion. You can use it to speed up indexing pages. As for me Facebook is much better 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

  • That is a well written article. I dont think anyone uses Google plus except we bloggers and website builders. And that too because we want to be in the good books of Google.
    G+ can never ever match the popularity of Facebook & Twitter though it has been the undisputed internet titan.
    Perhaps that is why it has preferred to go ahead with high profile takeovers like YouTube & Android in the past. And, if the grapevine is to be believed, it could be buying Whatsapp soon too!

  • Hi Atish,

    Excellent Article and Well Explain, Indeed i am totally agree with you Now a days mostly People are working on social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter My space, LinkedIn and other social network site. in my opinion social networking is biggest online communication platform. today of the generation is so active. and we know that these sites is most useful for our busniess.Well good explain.

  • Social media is always successful way for a business. Increasing reputation will always bit your business. I think twitter and facebook is most useful for social media.

  • Peoples are become more active day by day on the social media network and as long as they regularly check their notification and update so I think social media is best sites than others. Thanks for the lovely post 🙂


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