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Do I Need to Use Social Media?

Once Upon a Time

Many years ago, simply having a web presence would have been enough to get your business noticed, but this is no longer the case.  Having a website which is drab, slow to load or has broken links will not only lose sales, but is also handing  the business to your competition on a plate.  Is this what you want?

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Apart from making sure that your website is fresh and contemporary, it is also important to ensure that your social media is also up to date.

How Can Social Media be used to Promote your Business?

Love it or hate it, social media is now a part of everyday life.  If businesses are to be successful they need to make sure that they keep up to date, not only by updating your website but also by incorporating social media into your marketing strategy

Here are some suggestions for improving your use of social media:

1.Use Videos and Images to Increase your Content Appeal

Having a cute image, funny video or an info-graphic not only provides  content for your website but are all also great items to share and so have the potential to maximise the audience reached by your content.

2. Forum Participation

Offering helpful advice and making constructive comments on a forum which relates to  your industry or specialism is a great way of establishing you business as an expert in that field.  Providing a good service and being seen as a source of information is also a great way of boosting your website ranking.

3. Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter provides the perfect first step platform entrance into social media as the quantity of words per post is limited. However for it to be successful and effective in establishing and maintaining a brand following, it is essential that the posts have meaning, are relevant and are done on a regular basis.

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For those that feel unsure of how best to use social media to promote their business, it may be best to employ social media marketing services. This avoids having to learn lots of new marketing techniques and gives you the time and energy to focus on what you do best, i.e.  running the business.

Deciding to outsource social media marketing services is no different to outsourcing any other services such as accountancy or packaging.  Nobody is an expert in everything and given how fast technology is changing it can be difficult to keep abreast with the latest innovations.  The use of social media marketing services can be invaluable in establishing your business as current and modern.   This in turn will lead to customer confidence in your products and services.

First Appearances Count

Having an outdated website which contains out of date information is a huge turn-off.  First appearances count and, if your website is slow to load, navigation is difficult, or the content on it is old and stale, you can be sure to lose business.

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It is no different with social media.  Having a website which does not allow for interaction and sharing is not only very old-fashioned but can also have a negative impact on your website ranking.  Give the current focus on how content should be beneficial to consumers having a website with no website interaction with your consumers will demote your website ranking on the basis that consumer interest is minimal.

On the other hand if by using social media marketing services you are able to increase consumer interaction and generate a lively website which is no longer about broadcasting messages, but rather a two-way conversation, the website rankings will be boosted.

Since trust is one of the pre-requisites for a sale, using social media marketing services can also increase your bottom line.   Why not use the experts and let their social media marketing services work their magic? Can you really afford not to?

Blog post by Thomas:

Thomas is the Head of Content at one of Europe’s largest integrated digital marketing agencies, Digital Next. Based in the UK, Thomas heads up his own department and manages a team of over 10 in-house writers, in addition to identifying key content marketing opportunities for a plethora of clients across a multitude of different industries.

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  • Hello Atish,

    With no second thought Social Media has evolved as a platform where a business or anything can make its mark. And people are now taking their business on these networks. I know some people who don’t even have their websites but still they are running business and getting good responses and sales. And one really need a social platform to make others aware about who you are.

    • Yes, social media has evolved as platform where anything can be promoted online. Being active in social media has immense benefits.

      Thanks for reading the post Aditya. keep visiting.

  • Atish rightly said. Today social media marketing plays a vital role in spreading the message you wish to convey through your post. Reader engagement increases and this helps you to understand what really the readers expect to read frome you and your blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by Sangeetha! Social media helps you brand yourself and your business + good targeted traffic as well. There are many benefits of using social media.

      keep visiting.

  • Hi Atish,
    There are lots of folks out there, that defends the use of social media optimization, but here are three main reasons why social media is a must for business.

    1. Everybody’s Doing It so why dont you?
    2. It spreads the word and according to a research 53% of company have found atleast one customer from facebook, similarly 43% from linkedin and 36% from twitter.
    3. It Helps Business and Sales as social media leads coversion rate is 13% higher than other leads conversion


  • Hello Atish & Thomas !!

    Without any doubts , We all know the power of social media and the role the play to the development of business,
    blog and even personality, It is something that can not be done away with so far as marketing is concern..

    My favourite of the social media currently is Google plus, if you are ready to drive huge traffic to your blog , then i guess that G + is the place place to do that, just join the best community and share you thoughts !! Thanks for the share !!

    DOK Simon

  • Hi Thomas,

    Now, no one can ignore social media benefits for their business. It all about the matter of playing with the words to attract traffic.

    Developing social presence is a slow but strong and powerful way to develop ones identity so that our followers can follow your words blindly. Apart from facebook, google plus is the best place to meet and spread the network for all your valid purpose.

    Thank for the great share, have nice day bro 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  • I am using Social media like Facebook, twitter and mainly Linked In for promoting my business, even how i am seeking a some other way to develop my business and i am planning to create a webpage for my products.

  • Thank you for the post, It’s difficult to put a social strategy together. We have tried many times to sit and discuss the best actions to take but never really stumbled on the winner, hopefully these tips will help when brainstorming. I think the hardest factor of social media is to achieve positive user engagement, but through more posts videos that are directed at our market hopefully we can put some of your tips to good use. Thanks

  • Our new website is currently under construction, so we have yet to put together a social strategy. Its becoming more apparent that social is a huge influence for a business to engage with their clients and customers, thanks for the post and hopefully we can utilise some of your ideas and comments for our social planning, thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing this post but i would like to ask what is the use of Twitter in SMO because only 140 words in it and you can not tell and convince people to watch it, while Facebook, Pinterst, Likedin gives full visual display to user and even they can see it.

  • Social media really plays an important role these days as it helps in promoting our blog and also drives new visitors for our blog. Every blogger using social media these days. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  • Marketers adopt social media marketing to get noticed. This is the best way to communicate with people directly.
    Social media is the best channel to present your business online, & right now social media is hot channel in online marketing world.
    If you use Social media, its definitely good for your business. But this is more important that how you use social media for your business.
    you should post good & informative content on your profile.
    do not use too many self promotional status update, try connecting with your consumers.
    you have to listen your consumers or followers.

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