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5 Ways to Tell You’re a Social Media Addict

The Internet is a huge component of our daily lives. Online technology and email are part and parcel of most jobs and nearly every person, place, and (sometimes) thing has its own website and/or social media profile. While some people don’t want to go anywhere near the Internet once five o’clock hits, there are others who make a mad dash for social media to talk about their daily doings.

First it was reality television that made everyday people celebrities. Now, social media allows everyday people to share (or overshare) the details of their lives with whomever has access to their various and sundry profiles and become a pseudo celebrity in their own digital realm. . While social media has allowed people to stay in contact with friends and family, or connect with others with common interests nearby or clear across the country, it’s also got its downside — namely, addiction to social media.

woman computer addiction

Where do the borders of “real life” begin and scampering through the digital fields of social media end? For some, social media is so closely intertwined with “real life” that it’s hard to distinguish it from their “real life.” Do you think you may be a social media addict? Do you wonder if maybe you should tweet Dr. Drew to see if he can help you? Here are five (tongue-in-cheek) ways to tell if you are a social media addict.

1. Rouse n’ Browse

Somewhere between your bunny slippers hitting the floor and brushing your teeth, you either fire up your laptop or use your mobile phone to browse through your Twitter feed, take a scroll through Facebook, or see what’s new on Tumblr or Pinterest. If accessing your social media profiles is the first thing on your mind each morning, you just might have a problem.

2. You Obsess Over Profile Pics

Picture it: You attend your best friend’s wedding and look pretty dang dapper in your tux or rather fetching in that magenta bridesmaid dress. As you’re lining up to take the obligatory wedding photos, you smile wide and think to yourself, “This is going to make an awesome profile pic!” (Bonus addiction points if you find yourself more anxious to see the proofs of your friends’ wedding than the happy couple themselves because you can’t wait to change your profile snapshot.)

3. Your Pet Has a Profile

Sure, we all love a good Grumpy Cat meme or Scotch-soaked post from caustic kitty Colonel Meow; however, not everyone has pets whose unique visages lend themselves to creating a personal profile on social media. Not every pet parent is that clever and (let’s face it), not everyone’s pet is that amusing. Projecting your own social media addiction on your pet and co-opting poor Petey the Parakeet to tweet about his #disappointing birdseed certainly doesn’t qualify as animal abuse, but it does indicate that you have some rather strong feelings about the importance of a social media profile for all living creatures.

4. Interrupting “Real Life” Activities to Post on Social Media

Instead of being fully engaged in a dinner with friends or rocking out at a great live concert, you take to social media to tell everyone what a blast you’re having instead of ACTUALLY having a blast and enjoying the moment.

5. You Experience Withdrawal When You’re At Work    

If your workplace has restrictions on accessing to Facebook or YouTube (nooooo!) and a few hours away from social media finds you climbing the walls and shaking like a cold chihuahua, you probably have an addiction. While some co-workers may slip outside for a soothing cigarette, you sneak off to the company bathroom to check your profile and watch videos on your cell phone. Although nowhere near as harmful as a cigarette, the uncontrollable urge to fritter away time on social media is another type of addiction. Try using a YouTube downloader to save all the precious videos you just have to watch for a more appropriate time!

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  • hi atish,

    thanks for addressing your good views on the users who are a social media addicts this article was very engaging as well as should be responded.
    vaibhav recently posted…where to pre order gta 5 :- complete guideMy Profile

  • in Modern era, almost everybody is addicted to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.
    we even can’t imagine without these things.They became important part of our life. When we get up early in the morning,we switch on our laptops and open our 1st tab i.e Facebook. 😛
    I am also addicted to facebook.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand-A Comparison ReviewMy Profile

  • Hey man, you covered good points. Well smartphones have taken this addiction to next level now. Nothing can help you out if you got addicted once unless you’re damm serious about a particular work need to be done in your life.

    • You are right Pawan. Smart Phones put this addiction to the next level. Because generally people who take a break from their work than they check their social accounts rather than to talk with other colleague or people who are around them.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion I’m an iPhone addict. I’ve even taken to leaving the phone off in the other room so I won’t turn it on in the middle of the night. 🙁

  • Hi Atish this is a great review for 5 Ways to Tell You’re a Social Media Addict. every business or anything Social Media first platform in the world. i know you are done the fantastic job Mir Atish

  • I don’t understand why people create profile of their pet dogs and cats on social networking sites like Facebook ..Social Media do have advantages and disadvantages ..its up-to a person the way he uses it .

    Pramod recently posted…Micromax Canvas 4 versus Spice Pinacle FHD Mi-525 : Major Differences and SpecsMy Profile

  • Social media addiction is good to an extent but its bad at times when you cannot resist yourself from using facebook or any other social media. Nice post though!

  • Social media has become an inevitable part of the people lives. However one should maintain a proper balance while accessing the social media platforms.

  • It’s true. Today each and every person ( no children also ) addicted to social media especially Facebook. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of social media sites but its true no one can sing without social media. It’s become a part of our life.

  • LOL. I have my dog as one of my profile pics now. He doesn’t have his own page yet, though.

  • Hi Atish, I always like your post dude. You cover very interesting topics and this one was very interesing. Great job dude!

  • Hey, very impressive observation especially your second point is very interesting one. A lot of peoples are obsessive about their profile pic. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

  • Observation and veiws are so nice i like it thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • Observation and veiws are so nice i like it thanks for sharing this informative post. this post will help us to learn more
    Ghulam Mustafa recently posted…30 Latest WordPress themes to create your websiteMy Profile

  • If you’re suffering workplace withdrawal you’re definitely in too deep.
    Frank Cern recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 UnboxingMy Profile

  • Very nice post, in today’s life where social media is part of everyone’s life it’s hard to overcome the addiction of facebook, tweeter etc, but we should gave ourselves some time as well.

  • This huge issues is in each corner of the planet.

    Soceial media addiction is sweet to associate degree extent however its unhealthy from time to time after you cannot resist yourself from exploitation facebook or the other social media.

    Almost everbody is passionate about social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google and etc.
    we even can’t imagine while not this stuff.They became necessary a part of our life.

    It has become associate degree inevitable a part of our lives. but everyone ought to maintain a correct balance whereas accessing the social media platforms.

    I think that social media is nice subject for discussion.

    Not to a lot but some however awareness are sure reached to users World Health Organization is strung-out of it.

    I really enjoyed by reading your post.


  • It’s where technology becomes time wasting machine. People these days are getting Smartphone fever. They prefer social media buddies over real friends. Even I have some friends who are having same habits as you defined here.
    Narender Chopra recently posted…WeChat For PC Download – How To Install WeChat On Windows Xp, 7, 8My Profile

  • Ever since social media became mainstream, there has been a growing concern. It’s all about how much we use this new communication channel, and how our lives are affected by it.
    Kishore recently posted…How To Download Temple Run For PC + InstallationMy Profile

  • Surely Social Media came out as a new communication channel but it proved to be a total time waste.

  • I found most of bloggers to be Social Media addict ( Including Me ). It’s common because we usually share your articles to various groups, interact with customers and contact to some persons for business purpose. But opening social media websites without any reason may be a sign of addiction.
    Manisha recently posted…How to Run / Play Android Apps & Games on ComputerMy Profile

  • I can say I am a little bit social media addict because I do spend time on pinterest and twitter most of the time. On facebook I am little less active.

  • I said yes to all 5 signs and i never realized how addicted I was. I definitely think that being present and limiting myself to certain social media times is important and I’m going to try to be more observant with how much I use my phone/social media.

  • I for one have to admit that I’m an addict I wake up to Social Media and I fall asleep to Social Media and that’s bad! Well at least my pet doesn’t have a profile page, lol
    Toshiba Burton recently posted…Why Do So Many People Allow Themselves To Live In PovertyMy Profile

  • Ah these comments…Nobody likes to be told they are “addicted” or “obsessed” with something, but we all pretty much are. Look around you in class, on the bus, on the subway, in line at the store…everyone is glued on their phones. It’s kinda sad really. But it makes me cherish sincere real life connections more than I dreamed I ever would.

  • My spouse and i explained sure to all 5 indicators and my partner and i never ever recognized the way passionate My spouse and i was. My spouse and i surely believe that getting current and constraining me to a number of web 2 . 0 periods is vital and I’m intending to attempt to you have to be observant using how much I take advantage of my phone/social media.

  • My partner and i for just one need to admit that will I’m a good abuser My partner and i arise to be able to Social media in addition to My partner and i fall asleep to be able to Social media in addition to that’s undesirable! Nicely no less than my own pet doesn’t possess a report web site, lol. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. 😀

  • ha ha , a big yes to all 5 sign which you discuss above, i am highly addicted . by the way article is really engaging and well responded.


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