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Smartphone’s Display Screen: Safety Tips

Smartphones are one of the lovable gadgets; especially for the teens. Main problem is that how to keep it safe from the scratches, dents and all the other things. For iPads, you can do that now by using new iPad display screen protector. Changing the display of iPads is not essentially but it is a level headed thought. Apple store is the place where you can change the display screen of your iPhones for iPhone screen repairs. A skilled and professional man force used to be there for this job. They have the unique and advanced equipments to exchange the out of ordered parts.

Once your gadget is under warranty period, you need to go to simply official website of the company who has manufactured it and get it replaced very easily. Now days the screen of smartphones is getting bigger to show the wider screen display.

One of the popular phones, iPhone 4S has a touch screen of 3.5 inches as comparing to Samsung galaxy S2 4.3 inches. According to the leading gadget news blogs, the display screen of upcoming iPhone would be 4.6 inches. Here are few ideas how you can protect the screens of your gadgets. So, you should definitely understand regarding iPhone screen repairs.

Zagg invisible shield

Unsighted scratches and digs like finger nail swipe or broken stylus can be very harmful to your smartphone. Now you can avoid it through Zagg invisible shield. It is custom fit for each and every type of smartphones. You can use it for the back plate also. After it is applied to the gadget, nobody can see it with naked eyes. This is nothing but a thin mimic’s glass protective cover made by military grade paper. Now the display screen of your phone is free from the dust and dents.

display screen safety tips
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LCD cleaners for smart phones

A protected display screen may not be a clean screen. Display screens are finger print smudges. Usually these smudges are not visible but once you see them in well lit place, you will come to know that how much grimes have been accumulated over there. This cleaner can remove all the finger print smudges and unseen dust from the display screen of your smart phones.

Keeping the display of smartphone is not a big deal. You can purchase the LCDs cleaning spray foam or microfiber clothes from the market but it can be somewhat expensive. What it would be, if you make the display cleaning solution by your own. You will have to find out the distilled water, old spray bottle and rubbing alcohol. With the old slum technique you can make it in your home.


With the help of Stylus you have the best control over correct direction to your Samsung touch devices these are the custom devices and only made for the same above said reason. Thus the display screen will also be protected from the scratches. It is also very cheap and you can use it for long period of time also. For the users of galaxy smartphones and tablets; it’s very good solution for protecting the screen.

It is a rubber tipped pen made for the capacitive touch technology. It is designed by the professionals in such a way so that you can keep it up in the pocket of your shirt like a simple pen. A large variety of these styluses is available in the different stores and you can also make an online order for that at only the cost up to $5-8.

Wrap Up

At the first look these devices do not look like dirty but you cannot be so sure about that. Wrapping up these gadgets would be the best idea for making them long lasting.

Here is the display screen comparison for leading gadgets:

Smartphone/Screen Attr.




iPhone 5

640 x 1136


16 Million

Galaxy Note III



16 Million




16 Million

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  • You have mentioned some good tips here. If I may add, putting a protective case on your phone or tablet will also help with some unwanted cosmetic damage to the outer bezel and back cover of your device. Putting a screen protector on your display is always a must. But even with all of that “protection” a nice little fall or drop can still crack your touch screen / lcd. As a phone repair tech I’ve seen damaged phones come in even when they had cases. Although it is always a great deterrent.

    Also, if you do plan on making a diy cleaning solution for your phone’s screen or any of your device’s lcd screens using DISTILLED water and rubbing alcohol make sure to mix a 50/50 solution.

    You may also use just rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to clean your charging ports as well. Just make sure your device is fully shut down or even take out the battery if possible to prevent the possibility of a shortage. 91% rubbing alcohol will evaporate quickly and leave your connections clean again.

  • Very nice review and tips for Smartphone Display Screen safety because that is very costly phone so be careful


  • Hi,

    Screen Safety is very important but not only phones you have safe your computer, LCD Screen every technology product

    Thanks for review and tips

  • Couple of months ago, my elder brother gave me his iPhone 3G and after using it for just few weeks, It’s screen had broke and I didn’t know anything about repairing it and as ya might know Atish that the repairers in Afghanistan aren’t that good and I wish I read this article that time.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi Atish,

    Do you have price for Zagg Invisible Shield and LCS Clearners? I would love to have a lot at it. Your article is very good.

  • This is some really useful information you have provided here. Protecting the wider screens of our smartphones has become difficult but we need to take care because these gadget are expensive and delicate. The zagg invisible shield seems the best to me because I use my phone very roughly and need to keep the screen safe.

  • Hi Atish, Really This is very informative post to safety your mobile Display. Its nice and latest review. Now we can safe the mobile display.. Well thanks Atish for niice tips..

  • Thanks for the tips, I seriously don’t keep my phone well, my phone is 3 months old and it looks like 3 years old LOL. I will surely refer your method. Please provide me some tips in saving battery, because I need to recharge it every now and then.

  • HI, Atish

    Great Tips, This is very valuable tips to protect your mobile Display, i am always searching about this, but now i have got the right way to keep my mobile display safe.


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