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Skills and Traits You Must Need To Succeed in Blogging

This blog post is strictly for the bloggers who want to be successful. Success is something that everyone strives to achieve.

When I talk about success, it doesn’t only mean earning a huge income rather you decide what success means to you and set the goals. If you get those goals, you can consider yourself successful.

Same goes with blogging. You set some goals, and if you get that goal, you can consider yourself successful.

However, at the general level, people consider earning a good income and becoming famous as success which is also fine because these two things are significant measures of success at some level as far as blogging is concerned. Moreover, for a few people, success may mean something else too.

Whatever the success measures are, you always need something special in you to make yourself successful in blogging. There are some traits and skills that you must possess to succeed in this highly competitive blogging industry.


I have prepared a list of those traits and skills based on my experience that you need to succeed in blogging.

At first, let’s have a look at the skills that you need to succeed in blogging:

1. Writing

Writing is the most important part of blogging. If you are not good at writing, things may be tough for you for getting success. You may hire people to write for you but that you can do if you have the budget for it which usually not the case with newbies. Newbies don’t hire someone else rather they do their all blogging stuff on their own.

Therefore, if you are going to start blogging with a mindset of becoming successful, you must need to write well. If you are not good at it, I would advise practicing to write as much as you can and get them checked with someone who is good at writing so that he/she can tell you the mistakes, and give suggestions for improvement.

!Remember, Practice makes a man/woman perfect!

I would recommend you check out the post by Wordstream that mentions the ways of improving writing skills.

Pro Tip: If you are good at writing, and still you are staying away from writing on your blog, you are going wrong. Never keep yourself away from writing for longer duration because getting back on the track may be tough. This thing happened to me twice in my blogging career where I have not written a single article for a month, and then when I tried writing something, words were simply not coming out to write good content.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

No traffic source is better than search engines, and you get search engine traffic to your blog only when your blog ranks on top pages for high searched keywords. But, it is not that easy to get the first page ranking on search engines specifically on Google.com. However, there are set of techniques and strategies available to make sure your site ranks well, and that set of techniques called as Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a very important skill to have because you must have to write content that is user-friendly as well as search friendly so that search engines give your content priority over the poorly optimized content.

You can read my blog posts about On-Page SEO and Link Building strategies to know more about SEO and the right strategies.

If you have good knowledge of SEO, you can write well-optimized articles, and can build quality backlinks for them which help your articles rank well.

3. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

If you are reading this blog post, that means you are using the internet. And, you know most of the internet users use social media sites to connect with their family, friends, and for many other purposes. Adweek says that online users spend their 28% time on social networking websites that clearly tells that there is a huge crowd of people hanging out on social media.

Therefore, if you promote your blog posts on social media sites, there is a great possibility you get a good amount of traffic to your blog.  But, just sharing something on such sites is not that great rather you need to learn the smarter ways to promote your posts for maximum benefits. You cannot get much success with your blog without using social media.  I recommend you read the post on Entrepreneur.com that tells about how, when and where to promote your content on social media as this will be a good start for you to learn the best ways to get maximum benefits from social media.

4. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is crucial for every blogger because it helps build relationships and drag targeted traffic to your blog. You need to be skilled in blog commenting so that you can write better and catchy comments that grab the attention of other people out there.  If you are good at writing great blog comments, that’s great. But, if you are not able to write good comments, do check out the things to remember while blog commenting to be an expert in this field too. amylynnandrews.com has shared an awesome post about the tips on commenting that you can read here.

There might be many skills you would need to do different things in blogging, but these 4 are the most basic and important to have in order to succeed.

Now, let’s have a look at the traits you must have:

1. Helpful

You must be helpful to everyone. Always try to help the needy ones but yes, help only to those who are serious and worth of your time. There are many people would be asking you for things that they can even find out on Google easily, so don’t spend your quality time on such people rather help when it is needed.

I have learned many blogging and related stuff just by helping others, and you can do the same too. I have written a blog post in which I have mentioned why should you help the newbies that can give you a better insight of benefits you get when you help others.

2. Consistency

To succeed in blogging, consistency is the key. Thus, this trait is must to have if you eagerly want to taste success. I have seen many bloggers who are very successful in today’s date and their key to success is consistency. Even I have been consistent towards my blogging venture ever since I started. Though, I am not that successful yet, but I am doing well. And, I would say that consistency can make you stand much closer to success.

3. Friendly behavior

In blogging, you must be very friendly with your readers, fellow bloggers, and with everyone you interact. Friendly behavior gets you many readers, good friends, followers, and there are immense benefits you get when your behavior is friendly with others.

Again, I would say there are so many traits you should have in you but these 3 are the most important in Blogging.

Wrapping up

Competition is tough in blogging, and thus, you need some extra talent, traits, and skills to cope up with such fierce competition.

Though above-mentioned are the basic ones that are imperative to have; you can have more skills to perform even better. As many good skills and traits, you would have, you will be closer to success. Therefore, work hard to get these skills that will lead you to succeed in bogging.

What do you think of these mentioned skills and traits? Share your thoughts in comments.

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Yes i agree with your all the points which you written in your article. These steps is very important for every blogger to get success. But SEO takes more time and efforts to increase the traffic of blog. Their is a no any short among this all process. Your article motivate me to do more work and take efforts on blogs. I like your blog.

  • Well written article and proper usage of internal links. Yes most of the people don’t read the article and post the comments. Surely those comments will not be approved and its a waste of time for the person who posted the comment and the moderator.

    • Yes and By doing this they loose their reputation also. On the other side if you write good comments then you will see that others will start noticing you. Thanks Priya for your comment.

  • Yeah Agree with your all points. I think without Writing, SEO, Engagement we can’t success in Blogging Arena.
    One More thing i want to say that thank you so much Atish for supporting me from day 1.
    Thats way you are my Idol and Mentor in Blogging. And yeah helping others means a lot for them and they will never forget you and your Skill and surely they will visit your blog.
    Nicely Write Up. Hope from today we will get more and more article on TTW from you 🙂

  • writing,seo,and blog commenting these are three things to get successes in blogging fulll agree with u atish nice tips thnx for share

  • Well you just mentioned some really important aspects of exceeding in blogging. A good and skillful writer who can imagine and pen down his observations and thoughts in the correct manner deserves to become a successful blogger. Commenting and marketing are equally significant to this job.

  • i totally agree with you because i have my own experiences. It’s long time ago i have to go abroad for my work in 2 months only. The business is so busy that i have no time for writting for my blog. When come back and have time for my blog, i realize that i don’t know what to write, and i don’t know what to begin too. It’s took me 2 months to get on the right track.

  • Although you’ve been “resting” for a while, yet your writing is still a master piece, Atish. I like your last point, which is a point that describes Atish Ranjan the most. You’ve been helping me a lot even if you were busy and I really appreciate it buddy. You are really a role model. Your consistency, hard work as well as your willingness in helping others, and there’s also Zainil; these are why TTW is so popular today! 🙂

    • Peter,

      If I have the willingness of helping others then its the you guys who appreciate me each and every time. In short I love to hear good words for me from you guys 😛 because you guys are one of the best bloggers. zainil, durgesh, Peter lee, Amit shaw, Jane these are the first name I count in my online circle.

      Thanks to all of you to make the online community so friendly.

  • Atish – Very nicely written and a good guide for all bloggers out there. Lot of good blogging habits you have mentioned, blog commenting is a must for anyone, be it new or a seasoned blogger.

    Social media promotions using the various platforms is one good way to get your blog out there and let others notice of your writing skills.

  • And if to talk about skills exactly, then I’m sure that every blogger should have not only writing skills, but also good skills in communication with people. Because in any case he/she will need to communicate somehow with readers and other bloggers, and very much will depend on it

  • This is very useful information posted in very generous way, all your above mention blogging techniques are right and you can list some more but if you ask me for one, I ‘d like to go for writing part which I think is the base.

    Apart from that, I don’t like to ignore the basic principal of SEO is proper title, Optimized image and well written content.

    If you mange to pull the basic criterion, now you can go for advance techniques of SEO….

  • Hi Atish,

    That was a refreshing post and I have to agree with you.

    I do tell some people that you don’t have to be a “writer” in order to blog. I think if you can express what you want to say through your blog, that will encourage you to want to do better and learn more about writing. I know I never considered myself a writer but I do enjoy expressing myself that’s for sure.

    I think the social skills and the blog commenting are much more important because with those connections to other bloggers I think the search engine optimization you’ll learn shortly.

    All I can say is just get started. There are plenty of bloggers online now that you can learn from.

    Thanks for this post and enjoy your week.


  • Glad you finished up with the helping others point. I see so many blogs purely about self-promotion – me, me, me – it is refreshing to see someone like yourself pointing out what the internet can be effectively used ie to benefit the community.

  • Great list. I think the blog commenting one can be broadened out more to ‘Networking with other bloggers’. Most of the guys I see doing really well with blogging have great relationships with other bloggers. They link to each other, guest post on each other’s sites, co-promote products, interview each other etc. I was chatting to Ana Hoffman last week about this exact topic on my podcast and she has been able to build a great relationship with Kristi Hines all which started from blog commenting so that’s a great example.

    Another one is engaging with your readers, both Ana and Kristi do a great job of responding to every comment, responding to emails etc which is a bit part of their success I think. I think your last point is sort of part of this too.

  • Hi Atish,

    Yes – Personally I think one of the most important aspects of being successful blogger is managing and using social media effectively. There are so many tools available that helps you with the daily tasks and reducing the amount of time and other resources necessary for achieving successful results and a worthy ROI (return on your interest / investment) .

    • Anton – Yes there are so many tools available which can help you manage so many social sites at once. Social sites are a great way to build online relationships which can be helpful for your business.

  • @Atish I do agree with you, to be a successful blogger you must be a jack of all but on the other side Writing Skills are utterly important because your blog readers subscribe to you because of the quality if your blog content. SEO & SMO comes on a later stage.

  • Absolutely correct points added here my friend. Actually I am a writer and I know many bloggers are making good money using my writeups as their blog content but I am not a successful blogger as I am very bad at SEO .Anyways still trying to get visitors…hope to be a good and successful blogger some day.
    Cheers 🙂

  • Yes i agree with your all the points which you written in your article. These steps is very important for every blogger to get success. But SEO takes more time and efforts to increase the traffic of blog. Their is a no any short among this all process. Your article motivate me to do more work and take efforts on blogs. I like your blog.

  • Hi Atish,

    I like the first point best. I think many people forget that blogging is all about writing so if you don’t enjoy that there is no point doing it.


  • Thank you for this article. These tips are really great and something everyone should take into consideration for their own blog. You nailed it when you put writing as the first thing a blogger needs to work on. Content is the key to a successful blog and it needs to be your top priority before anything else.

  • First of all congrats for the new theme for your blog. I agree with you Atish. For blogging first we need to be friendly with each other i.e. commentator and also with guest blogger. Writing, of course is the base of blogging. After all it is all about writing.

  • Thanks to share these important things, which can be improve my blogg and incease traffic at my web sites. I have my own website, I am working on daily basis on that and post more than 1 or 2 blogg, however, I have noticed i am not getting traffic at websites. Could plase help me and give important suggestion, where I have to work. after this definately it will help me to increas and improve blogging ideas.

  • Nice tips Atish, You had covered the most essential tips that every newbie should consider before jumping into blogging arena and really liked your last point every one needs help at some point. So, as a more experienced blogger you must try to provide as much help as you possibly can.

  • SEO is an ongoing process! It is never truly finished, just be patient and don’t spam. You will see results but sometimes it takes a while for indexing, etc.

  • I think most of us go into this business because we love writting…..although i´m a newbie, I do realise that good quality content is the secret ingrediant to sucess here, the only concern is how can one put this out constantly, writers´ block has a way of rearing it´s ugly head from time to time

  • Hello Atish,

    The skills you’ve mentioned are indeed very important to acquire by all bloggers only because bloggers exists to have readers reading and (reacting) to what they write. SEO is another skill, but one can go on blogging without applying SEO first for practice. Once the writing skill is in automode, then learning SEO and other marketing skills is good to come next.

  • Atish

    One of the keys you mention in certainly much overlooked and that is following up on blog comments and continuing the thread. So many bloggers are happy to post a comment and then don’t come back.

    I suppose there is actually more responsibility to make sure this is done on the blog we own ourselves, so our visitors feel valued.

    Thanks for the reminder Atish.


  • Very good points, Atish – having good writing skills and a basic knowledge of SEO are very important. But I particularly like your last point about helping other people. Ultimately, that’s what your blog’s all about, helping your readers by providing valuable content.

    It’s also important to support other bloggers by visiting and commenting on their posts and sharing their content when it’s likely to be valuable to your own followers – when you do that, you’re helping your own readers and your fellow bloggers.

    I think the most successful people are often those who give most generously of themselves,


    • Yes Sue, Thats right. helping others makes you popular among them and this is going to be the first step for your success. Thanks for stopping by Sue. I feel good having you on my blog.

  • Really inspiring post Atish! Yes, as you told these skills are required for the bloggers to succeed in blogging. Am doing the same what you specified here, but don’t know proper SEO techniques.Can u teach me?

    • Thanks for stopping by. Learning SEO needs more reading and implementing the the things. GO through our SEO/blogging category and Also go to our other blog stoogles.com where you can find basic SEO tips.

  • Great Post Atish Ranjan!
    Thanks for writing such Ultimate Post about Blogging. Your post is just Amazing! And it filled my heart with hope. I will truly follow all the steps and become a great blogger like you.. Looking forward for such lovely posts.

  • Hi,

    Great tips in a single post I guess. I really love your style of doing these experiments and sharing the same as case studies.

    Thanks for share

  • Hello Atish,

    I like to put it this way… In blogging, CONTENT is KING, SEO is QUEEN, and if you can get your SMO then you have a complete royal family already.

    I totally agree with all the points you mentioned above.

    Very useful article!

  • Consistency is the key to blogging success, also the niche you choose does matter a lot. Anyway good tips, keep up your good job. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

  • Great tips! I especially liked that link you provided to getting better about blog commenting. Nowadays I feel that many are just blog commenting to get their links on a page. In reality, this only hurts the person and taking the extra time to write something nice or ask a question is so much better. Thanks again!

    • Hello Leighton,

      Blog commenting is the must needed skill in blogging because without it you may find yourself struggling to build an authority for your blog and yourself.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • wow a very useful article! I agree with this article! Content is the core element of a blog. I saw a lot of very successful bloggers but no less failure. Why did they fail? Due to the limited capacity? no no? I think they have not written a lot and their effort is only at the bottom.
    And I believe that anyone can be successful, both me and you.
    Looking forward to this blog will growing and more useful articles more.

    • Hi Ha Thuy,

      Thank your for putting up your views. There is nothing like limited capacity in normal human being. If you are passionate about something, and ready to work hard to get that, you will get success for sure.

      Skills and Traits can be owned by changing our thoughts and practice.

  • Good writing skills is a crucial in blogging. Though there are other ways of expressing your thoughts in your blogs such as infographics, videos, images, etc. written posts are still important in communicating what you have in mind about a topic.

    • Hello George,

      Thanks for writing your comment on this post. Yes, there are many ways we can share information but textual content is indeed important and mostly used.

  • Atish – terribly nicely written , and there’s an honest guide for bloggers . you’ve got mentioned lots of observe Happy blogging , diary commenting could be a should for anyone , be it a replacement or a seasoned blogger .

  • i totally agree with you because i have my own experiences. It’s long time ago i have to go abroad for my work in 2 months only. The business is so busy that i have no time for writting for my blog. When come back and have time for my blog, i realize that i don’t know what to write, and i don’t know what to begin too. It’s took me 2 months to get on the right track.

  • Hey Atish,

    An evergreen article to be successful in blogging. Writing is indeed the strongest skill any blogger should possess. This is one activity where we invest most of our time. Whether it’s writing a new post, updating the old ones, blog commenting or sharing tips in forums – it’s actually all writing and how well you can present your wordings.

    Thanks for sharing this. Take care and have a great day 🙂

    • Hello Manidipa,

      Glad you liked the write-up. Yes, writing is indeed the most important aspect of blogging, and its interesting too. I love writing though I am not a great writer. But, I always want to write something.

      Thanks for coming by, and have a great time ahead.

  • And most importantly, write to solve a problem, rather to earn money, by making people sign ponzi schemes. Building a trust amongst your crowd leads to a excellent blogging atmosphere.

    • David,

      Helping and money making both are important. A blog can have a mixture of both I think. Thanks for coming by.

  • the Three things that are most essential to be a great blogger is SEO, Guest blogging, Genuine Content, and the remaining were blog commenting, SMO, anyway your listing is somewhat better than mine, thanks for posting, have to sharfe this too newbies

  • You have shared very cool post there. I have lot of need of it. Every blogger love it and must try to use them. You have always written according to my expectation. You really love to their audience. I am going to subscribe you wit my email to get all of your updates to learn much from you .
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello there Atish,

    I like the primary point best. I think numerous individuals overlook that blogging is about composing so on the off chance that you despise that there is no point doing it.

  • Hey Atish !

    Thanks for sharing such a good article. The concepts of SEO and SMO has to be focused by every blogger to be successful.. And you interlinked post about the link building strategy is also useful that i have understood here.

  • I was remind to be good in blog commenting for this might be the basic step in making a successful blog posting. This made very helpful to me. thanks a lot for this post!

  • Nice article Atish… I simply followed this article and trying to improve my writing skill and now from last 15 days I have got so many Organic traffic. Nd also my bounce rate is decreasing. Thank u Atish…Really nice post…

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