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25+ Sites Like Solarmovie to Watch Movies (Free & Paid Sites) – 2021

What is a Solarmovie?

Solar Movie is a movie streaming website where you can watch movies and TV series free of cost. All you need is a fast internet connection.

Many of you must have indeed opted for Solarmovie to enjoy online streaming of movies. You can find the greatest and latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies here. HD quality movies are provided through sites like Solarmovie

Why Do You Need Solarmovie Alternatives?

Is solarmovie replacement necessary? Solarmovie gained massive fame in a brief period. It attracted a considerable number of viewers. The primary reason for its immense popularity was the free availability of movies. It also didn’t require any signups.

Why is solarmovie not working? Yes, you may face this problem. Moreover, it is not a legal site. Pop-ups and ads are more frequent here which sometimes harm your personal data. Thus, you require websites similar to solarmovie.

Things to Consider for A Good Movie Site

Following are the factors to consider for a good movie site:

  • Advertisements: It is important to see whether the website you’re going for, has advertisements or not. If there are way too many ads on the website, the watch experience is completely ruined. So, we suggest going for a movie site with fewer or no ads at all. 
  • Pricing: Pricing is an important factor to consider while choosing the movie site. We suggest comparing both paid and free sites according to the features and then make your decisions. 
  • Server type: The server plays a very important role while choosing a movie site. If the server of the website is good enough, it wouldn’t take much time to load. 
  • Watch limits: What are the watch limits offered by your movie site? If the website is setting limits on how many you can watch for free or something like this – then there’s no point choosing it. 
  • Content variety: The variety of the content available on a movie site makes the most difference. If the content on the website is limited or restricted in any way, you’ll surely not end up enjoying it.

26 Best Sites like Solarmovie – 2021

  1. BMovies

Being one of the major websites like solarmovie, BMovies stands out among the rest for its reasons. It comes with an easy-to-use interface where you can surf and watch conveniently. Here, you can watch movies online free without paying a dime.


  • Easy to use interface that makes it convenient for you to surf without much technical knowledge.
  • Compatible on all devices so that you can watch it on your phone, tablet, and laptop.
  • You get the option to sort through the help of filters like genre, country, release date, etc.
  • Gets updated frequently
  • Top-notch HD quality
  • No costs applied
  • Easy search option
  • Great and updated collection
  • Easy suggestions to choose from
  • Need to sign up with your details
  • Not available in all countries
  1. YesMovies

Since the initiation of 2019, YesMovies have been serving you with the best collection of movies and series ever. Here, you’ll find an assortment of tv series and movies from various genres for you to choose from. Although there are other sites like solarmovie, YesMovies stand out because of its credibility.


  • There are a number of varied contents to choose from for your entertainment.
  • You can stream any type of content with just a tap of your finger without waiting much for it to buffer. 
  • You can watch content for free of cost without paying a penny.
  • You can download and install the YesMovies application without even giving out any of your details.
  • You do not even need to create an account or waste any time by signing up.
  • The interface is so easy to use that you can filter out the type of content you want to watch easily.
  • You can watch content both online and offline without facing any issues.
  • Get the latest contents to watch online
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Easy to search and navigate
  • Number of filters to sort the result
  • Offers great suggestions to watch online
  • Not available in certain countries
  • Operates majorly through clones and mirrors
  1. GoStream

Though a live streaming website, GoStream counts in the list of solarmovie alternatives as well. Due to its convenient interface and all-device compatibility, you can stream on the go. Be it a pre-downloaded video, or something from YouTube and Twitter – you can stream almost anything and everything. 


  • You can live stream from pre-recorded videos or any videos from different camera sources. 
  • While live streaming, you can upload those videos on YouTube, Twitter, and many more social media websites.
  • You can replay the live stream on any e-commerce platform easily of your choice like – quite a marketing tool.
  • It allows live streaming from many sources. 
  • Besides the free version, there are three paid options to choose from if you want to enjoy more premium features by GoStream.
  • Avail for free of cost
  • Is compatible with all devices
  • Allows live streaming from different devices
  • Doesn’t offer a collection of options to choose from
  1. MovieWatcher

On MovieWatcher, you will be able to watch all movies and TV series online absolutely for free without signing up. You can use Moviewatcher to watch videos on all devices: from PCs and notebooks ending with your mobile phones

Moviewatcher updates its database daily and you will be able to stream videos only in the best HD quality: 720p or 1080p. You can also download the movies to your PC and watch them without a need to stream.


  • Offers pirated content without any copyright issues.
  • There are no hidden costs and everything is free.
  • It runs smoothly on all devices without any application issues.
  • You can find Hollywood, Hollywood dubbed TV Shows and Web Series
  • You can watch movies in a variety of languages. 
  • You can also download your favorite movies absolutely free of cost.
  • Users can select any movie from Movie Group and easily import their favorite movies.
  • Easy user interface makes it easy to navigate
  • You can also choose by genres
  • You can watch movies in HD quality
  • Easily compatible on all devices
  • There are no ads on the website that would disturb you
  • There’s a risk of getting viruses from such websites
  • Might need to invest in a VPN for ensuring safer downloads
  1. Fmovies

Though Fmovies isn’t the first one to step in, it has garnered quite some popularity in the past few years. Due to its huge range of copyright content, and pirated videos – the website has become really famous. Besides, its easy-to-use website features and top-notch delivery, which make it stand out among the rest. 


  • There is a vast collection of movies and series for you to choose from.
  • You can sort contents based on genre, release year, IMDB ratings, Country, and many more.
  • They offer both free as well as paid services for every viewer. 
  • It also hosts all the latest movies as well in excellent picture quality.
  • The collection of contents available on the website is huge
  • There’s no buffering time at all while loading contents
  • There’s no need to even log in or sign up with your details
  • You can watch certain content absolutely free of cost
  • You can download and watch content at your ease
  1. IMDB Movies and TV

IMDB Movies and TV is a good alternative for sites like Solarmovie. This brand was chiefly purchased by the founder of Amazon, which gained it a good population of viewers. 


  • You need to sign up. 
  • You can enjoy the free online streaming.
  • HD quality movies are provided.
  • Includes the best award-winning movies and shows
  • The ads shown are pretty tolerable
  • Easy to search and navigate
  • The availability of all types of movies and shows is comparatively less in number
  • There are no Roku channels
  • The library of original content is less in number
  1. VexMovies

VexMovies, a part of the Vietnam-based movie piration services, makes copyrighted content accessible to people across the internet without paying for it. Though it is illegal, people tend to prefer it a lot for its content-jammed website. 


  • It offers a collection of Hollywood movies and TV series from latest to the old ones.
  • They keep updating their list of movies with the latest picks. 
  • All the movies uploaded on VexMovies are of HD quality. 
  • There are no hidden costs charged for the streaming. 
  • You can download movies and TV shows for free. 
  • No pop-up ads to interrupt your entertainment
  • No subscription or signing-in required.
  • Compatible on all devices and browsers
  • Choose content based on different categories
  • No need to install the application on your device
  • Streams only Hollywood movies and TV shows
  • Page takes time to load
  1. Hulu

Hulu continues to offer both a strong on-demand streaming library and a robust live TV option. The service is an excellent option for watching popular TV shows and we like its broad platform support, even if Hulu’s original series are hit-or-miss.


  • It is one of the largest streaming platforms with over 39 million subscribers.
  • From movies, to TV shows, and Live TVs – it has everything. 
  • Offers some of the cheapest plans with a month of free trial.
  • You have the option to choose from premium add-ons. 
  • Can be a great option to replace the cable. 
  • Offers inexpensive and cheaper plans
  • Allows downloads for a better offline viewing
  • Huge content library to stay hooked on
  • Gives one month free trial
  • Has different plan options to choose from
  • Not all features are available in the cheaper package
  • Doesn’t offer an ad-free experience even in paid package
  1. 123Movies

It is a piracy website that is simple to use as it has a user-friendly interface for downloading free online HD movies. You are given the quality options to watch movies on this website including 300MB, 1080P, 400MB, HD CAM, and Bluray 720p. It is one of the most wanted websites like solarmovies.


  • Watch movies and series on multiple screens or single screens at ease. 
  • Offers an user-friendly interface for people of all age groups.
  • Provides separate screens for kids to watch kids-oriented contents online. 
  • Parents can customize kids’ screens and decide what to watch. 
  • Provides unlimited movies and TV shows to watch
  • Has an easy to use interface
  • Offers contents free of cost
  • Gives a customized layout for watching
  1. Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the most popular online movie streaming sites. It is the place where you can watch all the favorite, latest, top rated videos and tv shows online. You can watch the latest Hollywood movies, and English TV shows free of cost.


  • It comes with a clean design which attracts visitors.
  • It allows you to watch movies in HD and download them to watch offline.
  • You can sort out the movies based on genre, year, featured, trending, Top IMDB, Top rating, etc.
  • Watch all the contents at free of cost online.
  • All of the content is actually hosted on other third party web servers
  • Most titles easily have three or four servers to choose from
  • You can download movies for free
  • Shows ads while watching content online
  • You need to sign up with your details
  1. Netflix

The rise of Netflix in recent years has been unbelievably awestruck. It is inevitably one of the best sites that is an alternative to solarmovie


  • Starting from movies to web series it is extremely famous especially among teenagers.
  • Netflix is in high demand due to its variety of languages.
  • For streaming services, it is considered to be the gold service.
  • Contains a large number of original content 
  • It provides one month of free trial
  • Put pressure on your wallet 
  • Streaming requires subscriptions
  • The famous content is visually shifting from this app towards other streaming services.
  1. Cmovies 

Cmovies provides HD quality movies. It is one of the best websites like solarmovie. It is highly rich in features.


  • Contains 3+ streaming servers.
  • It has a very clean interface.
  • Contains well organized premium movie sites.
  • Registration is not necessary
  • You can watch movies without downloading
  • Lets you filter movies according to genre and countries
  • No ads and pop ups
  • This site is not safe as it provide pirate contents
  1. XMovies8

XMovies8 is one of the best movie streaming sites like solarmovie. They contain only a movie database on their site. It also allows the viewers to download the movies so that they can watch them later offline.


  • Attracts the viewers mainly because of its clean interference. 
  • The database of this app is vibrant.
  • Signup is not required.
  • The quality of the movies is exceptionally unique
  • Provide tags and ratings
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Contains a lot of ad problems that can be tremendously irritating at times
  1. Movie4u

This website is one of the most appreciated alternatives for sites like solarmovie. Movies4u was proven to be the search engine that offers top suggestions instantly. 


  • You can have unlimited entertainment and that too for free. 
  • It contains an extensive library of movies that includes recent blockbusters as well as retro films. 
  • Though it is a free website, it is legal as all the content comes from external sources, and downloading is not needed.
  • Permits you to share your desired movies
  • Interaction with the other viewers
  • Has gained popularity because of its fast-loading performance. 
  • Free of malicious content
  • Provides HD quality videos
  • Contains thousands of top titles 
  • Signing up for this website is tricky
  • It is not easy to find the registration page
  • It makes the selection of titles comprehensive
  • Sometimes, some images are not loaded correctly
  1. CineBloom

Cine Bloom is another go-to resource that is another good solarmovie alternative. It provides streaming of online movies


  • Signup is not necessary.
  • Provides a list of movies with genres and years.
  • No ads and pop ups
  • Provides a list of relevant movies according to your search
  • Not enough options to choose from
  1. Yify Tv

Yify TV is primarily dedicated to movies. You can watch free movies online, no bullshit. It is another good solarmovie alternative


  • Provides best user experience.
  • Provide several genres and countries to choose from.
  • HD quality movies are available.
  • Provides information about movies like rating, cast and overview etc.
  • Offers you with torrent links
  • Streaming speed is faster
  • Provides unlimited options to short movies
  • Free from ads and annoying pop ups
  • Not easy to navigate
  1. Amazon Prime

It is another crucial app that influences Solarmovie replacement. It offers both a strong on-demand streaming library and a robust live TV option.


  • Trendy for serving some of the best web series and top-quality movies.
  • TV shows are also available with their latest episodes.
  • Top-notch HD quality.
  • You can get some other benefits on applying for the subscription in Amazon Prime
  • Gets updated frequently
  • Has different plan options to choose from 
  • It is not free and requires a subscription
  • Most of the contents demand some extra purchase
  1. MoviesJoy

It is truly an alternative to Solarmovie. It has gained a good population of viewers. You need to sign up, and you are ready to enjoy the free online streaming.


  • It has several streaming servers.
  • Movies are listed under country and genre.
  • It provides top IMDB rated movies.
  • There are no ads on the website that would disturb you
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Registration is not necessary
  • You can choose the genre as per your desire
  • Gets content catalogue from third parties
  • Some countries have declared it as illegal
  1. Crackle

It contains a high-quality resolution and is a good alternative for websites similar to Solarmovie. It is a unique app because it has been developed and owned by the Sony brand itself.


  • It provides a free entertainment network for everyone.
  • VPN or anything else is not required to make it stream. 
  • It is a simple app that can be tracked easily on the play store.
  • Saves the movies for your future use and also supports subtitles
  • An official streaming service
  • There are no risks related to this app
  • Provides high-quality content
  • Not all the contents are readily available through this app
  • Have limited scope running
  • Requires monthly updates, which can be a bit hectic.
  1. WatchFree

This is a website where you can enjoy watching tv shows for free online without downloading. It is a leading streaming television service. Solarmovie not working? Go for WatchFree. It is powered by Pluto TV.


  • Gives access to a large number of TV shows, movies, sports, news, concerts and many more.
  • Also provides you with various viral videos.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • Accessible in almost all devices
  • No additional logins
  • No subscription, free streaming of movies and shows
  • There occurs some temporary glitch
  1. CineBox

Undoubtedly, CinemaBox is one of the best alternatives to Solarmovie. It provides access to a large number of TV shows and movies. Furthermore, after going through the recent updates, this app also showcases the latest music videos. 


  • Its streaming quality is exceptionally fabulous. 
  • It also adjusts the rate of the content according to the speed of your internet.
  • You don’t need to stop the video in the middle due to a lack of internet access.
  • It is a cross-platform app and has a separate kids’ mood section. 
  • Supports subtitles for the movies and shows
  • Provides you the facility to download the film 
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Contains a lot of ads 
  • Update of the contents is extremely slow
  1. PopcornFLix

PopcornFlix is a top-chart Solarmovie replacement for all types of users. It includes a list of endless movie categories. It is a 100% legal site.


  • The design of this app is user-centric and simple.
  • The best version of your favorite show will be presented to you. 
  • Allows you to stream any content on any device for free.
  • Contains a separate kids section.
  • Supports more than one operating system 
  • All movies play in a large video player
  • Lets you make GIFs from scenes
  • This app has no rivals.
  • No subtitles are provided
  • Video quality could have been better
  1. LookMovies

It is an online movie streaming platform that serves as an outstanding replacement of Solarmovie. You can watch both movies and TV series on LookMovies.


  • It offers a long list of filters.
  • Provides all necessary details about movies and TV series.
  • Contains a large library of contents.
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Registration is not necessary
  • Easily compatible on all devices
  • Easy to search and navigate
  • Sometimes you may see popups and ads
  • You need to disable the adblock extension if you use it.
  1. Tubi

Tubi TV is an American-based site. It is one of the best alternatives for Solarmovie. It features a wide range of movies from thrillers to anime. You need to register here through a signup.


  • Provides online streaming of movies and other content. 
  • It also features some original and live content. 
  • You cannot skip the commercial breaks that are shown in between the ongoing streaming.
  • Every content is free of cost
  • Includes the best content from major film studios
  • Encompasses intuitive apps and web streaming options.
  • The library of the content is a bit dated
  • No original content is available in Tubi
  1. Putlocker9

Somehow or the other, Putlocker is genuinely considered as the god site for sites like Solarmovie. Though a cloned site, it is beneficial and provides a good service


  • It is an excellent option for watching online shows, dramas, and movies. 
  • It is available for every kind of user.
  • It is most popular among teenagers.
  • It is free of cost
  • Errors don’t frequently occur while streaming any old content 
  • The availability percentage is high
  • Provides links for different content
  • An illegal site at many places and thus is not safe for users
  • Contains some auto-click links. 
  • Pirated show site that showcases the premium contents free of cost.
  1. Vudu Player

Vudu Player also contributed to the replacement of solarmovie. Vudu is here to listen to all your demands. 


  • This app has access to various devices.
  • Has a massive selection of movies. 
  • You need to register to enjoy online streaming of movies.
  • Pay only for the content you desire to watch
  • A straightforward and easy-to-handle app
  • Has a wide range of free content
  • Though you have the freedom to pay only for the content you watch, this can also be quite expensive
  • This app is not available anywhere outside the USA
  • Free contents are interrupted by commercials 


Thus, now you are aware of the pros and cons of the best alternatives for websites like Solarmovie. You are also known to the fact why you require apps that are alternatives to Solarmovie. Choose the best one for yourself and enjoy online streaming of movies and shows.

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