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Simple Ways to Cure Blogging Burnout

If you’re my regular reader, then you might know my dynamic blogging activities like regular posting on my various blogs, replying comments and social participation. Not only these, I need to take care of my day job and family as well. So bloggers are wondering with my blogging actions and feels desirous too.

Recently, I came across many bloggers who greatly suffered from “Blogging burnout”. Are you questioning me “What is blogging burnout?” . Let me tell you in detail and will give simple cures for it.

What is blogging burnout?

Blogging burnout is nothing but the loss of interest in updating the blog. This might happen if you spend too much time for blogging which in turn affect your normal day-to-day activities. So, it would finally result in overwhelming and stressful life.


Do you feel that you’ve fallen out of love with blogging? Or, do you used to say “No, I can’t do this blogging stuff today, now a days? Then I would say that you’ve been suffering from blogging burnout”.

Don’t panic. It happens to all bloggers and even I faced this issue in some months back. Blogging burnout might happen if you’ll get married, if you go on vacation, you met with an accident or if you’re on maternity period. So here are some ways to beat the blogging burnout.

Simple ways to cure blogging burnout

Some cures worked well for me to avoid blogging burnout. They are:-

1. Do exercise

Doing regular exercise is a good remedy for blogging burnout. It takes your mind away from the work and let you to get a new blogging approach. Moreover, it relieves stress and prevents weight gain. So I do walk for 30 minutes daily.

2. Practice to read a lot

Stop writing all the times and make frequent visits to your favorite blogs to read some interesting materials. This would help you to get escape from writer’s block as the more you read the more you could write. Also, have a look at the work of your competitors and if you like their efforts, do the same in your style. I do follow my favorite blogs and work out in my style.

3. Write when your energy is high

This is the significant cure of blogging burnout. Yeah, if you started to write when your energy is high, I am sure that you’ll make viral blog posts. I experienced this before and I used to write blog posts during night-time.

4. Estimate your ability and set goals

If you’re a full-time employee like me, spending 15 -20 hrs per week for blogging is reasonable to avoid blogging breakout. I met few bloggers with unrealistic deadlines which is the main cause of blogging failure. So it would be better to estimate your ability and set goals according to that. Don’t stick to strict schedule as it may frighten you. I am following some blogging strategies which assists me to do an enhanced blogging.

5. Reduce your social media activities

I do agree that social presence is essential for bloggers but I would say that it is the main distraction medium which would disturb the writing work of a blogger. So as I said early, when you feel fresh, finish writing the blog posts and limit your time on social networks. Usually, I sign out from my social profiles when I started to write.

6. Love something other than blogging

Every blogger loves blogging, even I too. But I am advising you to have alternative interests other than blogging. Yes, if you’re fascinated in blogging alone, then you’ll be obsessed with it which would make your life tedious. So I got practiced to involve myself in entertainment activities.      

7. Practice to take breaks

Taking consistent breaks would improve your mental focus. If you work continuously, then I am sure you’ll run out of ideas and loss your self-esteem. So avoid publishing daily blog posts and practice to take breaks to evade blogging burnout. I became quite preoccupied with blogging in my earlier days, but I realized my mistake and I get time for myself these days which keeps me going well in blogging.

8. Save ideas in draft

Blogging burnout may happen to any blogger at any time. So it would be a good tactic to save ideas in draft. It could be done if you got inspired with some blog posts and write what you understand from that. Do some tinkering works to those ideas by adding some new related information and make it as valuable blog posts. This is my familiar method which helps me to maintain my consistency in blogging.  

9. Form a motivating community

Forming a motivating community for your blog would help to break the blogging burnout. Surely, if you’ve a group of inspiring people around you, they will motivate you when you need reassurance. Sharing stories and experiences with inspiring people would boost your energy level. So don’t stay isolated; I have an exciting community for my blogs and it helps me a lot.     

10. Be creative and don’t multitask

You might be well aware of the fact that doing multiple works at a time would decrease the productivity and it is the main cause of blogging burnout. Focus on one task at a time and move on to the next work to progress your efficiency. Be creative to beat the blogging burnout with your smart work.


Most of the bloggers think that if they don’t work around the clock, it will impact the growth of their blog. I would say that it is wrong! Because blogging needs respite than hard work. Spending all your time in blogging would let you to experience blogging burnout and so it is good to take time for yourself. Do some enjoyable things other than blogging and advance the ways to create new ideas.

What inspired you in the earlier days of blogging? Try to keep that in mind for future blogging too. I know that you’re great at blogging and so you’re here. I wish that you should not beat yourself with a bad day/week. So follow the above discussed blogging burnout cures, stay active forever.

What do you think about blogging burnout? Have you experience it before? Do I miss any essential cure to beat blogging burnout? If so, let me know through your comment so that it would help other bloggers to learn from your experience.  

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  • Hi Atish,

    Ah…I think every blogger can relate to all that you’ve written 🙂

    Oh yes…some days are just like times when you don’t feel like opening your Laptop and feel like not visiting the blog or online world. Yes, you become overwhelmed with work at times and don’t know where to start and where to stop. I think this happens when you are working non-stop round the clock as you mentioned.

    Taking a break, doing things you like doing, exercising, listening to music or watching some television, spending time with family and friend’s, or just doing things away from the Internet helps! If you want to remain focused, you need to take breaks in-between your work, and you can see the results as soon as you do that too. Your efficiency and productivity, both get better.

    I try and do these beside the usual household work, cooking and yes, I need to multi-task being a mom too or else I couldn’t manage! Not good, but how else do Moms manage their online blog, work, and everything else? Social media is a huge killer where time’s concerned. I’ve started timing my visit on places like Facebook to 10-15 min twice a day now, and Twitter, just spend sometime once a day….if we don’t do that, we are gone!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Yes, doing some other task apart from blogging helps you refresh yourself. for housewives like you used to spend time in cooking, spending time with kids and family.

      Going on tour is I think the best way to take a break and fill yourself with energy and then get back to blogging again. Thanks for views and feedback Harleena.

  • Yes, Sometime I’m also feeling the burnout in blogging! And obviously for spending much time on it.
    Not only in the blogging, burnout may caused in every job you’re doing in your daily life. So, mind relaxation is very important to do a job perfectly and cleanly! Again you’re right that people thought that regular posting can increase their blog level but they’re not measuring that how much load is creating in their mind. It is another cause of failure..

    I take a long break every evening from my online activities and spend around 4 hours with my friends in a tea shop near the railway station. And it gives me the power to spend another day online!

    So, find what you like to do and do it without any tension

  • Nice post Atish 🙂

    All points to cure the blogging burnout are well explained.

    Till now, i didn’t experience this difficulty as I used to read variety of posts in various blogs. Moreover, i usually visit the blogs listed in the blogging communities. So I’ve not suffered from writers block.

    Doing exercise, taking breaks and forming community are my familiar methods. But i realized my mistake now. Yeah, I love blogging more than anything. As you told, I’ll try to love other stuffs other than blogging to perform well in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for writing this post Atish, I would always like to read your words 😉

      • Am not talking about taking breaks Atish, I used to do that!

        But I love blogging the most, sometimes i feel tedious as you told. I am trying to show my interest in other things, but i can’t change myself. Let it be, this is good for me!

  • Hello Atish,

    I’m always on the lookout for such remedies. Because I get hit by burnout time and again. With a day job to manage, burnout hits me frequently! So, the more remedies I can lay my hands upon, the better it would be. 🙂

    Taking breaks helps for sure. I’ve been taking resort of breaks to beat burnout recently. Its like recharging my batteries to come back refreshed!

    Now, after reading this post, I believe I’ve got some more tricks up my sleeve 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this useful post, Atish.


  • Hello Atish,
    I have also faced Blogging Burnout and lost interest in Blogging.
    main reason is I was too much into Blogging.
    Done a lots of things to cure Blogging Burnout.
    you mentioned a lots of tips to cure.
    Really interesting Article

  • Very good tips here on how to cure blogging burnout, Atish.

    I agree with all the tips mentioned, especially that of writing when one’s energy is high.

    We all have moments that our energies are high and that’s the best time to do that which we don’t particularly feel like doing.

    Something I will add to this is for bloggers to NOT make their main blogs around topics they either don’t know much about or are not passionate about.

    Blogging about a topic you don’t know anything about or don’t like will quickly lead to blogging burnout. While blogging about a topic you know a lot about and/or are passionate about makes it easier to continue blogging, even when you don’t feel like.

    Case in point – have you ever been in conversation with a friend who was as bored as hell because the topic wasn’t one he was interested in, but immediately came to live when the topic was changed to one of his interest/love? That also applies to blogging. It’s hard to experience perpetual burnout in blogging when you are blogging about something you know a lot about and/or love.

    Anyway, thanks for these tips, again, Atish. And thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social site, Kingged.com. I found it useful and “kingged” it. I am sure others will as well.

  • Aah could realate to this post so well Atish.. I am in that phase now because of some personal issues, but as you said indulging in other favourite activities can boost us up.

  • Sure, these are simple but effective ways to avoid blogging burnout. I want to add that for each blogger, the cause of the burnout is different. So, addressing the cause of the burnout becomes very important.

    The solutions highlighted in this post can be generalized, which is good to help identify causes for different bloggers.

    Working within physical, mental, and social limits is very helpful. More so, goal setting and taking of rests are important.

    Conclusively, the best way for dealing with blogging burnout for me is to reenact or realign my thoughts and body to the things that inspire me to write!

    In the social bookmarking and content syndication website for Internet marketers – kingged.com, the above comment was left where this post was found.

    Sunday – contributor for kingged.com


  • Hello Atish brother,
    Thanks for bringing us these simple ways to cure blogging burnout. Only some time but rare times I faced these. We surely work on your suggestion and try these. As said above by nirmala madam reading posts in blogging communities helps us more. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Hi Atish,

    This post is really about me. To be honest some days before, I quit writing on my blog just because I was bored from blogging. But then my wife motivated and inspired me for writing. And now me and my wife both are updating meetuplife on regular basis.

  • Hi Bhai,

    This is New Term for me but Yeah I’m experiencing this alot..
    I agree with all your points and even thanks for suggesting the correct way to cure us from this “Blogging BurnOut!”

    Here Most of the points I don’t follow and the main is Exercise 😛
    #5 Even I logged out from my all social media accounts when I start to write. But I stuck in the middle of the posts sometimes coz lack of Motivation..
    I would like to know what you do for Motivating Yourself for Professiona life and and #6 You said about “Interest Something other than blogging” Just want to know What are your Interest other than Blogging which helps you to Motivate/Inspire to work More and feel fresh !!

    • There so many things I do as I mentioned in the post. Actually you are not too much into blogging so you are taking interest in all the other things already. When you involve yourself into blogging soooOO much then you can can take a break in terms of touring some place or watching TV, spending time with family.

      In my case when I am not blogging I do watch TV or spend time with my family. The thing which keeps me motivate towards blogging is nothing but my “Will”. Yes my will because I want to blog and when you want to do something motivation comes naturally to do better. Hope you understand.

  • I am not a blogger but I am sure if you are too much into something then you might feel bore sometimes and to overcome that time you should divert your mind in something else for sometimes. Great write up!

  • Hey Atish, thanks a lot for sharing these helpful tips. Blogging burnouts are quite common these days, with almost every other person trying to be a blogger, burn outs had to be close. However, I am glad you came up with some uncommon ways to re-energize oneself.

  • Hi Atish; This was a very thorough post. I could only think of a couple of things to mention. One is to stay hydrated. Too many bloggers suffering or near to suffer burnout are living on caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and drains the body of valuable nutrients along with the water. They don’t have to give up caffeine but they should drink more water. If you don’t like the taste use flavor mixers like crystal light and other low calorie drink mixes. Also, take your vitamins. Vitamin d and calcium are keys to good health and give you the energy to do your best work. Get your sleep or rest. Lack of sleep has all kinds of side effects like depression high blood pressure, impotence, and lack of interest in things you used to love doing. And finally eat healthy food. So many bloggers are also surviving on junk food. You don’t have to go vegan or anything just avoid the vending machines or the great stuff at starbucks or duncan donuts as much as possible. I hope people know I am not preaching just have spent the last two plus years getting healthy and the better my health is the more effective i seem to be at blogging or anything else in my life. Thanks for a great post with many excellent suggestions. Take care, max

    • Thanks Maxwell for your thoughtful comment. I agree with your words. Proper sleep, clacium and vitamins are indeed important for bloggers. I don;t eat junk food at all. Thanks for all your suggestion here.

      • Hi; I hope people didn’t think i was preaching, and I know that not everyone is sacrificing their health for their businesses, but it is a common approach to starting a new business. There ar so many people who focus on what they are trying to build that they neglect their health. And now that I am going after something I love I find that finding the time to eat well get sleep and exercise is much easier. Thanks for the great posts. Take care, max

  • Reason has always helped me, I can’t count the number of times I have got an idea for a post because of what I just read. I understand the burnout, sometimes it seems like an up hill battle and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and role to the bottom.

    Setting time restraints is something that has helped me feel like blogging is not taking over my life.

  • Presently, i am in blogging burnout, yes, for few days i cannot think about new tips, lost interesting in writing it makes worry me. after reading your post, gain some ideas to break from the blogging burnout sure i believe i will be active in blogging.

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