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Should Technology Be Used in Education?

The resourcefulness of modern technology is actually huge, and it offers users great possibilities. Each day, the most brilliant minds of the planet invent something new and useful. Therefore, it seems that the possibilities are enormous. Technology is being actively used in all spheres of life and education is no exception. Nevertheless, there are some disputes concerning the implementation of technology into the educational process.

In order to draw some clearer conclusions, it is necessary to review this issue from different angles. First of all, we should talk about the advantages that are gained thanks to the use of modern technology. These are:

  • Data and analytical reporting.
  • Time management.
  • Differentiated progress.
  • Various models of learning.
  • Support of special needs.

Smart programs and platforms come in handy for teachers. They receive a possibility to combine all information concerning any subject and topic to make their lessons more effective. However, there is also a possibility to gather all data concerning each student. The private database for each student contains the history of attendance, his/her progress in all disciplines, participation in different quizzes, contests and life in school, college and/or university.

should technology be used in education

Thus, a teacher or professor can draw firm conclusions concerning the progress of separate students and pick up more effective methods of teaching to sustain and improve his/her students. They may be divided into subgroups as well. The analysis of such data is utterly important and offers lots of opportunities that work for students. Thus, a teacher can find out who falls behind in history or who requires nursing essay help etc.

The matter of time is always crucial. Often, students and teachers could not reach their educational objectives due to lack of time. Some projects are very complex and require additional time, the learning and teaching of definite disciplines last for too long, gathering and spreading the information steal precious hours as well. However, educational apps help to significantly reduce the time needed for all mentioned processes.

It becomes possible to organize the learning process. Thus, students will be learning only those things, which are really important and helpful. Besides, they can receive the required information immediately.

The differentiated education is important as well. It is obvious that students differ in their academic progress thanks to various approaches to learning and various possibilities of their own brain. Some issues are easy to understand. In the meanwhile, some other questions can be understood later. Educational apps allow students finding their own pace and progress in the most convenient way.

A student may use a different system of learning and may succeed just like the others. There is no perfect educational model, which would suit all because all people are different. Therefore, the method of switching learning modalities is effective. Each student can pick up the one that suits him/her most and allows prospering.

Finally, we should mention people with special needs. This is always a big problem for any educational system and program. Fortunately, modern technologies can resolve this critical issue as well. Students with special needs can thrive as well. For instance, there are programs that help children who struggle with language, writing or reading. They ease these significant processes and develop necessary skills.

Disadvantages of Using Technology in Education

The helpfulness of technology is really obvious. Nevertheless, this is a dual question. There are some drawbacks too, and they should be taken into account. They are:

  • The replacement of teachers.
  • Destructive consequences.
  • Accessibility to other works.
  • Disconnection from the real life.
  • Addiction to the help of technology.

The implementation of modern technology puts teachers aside and minimizes their participation in the learning process. Some people claim that this is good because the teacher is supposed to be a “tool” that only coordinates the process of learning and shows the way a student should master the needed material. Notwithstanding, a machine will never explain a tremendous variety of scientific terms and rules in the way an ordinary teacher can. Teachers must be active participants too.

Many teachers are anxious about the implementation of too many technical devices. They are confident that their students will spend more time trying different entertaining games and applications, surfing social media and so on. They will be socializing online and will give a little heed to their academic progress.

Another fear of teachers is the accessibility to the works of other authors. There are many cases of cheating amongst students. They have access to different kinds of essays, reports, tests and so on. Many essays are filled with plagiarism, but students don’t bother with this problem and continue stealing the work of others.

It is worth mentioning that with such a great access to the Internet, students are under the threat of cyber-bullying. There are numerous cases when other people received access to the private data of students causing various forms of harm. Cyber-attacks are very dangerous, and sometimes, protective measures are not effective enough. Therefore, every student should be aware of this potential hazard and use the Internet cautiously.

One should make allowances for the inability to interact with the surrounding. Yes, children actively socialize online. Nevertheless, it looks completely different when it comes to the real interaction with people who are near. Children cannot communicate with their peers and grownups, which causes a serious psychological barrier making them “torn off the reality”.

There is one more severe problem, which threatens the learning and thinking abilities of students. Undoubtedly, modern technologies assist in a great variety of ways, and sometimes, they are the only possibility to cope with this or that assignment. Nevertheless, many students get used to a constant assistance of smart machines. As a result, they stop relying on their own wits and lose the ability to solve problems on their own. There were cases when children panicked if they had no technical support. This is a huge problem, which leads to an academic regress.

As you can see, the implementation of modern technologies into the process of learning has both pros and cons. Some facts prove that there is a lot of harm. In the meanwhile, the evidence shows that progress and effectiveness of students hugely increase using technology in studies.

It seems to be an individual question for each person. Any novelty will affect you in the way you use it and depend on your personal attitude. Therefore, this question should be addressed to educators, administrators, parents, and children. All sides ought to evaluate all advantages and disadvantages and determine what would be the best for the learning process.


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