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SendinBlue: Email Marketing Solution [Review]

When we say Email Marketing is a must for every product, service or company that wants to ensure web presence as effectively as possible, we hardly expect an objection to arise. From the time marketers found email as a superb way to communicate with previous and current customers, email marketing has been favourite choice of every internet-based marketer. However, unlike most professionals say, email marketing becomes an easy task when we use some services as SendinBlue. SendinBlue, an effective alternative for all those existing email-marketing solutions, is rich in terms of features, and thus it becomes a one-stop solution for both Email and SMS-based marketing of your product or service. In this post, we will review each possible aspect of SendinBlue that you can understand whether you have to choose SendinBlue as your default email marketing solution! Before we go deep, we will have a brief overview of SendinBlue.


SendinBlue — All-in-One Solution for Email Marketing

Yes, as we said earlier, SendinBlue will help a user to perform various steps of email and SMS marketing with a really small number of clicks. SendinBlue had its inception in 2011 and the company has set motto as ‘to democratize email marketing.’ Although it started as an email marketing solution, SendinBlue now also supports sending SMSs to group of customers as a part of your marketing campaign. We will be focusing on email marketing section of SendinBlue in this review. To make things simpler, we will split SendinBlue to three sections — Create, Send & Track — and have a look into each.


Using SendinBlue

Creating Emails

Creating an email marketing campaign, using SendinBlue is a matter of four steps. In the first section, you’ve to give details such as campaign name, subject of email that is to be sent, name of sender, and email of sender (that should be shown in mail). In addition, we can set some additional details such as default footer, default header, etc. It’s easy to understand, what you should provide in each column, as the ‘Question-mark’ button will help you.


Second step is all about creating content of email that will be shown to each of your subscribers. There are four ways to create your email — Drag & Drop Newsletter builder, What You See Is What You Get-based editor, directly pasting HTML code for newsletter and a responsive design builder that is still in beta stage.

  • Drag & Drop Builder

User interface of this drag and drop builder is simple enough to let everyone create superb email newsletter without any code-play. When you open the editor, you can see standard template, and then, you can insert different kinds of elements into the page. Elements include text, image, button, social media buttons, dividers etc. Also, you can make changes to other aspects like background, font, text, colours etc. Once you have done, hit the ‘Save’ button. That’s it.


  • WYSIWYG Editor

You are familiar with a lot of WYSIWYG editors and SendinBlue editor is not different. You can add text, images, and links into the page as well as formatting text. In other words, you can create a newsletter as though you are creating a post in WordPress or Blogger.

  • Paste HTML

If you’re an expert in coding, do it and paste in given space. That’s it.

  • Responsive Design Builder

If you want to serve users, who use mobile devices to read your newsletter, in an optimum way, you should use this form of newsletter creation than others. Creating a newsletter is a simple task; you can insert divisions of different sizes into the main page, change background colour and other aspects etc. Although in beta stage, Responsive design editor is worth praising.


Before you move on to Email Creation process, you have to prepare contact list, the most important element when it comes to email marketing. You can do this using ‘Upload your contacts’ button in SendinBlue dashboard. There are a number of ways to add accounts such as uploading .txt or .csv file, adding contact manually and pasting email IDs. As SendinBlue is quite strict when it comes to anti-spam policies, you should be careful enough to use contacts that you have received from your website, and not bought or collected from internet. If you do spam, chances are high that your account will be suspended.

Well, in next step of email marketing, you have to select recipients of your campaign. There is option to apply a few filters while selecting contacts. Once you have selected your contacts, it is time to schedule and send the newsletter.


You can either schedule the newsletter to a certain point of time. For instance, if you want the campaign to be active from August 15you can set the schedule. On the contrary, you can send the campaign instantly as well.



Tracking is the section, where we find the most productive part of SendinBlue. Once you have sent email newsletter to your customers, you can visit ‘Campaigns’ section to see list of email marketing campaigns, which belong to your account.


By clicking on a particular campaign, you can go deep into its statistics, including number of views, clicks, number of users who have unsubscribed, bounced etc. Also, by inserting a webhook, you can know when users open your email newsletter. Altogether, tracking features of SendinBlue is something great, indeed.

Plans & Pricing

Different plans are available in SendinBlue, and they are meant to suit different customers with different budget and requirements. However, there is a free subscription plan that lets you send 9000 emails each month. Thus, if you’ve a small blog with mediocre amount of subscribers, you can go with free plan of SendinBlue and it will be enough, we bet. In addition, in free plan, you are supposed to send only 300 mails per day. However, it should be noted that the company offers a Pay as You Go plan, in which you can purchase email or SMS credits and use it for sending mails.


As you upgrade subscription plan, you can send more emails per month. For instance, the Micro plan lets you send 40000 mails per month whereas Gold is capable of 350000 mails. Moreover, when you purchase plans other than Micro, you can get a number of features like unlimited daily quota, removal of SendinBlue logo, heat map, details of customers etc. We think plans & pricing section of SendinBlue is something great, don’t you?

Noteworthy Features

Yeah, we found a number of features in SendinBlue that are worth praising! Some of them are:

Strong Anti-Spam Policy

Indeed, anti-spam policy of SendinBlue is something great! If you use email addresses that you have bought from net or collected in an illegal way, SendinBlue will suspend your account. Such a strong policy when it comes to spam not only helps the company do the job neatly, but also makes sure that your newsletters and mails are delivered on time with no issues.

Real-time Tracking of Emails & SMS

We hope that tracking your marketing emails and SMSs is a stronger part of effective marketing! In that respect, we should note that the webhook-based tracking system of SendinBlue is something awesome. Using this system, you’ll be able to know whether your recipient opens your mail. In addition, you can integrate statistics from SendinBlue to other services as well.


Easier Integration

Using integration features of SendinBlue, you will be able to synchronize between your website and SendinBlue such that you will not have to manually upload contacts each time you get a new subscriber. If you are using WordPress, Magenta or PrestaShop, things are easy because dedicated plugins are available for these platforms. In addition, you can use API for deeper integration with other platforms. Also, there is a special section, in which you can create both subscription and unsubscribe forms. What makes these forms different from your usual one is that you do not have to upload contacts when you want to send newsletters, as everyone who subscribes to your blog/site will be a part of SendinBlue contacts. Doesn’t it sound great?


User Interface

What makes SendinBlue an awesome choice for both newbies and experienced professionals is its ultra-simple User Interface, which is quite intuitive. It does not matter if you have experience in email marketing, but you will be able to get acquainted with SendinBlue in a few seconds or minutes.

As a MailChimp Alternative

In every possible aspect, SendinBlue is an optimum alternative for MailChimp, which is another popular solution for email marketing. E-Marketing association and direct marketing association are notable advantages of SendinBlue in a comparison with MailChimp. In addition, SendinBlue is budget-friendly in terms of pricing as well. Also, we have to take SMS marketing into the account.

Our Verdict

What we have said earlier is enough to guess our opinion about SendinBlue. To draw a verdict on SendinBlue, we do repeat those words we said earlier — SendinBlue democratizes email marketing in every possible way. Particularly, we loved its simple user interface, drag and drop-based newsletter designer, support for SMS marketing etc.

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    • Sanjib,

      For free account, the user can send up to 9000 emails per month and up to 2000 subsribers the price SendInBlue charges is 7.47 USD.

    • Whats your currency? When you put your card details at the time of buying, currency conversion will be done so what is there to worry Kris?

  • Have seen many bloggers that use Mailchimp and some of them are not that much satisfied with it. Hope Sendinblue will bring in something good in store for them. It has some great features and the cost also is adorable. With so many subscription options available everyone will try it for sure.

    • Hi Aditya,

      Mailchimp is fairly limited in what you can create. If money is an issue, I would suggest going with MailChimp, but If money is kind of an issue, you should definitely try Aweber once. Well also you have another option SendInBlue suggested by Atish.


  • Great post atish…
    I tried many email responders like get response, mailchimp but today i got to know about sendinblue..
    I’ll definitely try it
    Thanks for the information

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