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Send Anywhere – Send Anything on the Internet – (Review)

In the world where we keep on capturing a lot of selfies and making videos, we need to transfer those to other devices or many times to our friends as well. For example, if you have captured a photo using your phone, you can send it to your PC using USB cable or any file transfer app such as ShareIt, Xender or others. But, what if you have to send it to your friend who is not nearby you? You might use WhatsApp or other apps to send, right? But what if that particular photo or any other file is very heavy which cannot be sent over WhatsApp or other chatting apps?

Send Anywhere is one such tool available for browsers, Windows, Mac, Android, and even iOS that allows you transfer files to both nearby and distant devices. The files you select using Send Anywhere don’t get stored in the cloud. As long as you Add files, and click on Send, there starts a counter of 10 minutes which indicates that the files will be available to be received within 10 minutes only. After that, that file will be deleted and unavailable to receive which adds more weight to the security as your files will be nowhere saved. That means, you send, and it is received by the one you send the 6-digit key, and after that, there will be no trace of it present anywhere. So, it offers the great security for your confidential files as well.

How Send Anywhere Works on the Web?

Send Anywhere is available for multiple platforms but at first, let me show you how it works on the Web.

Visit https://send-anywhere.com/ where you will see this:

Click on the Add Files to select the file(s) that you want to send. Once you select the file(s), you will see the size details there, and you can just click on Send.

Once you click Send you will see a 6-digit key and QR code which you have to send to the person whom you want to send the file.

Now, that other person will have to open Send Anywhere on the web or on his Android or iOS powered smartphone to receive this file. Since we are testing using the web version, let’s consider the other person will go to https://send-anywhere.com/, and he has to input the key and click on receive

That’s it. The file will be downloaded.

Once the file is downloaded, on the other end, the sender will see this confirmation:

With this method, you can send files up to 1GB. However, install Send Anywhere Windows or Mac plugin to enjoy unlimited file transfer.

How Send Anywhere Works on Android?

First of all, you need to install Send Anywhere on your Android phone. Once installed, just open it, and select the files, and tap Send which looks like a paper plane in red color as shown in the screenshot below:

Now you will see the 6-digit key and QR code:

Send this code to the person you want to send or if you want to get these files on your computer then you just need to open Send Anywhere website/PC plugin and enter the code as mentioned earlier in this review to get the data.

To receive on Android phone, tap on Receive on the Screen of this App on your Android phone, and enter the code.

Once you enter the code, click on Download icon at the right. And, the data will be downloaded.

See the received files in the above screenshot.

Isn’t the whole process simple?

You can send files from one device to any other devices. That means you can send from your computer, and receive on Android, iOS, or even on the different computer. Send from any device, receive from any device!

To me, Send Anywhere’s whole process looks so simple yet efficient and quick.

How Send Anywhere Works on iOS?

Basically, how it works in the iOS version is very much the same as the Android version, except for the fact that in iOS users cannot share applications. What’s cool about Send Anywhere iOS version is that you can enjoy listening to music through it. One of the main discomforts on iOS has been to move and listen to music files via iTunes with cable.

This new feature of Send Anywhere on iOS will not only allow you to export and import music files, but listen to music including repeat, shuffle, and even re-send while listening on Send Anywhere without iTunes and cables.

With this feature, you can share music anytime anywhere and to anyone.

Send Anywhere Works Without Internet?

If sending and receiving phones are at same places, you can use Wifi-Direct, to send and receive files without the internet connection. You need to enable to use this Android-only feature as you can see in the screenshot below.

Send Anywhwere

Send Anywhere on Your Favorite Messenger?

You can share large files to your friends while chatting in messenger instantly using Send Anywhere’s Quick Link Share.

You first need to give an access in the Send Anywhere main menu. After it allows direct access to Send Anywhere from a messenger. The shared link will last 48 hours.

Quick Recap of Send Anywhere:

  1. Send Anywhere supports all Operating Systems and devices.
  2. While you send via a 6-digit key which lasts 10 minutes, files don’t get stored in the cloud which means it leaves no traces about the transfer. That means it is quite secure as well.
  3. You can also send files while you’re on chatting in your favorite messenger via a link which will be active for 48 hours.
  4. It has been downloaded over 10 Million times across 140+ countries, and it has over 2.5 million monthly users approximately.
  5. You can be fully anonymous since you don’t have to create any accounts or anything.
  6. Transfer speed is great.


Transferring files across our devices and sending files to other distant person are something that we need to do every day. Therefore, having an efficient tool is what’s required.

Send Anywhere is one of the best tools for transferring and sending files across devices whether they are nearby or distant.

Share your thoughts and views in the comments.

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    • Hello William, Please read the post carefully. I have mentioned everything about sending limits and all.

  • Hi Atish,

    This seems like a great and secured tool to share files online when you are not personally connected with someone. Unique concept but I still am not sure how successful this thing can be.

  • Hey Atish,

    Amazing review of Send Anywhere and you have eleborated very nicely. I tried it and the transfer was fast using the code.

    I tried to send a second time by having my phone scan the QR code on my laptop screen, but that didn’t work. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Hi Atish,

    ‘Send Anywhere’ is an amazing tool for users to send anything, but is it secure to use?

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