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What Sells Online on Ecommerce and Why?

Are you contemplating to start an ecommerce business? Researching for some good product ideas? Ecommerce websites have been mushrooming all over the web. These websites are no more restricted to exhibiting a certain category of products. Every product category is available online, starting from clothes, accessories, appliances, makeup, shoes, jewelry, groceries, electronics, toys, sports goods and the list is endless. Among this never-ending list of products sold online, which goods and services would serve as a good business opportunity for you? Here is a list of products that always sell online, well most of the times. Understand the market dynamics around the new products and know what could be your million-dollar business prospect.

Clothes and Apparels

Clothes, for man, woman or child are most sold products on ecommerce websites today. There are tons of apparel websites that sell every kind of clothing. Even wholesale apparels and clothes e-shops offer great discounts. These discounts and coupons make the clothes shopping work out to be much cheaper than buying clothes by shopping physically. Most clothes and apparels run discounts and sales, especially for women and children clothing. To make it even more lucrative major retail outlets like Sears offer sears coupons that allow affordable apparel purchases. Every price range of clothing is sold online. A particular piece of clothing can be sold at ten different prices across a host of online shops. Clothes are a basic necessity. The demand for clothes will never drop. But yet, to enter a jam-packed market category a business entrepreneur can try breaking the market to find sub-categories that could be a potential market while being profit yielding at the same time.


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Jewelry and Accessories

This market category is primarily dedicated to women. Jewelry includes fashion jewelry and real or fine jewelry. Starting form neckpieces, to earrings, bangles to bracelets, watches to sunshades and rings to toe rings, everything is available online across all metal bases, real or alloys. Even cufflinks and other small jewelry popularly worn by men and children are available online. The real market of course lies in women’s jewelry. However, data and statistics show that fashion jewelry is sold more easily online as people don’t always believe the quality and reliability of the claimed fine jewelry sold online. Major trustworthy retail websites like Sears do manage to sell fine jewelry online. But at the same time Sears also makes sure to make their customer’s purchases are pocket friendly while buying real or fine jewelry by presenting the coveted sears promo codes. Customers are assisted in making the tough choice to opt for fine jewelry from equally good artificial jewelry options with employment of vouchers like the sears coupon codes.

Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and beauty is one segment that often comes with new varieties of products. Makeup brands launch each product in a thousand shades. Not each customer will be happy with one shade. Women tend to buy a variety of makeup to suit occasions and events based on the type of events, formal or casual. Makeup tools are .available across a varied price range. Women have tons of options to choose from. Nowadays, a new variety of organic makeup is gaining popularity and creating a new market in this segment.  Beauty products like face washes, shampoos, conditioners, and beauty tools like filers and foot brushes are faster moving than makeup products. These are used on a daily basis and hence tend to move faster than other products in the segment. Sears, an online retailer releases special sears coupon codes for fast-moving segments. These coupons offer a discount range based on the total bill value of the purchases. Make hay while the sun shines!

But why do these products sell online easily than the others? Is there a reason behind it? Let’s dig this matter now.

Why do others not sell easily?

Amongst some items that don’t get sold easily are footwear and electrical appliances. This is also because people always believe in checking, testing and the using electrical products. As far as shoes are concerned, most people like to check the accurate size, check by wearing it and then only make purchases. In fact, that’s why many online shops offering shoes also offer exchange policies for misfits of shoes purchased. Check your market and exchange policy option terms & conditions before choosing shoes as your product segment for business.

If you want to run a successful online business, you need to utilize visual-merchandising techniques. In other words, the visual elements of your website must look professional and contribute to a positive experience for your website visitors. It is similar to how brick-and-mortar retailers decorate their shops to attract the attention of customers towards specific products. However, it is also important to use online visual merchandising to not just attract your customers but also keep them interested in your products. Using collections of goods they can browse or detailed pictures of feature items, for example, can lead to additional sales.

Snob Effect

Yes, believe it or not. Some products and brands drip with snob appeal. This happens with major brand names across categories. Why do you think big fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel etc. do not sell online? Well, that is because selling online is not a part of their strategy. Such products create a snob effect for that brand. Even if these major brands were to sell online maybe directly or via third-party authorize sellers they would not be able to sell easily at enormous prices that they are sold at. Firstly, no one will want to make online payments of this value and secondly, the snob effect would have already caused the damage making online sales difficult for them. Why would someone paying an enormous amount for a prestigious brand want to buy it online when they have an option of going to the physical shop and buying it at an authorized shop while verifying quality and price’s worth? Does this make sense?


Some products are not easy to sell online due to its lack of durability. A classic example of such a good is groceries. Buying groceries online is an option, no doubt. But, most of the times people worry about the freshness of the grocery, a fruit or vegetable especially. They often tend to get spoiled faster than any other product online can get. This is not the case with clothes, jewelry and makeup and beauty. This is the same reason why people don’t like to buy medications and pharmaceutical products online. People want to check for the quality of the drug by checking for the expiry date etc. Yes, the expiry date is stated in the product description but this often tends to vary when the parcel reaches home.


Furniture web shops are often the victims of shipping problems. Would you think of ordering a jumbo sized double two door cupboards for your room online? No! If you are going to be spending so much money and choose something for your room’s décor, you would like to see it in person. Most people believe that such items need a clear real-time view with our eyes rather than online pictures. The colors differ online and in reality. Yes, logistically it is possible and that’s why they sell it online but you do pay a cost for it. Sometimes you could save a buck by picking it up in your big car or your little tempo lying in your backyard.

Sizing Issues

Sizing issues can happen in clothes and apparels too. But, when it comes to shoe shopping people tend to become litter alert about shopping online for shoes. Thinking why? Most of the times when people buy clothes online they often tend to purchase a size closest to theirs and by chance if it doesn’t happen to fit them they don’t feel bad. They don’t feel bad because they feel it will fit them at some point in the future, maybe when they lose weight or put on some. Secondly, if something doesn’t fit they feel they could give it to someone else to wear. This is not the case when it comes to buying shoes online. Shoes once misfits are difficult to be given away as people’s shoe sizes vary a lot and importantly the feet size doesn’t vary with age and time losing hope of the shoe fitting at any point in time.

These are some of the reasons why some categories of online products are more successful at sales than the other ones. It is not always demand that decides the sales in a particular category. In fact, the demand for certain medicines and drugs remains constant as compared to a new in-vogue trouser type. Hence, before venturing into any particular category for your online shop think and research well to figure out where your customers are located. Changing preferences may nullify markets with time. So I’d suggest you to choose your markets accordingly.

Final Words

This does not mean that online shops selling clothes, apparels, jewelry etc. always do well. Knowing that these products offer a sustainable business over time these segments are already congested online. This is why retail outlets like Sears offer fantastic deals via their sears coupons to enhance sales and increase the revenue in the pipeline. So, if you decide to enter a segment that is relatively crammed then you need to make sure you advertise, promote and market your website well enough for it to perform better than the close and nearby competitors waiting to eat away your share of the existing pie or grab away the new clients even before they come clicking on your ecommerce website.

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  • Electronics and fashion accessories get sold the most online. It is always a good idea to build an ecommerce site to sell these products because most of the time you will get benefits and not the loss. Thanks for the post.

  • Hello Atish,

    Totally agreed with you, I would prefer, not to pay a big amount for a Big or small brand selling their product online while i have an option to buy it from an authorized shop. No Never.


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