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Searching in Windows 7 with Advanced Search Filters

Hard disk – the best place to store all! 🙂 As a habit, we usually tend to collect anything and everything and the dump it in our hard drives. Smart are those people who dump the files in their hard disks in an organized way; but what about the chaotic’s like me who have everything helterskelter! 😛 The most painful hour comes when you have to search a particular file and you don’t remember where you had dumped a particular file! :-‘( But I am thankful to Mr. Bill Gates, who has added “search” option in his operating system! 😎

Windows XP Search

The search option in Windows XP was really cool. You had soo many option searching a file. In Windows XP, you had many options to search; you could search with the file name ( ofcourse 😛 ), when was the file last modified, the file size criteria, file type etc… etc… But searching in Windows 7 is pathetic over Windows XP. Windows 7 has just got a bar, where type the file name; no other search filters are available! 🙁

Searching In Windows 7

But now gone are those old days to cry over the stupid Windows 7 search filters as I have found some classic Windows 7 search filters ! 😎 I am sure that, after reading about the search filters in Windows 7, your file search headache will be vanished forever! 😀 So lets begin searching in Windows 7!

Searching In Windows 7 with AND, OR & NOT

AND, OR & NOT are the basic operators which can be used for searching a file in Windows 7. So, how do we use AND, OR & NOT?
AND, OR & NOT are basically used as Windows 7 search filters to filter the file by file name. Say your file name is “Tech Tricks World”; so to search this file with the following options:

AND Operator
With AND operator, the 2 words in the name can be searched. And means mandatory! Thus the words searched with AND operator must mandatory form part of the file name. Our file name consists 3 words – “Tech”, “Tricks” and “World”; thus now your search query can be:

Tech AND World

Searching in Windows 7

OR Operator

Again OR operators is used for searching in Windows 7 with the file name. OR means optional! Thus in the OR query, either of the words can form the file name; thus now your search query can be

World OR Universe

NOT Operator

At times, you are sure that a particular word in not the part of the file name; and another word is surely the part of the file name. This is the moment when you use NOT operator. Thus your search query in Windows 7 with NOT operator can be:

World NOT Universe

NOTE: AND, OR & NOT have to be capital letters.

I hope till now you are with me! 😛 Now lets move further with Windows 7 search filters; some advanced search filters for searching in Windows 7!

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Date Taken: A Windows 7 search filter

This is an awesome search filter available in Windows 7. This filter helps you to take the date range criteria for searching. So now you can search a file for a particular day. The following image will talk all about the “datetaken” filter

Windows 7 Search

Now lets move further with more Windows 7 search filters.

Search In Windows 7 with File Properties

Many a times you are sure of the file property. Thus searching the file with its properties becomes easier. Keeping the fact of searching with file properties, you can use some of the following filters for searching in Windows 7:

Windows7 Search Filters


System.Kind:<>picture<> means not. So say, if your files are not pictures, then you can search as: System.kind: <>picture
System.DateModified:05/26/2013Say your file was modified on 26th May 2013; then you can use this search filter. But if you are not sure of the file modification date, then you can write the query as System.DateModified:2013where the files modified throughout the year are searched for.
System.Author:~!”Zainil”System.Author: is the query for searching the files with the author’s criteria. “~!” is a NOT function; thus System.Author:~! will search for the files which don’t have the mentioned author
System.Keywords:”TTW”This filter is used to search the files with particular tags. Thus with this search, you can result all the files with the tag “TTW” in them
System.Size:<1mbThis query used to search the file on the basis of file size. You can also search as System.Size:>1mb

 Now lets end this long post! 😛 So finally to conclude I would say that, in spite of soo all the above Windows 7 search filters, I would still say that the search options in Windows XP were much better! 🙂 But still the Windows 7 search filters would definitely improve your experience of searching in Windows 7! 😎

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