5 Samsung Smartphones With 4GB RAM
While buying a smartphone, we generally look at its camera, Processor, and most importantly the RAM because having more RAM doesn’t let the phone go slow down while processing requests as it has a lot of free memory available. However, not only RAM but processor also is the reason of phone’s smooth speed of processing… (4 comments)

IDrive’s online backup software – Ticks most boxes
Today, I am going to talk about backup software from one of the leaders in cloud backup, IDrive. With IDrive, all you need is one account to backup data from your computers and mobile devices. There are no limits to the number of devices you back up, which makes this one of the best offerings… (4 comments)

Spinbackup: Backup Solution You Can Trust
As an increasing number of us use out PCs and tablets for work or even just data storage, and backing up our data becomes a fundamental operation that we ignore at our peril. We expect our devices to work properly and for most of the time they will, but it only takes on glitch –… (3 comments)

Take Your Media Anywhere With the Younity App
Accessing your stuff (movies, music, photos, videos & docs) on the go, on-demand, is the latest digital trend. However, it is not always easy to access all your media stored across multiple devices. For example, when traveling it can be inconvenient to carry your laptop, hard drives and other storage devices with you. There is… (9 comments)