Hot Android Wallpapers – II
Are you an Android lover? Yes? I hope you haven’t missed to check out the hot android wallpapers in the 1st part.  Google has scheduled to roll out the flagship version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is actually not an overhaul of things you knew about Android. Instead, it is an extension and modification of the… (9 comments)

Google Chromebooks
Chromebooks are computers which provides faster and reliable performance to its users and  based on google chrome operating system. It also provides the users with lots of applications and designed to use when you connect to the internet. The developer has promised that its multi layer security will not allow any viruses to attack on… (15 comments)

Smartphone’s Display Screen: Safety Tips
Smartphones are one of the lovable gadgets; especially for the teens. Main problem is that how to keep it safe from the scratches, dents and all the other things. For iPads, you can do that now by using new iPad display screen protector. Changing the display of iPads is not essentially but it is a level… (18 comments)