How to Put Text Over an Image in Google Docs?
Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor tool, and very popular. It is a great replacement for Microsoft Word but it has some limitations as well. But, for almost all the users, Google docs is well enough to do their tasks.  There are many people who still prefer to work with MS Word. But, I… (2 comments)

8 Dreamweaver Alternatives for Mac
Dreamweaver is a web development tool created by Macromedia, and it has been maintained by them until they got acquired by Adobe. Yes, Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia in 2005, and since then Dreamweaver is under the Adobe banner. Dreamweaver is a web design and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool for web design and development. It… (0 comment)

10 Best Alternatives to Avast Antivirus
If you use a computer system or a smartphone, it is of utmost importance to have antivirus software installed to save yourself from viruses, spyware, and much more. But, since, not all individuals would go out and pay for an antivirus. Thus, there are many free antivirus software available on the internet.  Why Look for… (4 comments)

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration Windows 10?
If you have been using Windows or for that matter any PC with any operating system, you should be aware of one of the common terms thrown around quite frequently, Hardware Acceleration. Like most of us dealing with the computers, you may have heard about it, but do not know how to work with it… (1 comment)

How to Print Multiple Pictures on One-Page Windows 10?
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