Choosing between Android and iOS: A Developer’s Guide
Web development professionals now have other options than setting up a website for clients when it comes to variety of projects. This is owing to the fact that in last few years web app development has emerged as a viable career option for them. Moreover, the growing popularity of tablets and smart phones that are… (25 comments)

Dennis Ritchie – Creator of Of C and Unix
Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, famously known as Dennis Ritchie, was one among the most prominent as well as influential computer scientists of all times. An American by nationality, Dennis Ritchie introduced the entire world to the C computer programming language, which through all these decades has helped in shaping the way we use computers as well… (17 comments)

The term “FIRE WALL” originally meant, and still means, a fireproof wall intended to prevent the spread of fire from one room or area of a building to another. The Internet is a volatile and unsafe environment when viewed from a computer-security perspective, therefore firewall is an excellent metaphor for network security. A firewall is… (7 comments)