Meet ApplePay and Apple Watch
Applepay When Tim Cook said that ApplePay will forever change the way we buy things, no one was sure what he was talking about. To introduce what ApplePay is Tim Cook said,” Payments is a huge business. Every day between credit and debit, we spend $12 billion, and that’s just in the United States”. By… (8 comments)

Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus: Specs and Previews
After a series of rumors and leaks, Apple has finally launched its much anticipated device, iPhone 6. However, it was not limited to only one gadget as Apple did not fail to surprise and launched iPhone 6 plus. Apart from these two gadgets, Apple launched its own watch by the name Apple Watch. In this… (15 comments)

Apple Hot Wallpapers
I have shared Hot Android Wallpapers few days ago. There are 2 Mobile OS which are world famous and most used, Android and Apple OS (iOS). Hence after sharing Android Wallpaper I thought to share Apple wallpapers with you. Technology Wallpapers For Your Desktop Snakes Wallpapers Super Cool Bikes HD Wallpapers Harry Porter HD Wallpapers… (16 comments)

Steve Jobs Before Apple
Steve Jobs is a name well known to all as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Anyhow he was neither born rich nor was gifted with a smooth family background. His success story is undoubtedly the most inspiring one in the history of entrepreneurship. Although he is no more (died 5th October 2011), his… (9 comments)

25 Things to Ask Siri to Make Her Mad
If you are an Apple user whether you use iPad, iPhone, Macbooks, you would love to use Siri which is the personal assistant on these devices. It is AI-based, and respond to your queries. Since it is still a machine, not human, at times, it misunderstands and gives unexpected responses. Nowadays, people use Siri to… (0 comment)