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8 Rules to Gain Confidence of the Web Crawler

The main success factor of any project including online businesses should be trust generated from visitors or customers.

This article is meant for website owners who are interested in long-term prospects. Below you will find a list of factors grouped by categories affecting trust of the crawler to the website.

Confidence of Web Crawler

Rule #1: Content

  • It should be unique. The robot must be sure that the content of the website is exclusive. If the content in principle cannot be unique in a certain area it will come into play other factors of trust listed below.
  • There should be no errors in the text. Syntax and punctuation errors can reduce trust of both visitors and search engines.
  • Frequent updates which indicate that someone is working over the site and the content is relevant.

Rule #2: Outbound links

  • There should be no broken links. Working links indicate good moderation of the resource and, therefore, care about users. Robots track it.
  • Place links to reliable sources. In the articles it is good to make reference to researches and analysis, presentations and patents. It is not good to make reference to obscure resources of questionable content.
  • It’s good if on your website someone places a thematic link to a resource that is interesting not only for robots but also users. Otherwise it is better to abandon the sale of links from your website.

Rule #3: Contacts

  • The physical address of the office on the website confirms that the website represents a real business, so if you forgot to specify it on the website do not be lazy to do it now.
  • The working hours available on your website show your care and, consequently, increase trust.
  • Phone especially round-the-clock one and email suggests the possibility of rapid communication with the company. Their presence adds credibility to the site.
  • Do not forget to participate in social network services.
  • It’s also good to have Live Chat and feedback available.

Rule #4: Pages

To show users that a website belongs to a real organization, you should create the following pages on your website:

  • About us
  • Contacts
  • Information about delivery
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Price-list
  • Portfolio

People just used to see these pages on the corporate websites.

Rule #5: Usability

  • Try to provide your content to users as soon as possible using a good hosting.
  • Point to prices in the website, customers will appreciate it.
  • Absence of advertising is also care about the user.

Rule #6: Incoming links

  • Referring to quality resources you will strengthen the credibility of the search engines.
  • Do not apply spam methods.
  • Unnatural spikes in backlinks volumes are easy to fix. Strive for natural growth.
  • If there are references only from directories or blogs it is always suspicious.

Rule #7: Demand

If you are searched by website address or the company name, it is a good signal.

  • Such referrals like the brand ones are evidence of work over demand improvement that in turn raises trust.
  • Any type of reference to your site on other websites says that you are popular, but thoroughly check these links in order to make sure they don’t harm your site.

Rule #8: Domain

The following factors will increase the credibility of your website:



These factors are important in the complex. In other words, do not try to cheat one factor in the hope to improve significantly the credibility of the website.

On the other hand, if everything is alright with your website, some extra tips listed above will strengthen the trust and no efforts of the competitor will remove your website from the top.


Andrew Smith is a SEO Manager and Internet Strategist at QArea Offshore Software Development Company. This company specializes in web development, QA Testing, SEO and mobile software development services. He enjoys writing about SEO, social media and IT technologies.


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Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • That is a very interesting issue. It really makes sense. Thanks for sharing. We have to be confident otherwise we may fail with our stuff)

  • Nice tips dear.. I have some problem! There are almost 300 404 errors in my webmaster tools and all the links are like this: wp-login.php?redirect_to=http% I have changed my robots.txt file several times, but crawler again and again indexes these links and because of this i am facing massive 404s. Any solution for this?

  • Plenty of good information in this article. You mentioned the SSL Certificate. I wonder if the brand of the SSL Certificate holds any weight with Google. There are inexpensive SSL Certificates, and some pretty expensive ones. Does Google give more authority to certain SSL Certificates?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Donna! SSL Certificates it’s just a pice of factors which will increase the credibility of your website. And yes Google do it.

    • Hello Leslie,
      Yes, page speed is also matter. For example, sites created on clean html loaded quickly. Because the weight of theirs pages is small. This make a positive effect to gain confidence of the web crawler. Usage some of CMS you can setup plugin or module which can help you to make size of website’s page more easier. You can find more information about page speed here http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Hi Riddhi,
      I hope this simple rules will help you to gain confidence of the web crawler to your websites. You are welcome and thanks for reading and commenting this article! 🙂

  • Hi Dude,

    This is a amazing information about the 8 Rules to Gain Confidence of the Web Crawler. And sure these 8 rules will help you to gain confidence. Well thanks Dear for this post.

  • Hi John,
    I am glad that you enjoyed reading this post and hope that it will help you to gain confidence of the web crawler also. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Hey Zainil,

    What better way to make online businesses successful than having a web crawler crawling to their web site. It’s also very timely to post this rules because beginners and some season veterans in online marketing tend to forget how important these rules are for their success. Thanks for sharing an informative post.

  • Really nice and honest rules to gain the web crawler’s confidence.

    Very well n clearly written which can be understandable and implementable by all.

    Few rules I already know and learned new stuffs from your remarkable post 🙂

    Thanks to Andrew smith for writing the post and Zainil for sharing this to TTW readers!

  • Hi Zainil,

    Really Attractive Information about the 8 rules to gain confidence.Which is most important in our life. As you have explained about the gain confidence. these rules are very effective to our self confidence. and We know that Now a days We need to more Cobfidence because Todays Generation comptition is going to very tough day by day.if we have to be success in your life then we need to read 8 rules very carefully.

  • It is indeed important for any online business to gain the confidence of the web crawler. Quality content, outbound links, navigation, etc. can help your website get more traffic and hence can boost up the business.

  • Yeah, it’s really important to build a trustable website. One further point should be the quality which should be the priority of every blogger to gain the web crawler’s confidence.

  • Informative post.Back links are vary important to a website or blog, These 8 rules are awesome to build confidence of the web crawler.Anyway content is vary important to google and other search engines to crawler early.

  • GREAT TIPS Andrew!!! Back links are very important for your page rank. I stay up for days working on getting back links. I just started working on my own SEO for my small business and reading post like this really help me out a lot. thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice and informative post about Web Confidence and you shared these tips are very nice and my opinion Content is king and content should be unique and quality then only google and other search engines will Crawler early.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Andrew,

    These all are great tips for beginners to have confidence in web crawler. Sneaky redirects, copied contents etc. are the bad practices which leads to make negative impression to web crawler.

    Worth reading this article.

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