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What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Ever thought of starting your own hosting company but there’s simply not enough space in your bedroom to fit an entire data center? Well, you’re in luck because that is a problem easily solved by Reseller Hosting!

Yes – that is true. Reseller hosting effectively allows you to create your own hosting company using an established datacenter. By doing so, who knows – you may even become the next BlueHost! This simple guide is going to tell all there is to know before you can go and start your own hosting company!

What Exactly is Reseller Hosting?

In simple terms, Reseller hosting allows you to lend servers from an established datacenter. Then you can use that space in order to make your own service, separate with its own support team, marketing, billing – everything.reseller hosting

Do you think that you know hosting really well? Are you capable of doing a lot of server-related tasks with relative ease? This may be a great way to start your own business. After all, by simply purchasing a plan you get all of the infrastructures you need – investments needed upfront are very minimal.

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Why Should I Start Reselling Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a great tool for many web developers who have multiple clients. If you create websites, you can also be a hosting provider.

Often, the clients who need websites don’t have their own server space and don’t intend to deal with various technical things – why would they? They didn’t pay money to hire a developer just to deal with servers! However, as we know, websites require hosting, and if you, as developer, just allow them to use yours, you lose money in the long run.

As the time goes by, the plans you purchase have to be bigger and more advanced. Soon enough, having many successful clients will put you under a financial strain. This is why it makes sense to give your clients an option: either use your own server space or pick the hosting you provide. This way, you will be able to get some hefty passive income as you’ll be getting money as long as the websites are up.

There is another good thing about that. As you will be the one taking care of everything, you will be able to see whether the websites are up or something has happened to them. Third-party hosting providers used by your clients may be going offline for one reason or another. When that happens – you will be contacted first, and sometimes there will be nothing you can do. Having all the control will make sure nothing comes unnoticed.

Even if you are not a developer, reseller hosting can still be a very interesting business option. In some cases, there may be a market for a new hosting provider in your area which is just waiting to be taken. For example, university students who may not have a lot of disposable income but also don’t require hosting for anything big. By providing them with small, inexpensive plans, you could be able to build a loyal base of customers.

The options here are really endless. It is up to you to see what reasons people may have to need hosting. By taking these clients, you will be accepting both responsibility and money.

What Are the Main Concerns?

As I just mentioned – it’s not only about the money. It’s also about responsibility. Which means that whenever something goes wrong, you will be in the firing line to receive questions and sometimes even abuse. Servers may go down at any point of the day, week or year. So forget about taking two-week vacations with no computer by your side.

Make sure to pick a reseller hosting provider which can answer your questions almost immediately. In the hosting business, time is money. The more time you’ll take to answer, the less money you will have. Make sure the host’s customer support doesn’t bottleneck your reseller services.

That’s not the only responsibility you may have. If you grow fairly successful, you may have plenty of clients from all around the world.

This may make you want to do more investment. However, at one point, you may simply decide to quit. Maybe you’ll simply find a better career path. Or this business simply won’t appear to be financially viable. Either way, once you quit, you will leave all of your clients in a serious trouble. In most cases, you will have to take part in a process switching your clients to a different hosting provider – and you’ll have to transfer them one at the time. It’s not easy – but that’s the price of responsibility. If you plan to take this career path, have that in mind.

There are many reseller hosting providers which people tend to choose. When picking a host to resell services of, make sure to not only look at the plans but also check on how good are its servers. Plenty of resellers choose providers like BlueHost, which according to Bluehost reviews, is well known for its WordPress-optimised hosting. Some also choose Hostinger or SiteGround; both are very quick and reliable options.


Reseller hosting helps you use the data centers of premium hosting providers and use them to make your own brand. This kind of business can be a brilliant career choice. Simply by choosing a good hosting provider and finding your market you may be able to make a solid amount of passive income. However, there are always two sides to a coin.

While it is fairly simple to make money like that, it is also a huge responsibility. You will be held accountable for whatever problems the provider may have. Also, your clients will expect you to be available all of the time so that you can fix the problems arise. If you decide to quit this business altogether, it will be a difficult process.

Yet if done well, reseller hosting can be a great option for everyone who knows how it works. And now you do – so go make some money!


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