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How to Recover Data from Deleted Partition?

In the digital age, data becomes the most important thing. Nowadays, we store almost all information on our computer because when they are stored on the PC, they become easily accessible whenever needed. But, since computer is a machine, there can be some issues at times that may delete all the data or some part of the data or even delete the data of a particular partition.

Let’s talk more about the partition, and how to recover lost partition data.

Partitioning is a technique for organizing the disk space storage on a hard drive, where the saving of data is one of the major functions performed. The partition works as a storage fraction which can be used for storing, saving and transferring the data. It helps in dividing the memory into isolated locations. Partitioning is done on a hard disk for better data management and helps in maximizing the use of space in a system. The main benefit of making partition is that you can organize your data in the much better way.

The partition can be lost or can turn unrecognizable by the system at times due to technical issues or virus. The partition table is located on each hard disk of an operating system at the first sector. The table helps in recognition of information of partitions on the hard disk. Partition recovery can be performed if the partition table is able to recognize the partition. If the partition is destroyed by the virus, then it is difficult to recover the data stored in the system partition. Restoring partition is a tedious and complicated job for a non-technical individual. It is very difficult to recover deleted partition data without the help of experts or a software program.

Cause of partition deleted or lost

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes due to some wrong actions you might accidentally delete the whole partition which results into data loss. This is known as accidental
  • Data corruption: Partition table can be damaged due to the virus attack or faulty disk operations. The data corruption in an operating system can lead to deletion of partition.
  • Power outages: Power failure or sudden power surge can affect the disk operations, which could restrict the accessibility of partition.
  • Bad sectors: The presence of bad sectors can prevent the accessibility to partition, or the operating system might fail in recognition of partition.

How to Recover Data from Deleted/Lost Partition?

The recovery of data from deleted or lost partition can be achieved with the help of automatic function or manual operations. Lost partitions are not easily overwritten in a system; however, it can be retrieved with the help of a lost partition recovery software. And, when we talk about a partition recovery software program, Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery is the best option. It comes for both Windows and Mac PCs. With the help of Recoverit data recovery software, it is easier to retrieve the lost data from partitions. The recovery of deleted files such as audio, music, emails or picture files can be performed quickly. Therefore, with the use of following steps, it is easier to recover partition data which has been lost from the system.

Let’s take a look on the steps to perform partition data recovery using Recoverit.

  1. First of all, download it from the official website.
  2. Once downloaded, install it. Now, launch the software. You will see the main UI of the software where you can see different recovery options.
  3. Now, click “Lost Partition Recovery”. You will see the partitions listed there on the next screen.

  1. Now, select the partition that you want to scan for scanning the lost data.
  2. The software will start a quick scan in order to search the lost data from that particular partition which you selected for the scan in the previous step.
  3. After the scan, the preview of recoverable files will be available and shown to you on the screen. Now, select the files and folders that you want to recover, and click “Recover”.

If the data is not found with the help of a quick scan, then “All-round recovery” should be performed for the efficient search of files.

Wonderhsare Recoverit is one of the best tools for recovering lost partition data, and the software can be tried for free. Moreover, for more features, you have to upgrade. Let’s talk about the notable features of Wondershare Recoverit.

Best Features of Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery

  • Minimalistic UI

The front use interface is minimalistic, and there is the list of the recovery options that you have to choose. That’s it. It is quite easy to understand what you have to do next. In other words, the UI of the software is self-explanatory.

  • Recover all types of data regardless of how they were lost

Recoverit data recovery recovers almost all types of data no matter how they were lost. Even when your PC is not booting, and you want to recover the data, it can do that too.

  • Fast processing speed

I have heard from many users that the processing speed of their recovery software is quite slow which might be irritating for those who don’t want to wait. Recoverit’s processing speed is quite fast. It scans quickly and when you click “recover”, it recovers quickly.

  • Reliable Software

Since it is Wondershare’s product, you must be assured of its reliability. It doesn’t leak any of your data anywhere. It works standalone on your PC only.

  • Advanced Algorithm Support

The software is boosted with an advanced algorithm that enables it to find out every lost file and folder. If the normal scan is not able to find some of the files you are looking for, you can use the deep scan to find them all.


Losing data is never a good experience for anyone because data is important. Sometimes they may be less important, and sometimes they can be very important. No matter what, you always want to get your lost data back by putting minimum effort. So, Recoverit data recovery is the tool you need to have because, without much hassle, you can recover all types of data. It is a great tool to recover lost partition data.

So, when partition gets deleted or data is lost, make use of Wonderhsare Recoverit partition recovery software to get them back.

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