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10 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Your Blog

How do you feel, if one of your blog reader says “let me unsubscribe from your blog”. You would frustrate, isn’t it? Even, I would feel the same. But, I feel pleased as I didn’t experience this situation before and I am blessed with thousands of subscribers for my blogs.

Having good number of blog subscribers is a critical part in blog’s growth and almost every blogger is working hard for it. Also, most of the bloggers are focussing to get the new subscribers and they just ignore the various reasons why some people unsubscribe from their blog. Losing few subscribers occasionally isn’t a big deal, but if they find frequent shedding of subscribers, then it is the right time to examine the condition of their blog and determine the reasons for it.


Are you a blogger who struggling a lot in gaining subscribers and losing the existing followers? Then I would say that there might be some reasons why they’ve unsubscribed from your blog. Let me explain the reasons in detail now.

1. Low quality content

I know that you might be aware of this blogging proverb “Content is the king”. Yes, of course! If you continue to contribute the blog post with trivial content and grammatical mistakes, then it would make your followers to unsubscribe from your bog. So, do concentrate more in contributing the high-quality blog posts with worthy information.     

 2. Too frequent/infrequent posts

Sometimes your subscribers get overwhelmed if they hear you more than one time a day and so it is good to send one blog post daily. Likewise, if your blog posts reach them infrequently, then they would unable to remember your blog and finally unsubscribe. So, make a plan to maintain a post consistency and stick to it. 

 3. Lack of focusing

People do subscribe your blog to read about a specific subject matter and to get solution for the queries related to that matter. But you’re not focusing that particular subject, writing something which is not needed to them, and so they unsubscribe from your blog. In simple words, if you set expectations to provide a certain type of information to your followers and if you failed to deliver it, then they might choose the unsubscribe option.   

 4. Uniqueness is lost

You have to motivate your subscribers through your uniqueness. Do read variety of blogs and websites to get escape from writer’s block. Why am I speaking about writer’s block here? Because this would push you to copy others style and you might lose your uniqueness. The more you read, the more different ways you could write.

 5. No action on Holidays

I agree that everyone might go for holidays, further studies, personal works etc. So, if you’ve planned to go for long breaks, you should intimate this in prior to your subscribers (at least through an email or at the end of the current blog post). If you not do so, then you would certainly lose your subscribers.

 6. Personal touch is missing

I used to see in most of the blogs, the blog posts were written like legal documents. You know, a blog is like a diary and it differs from a static website. So, instead of writing like documents, say something funny or share your previous experience to lighten the readers. If you fail to add your personal touch, then your followers might unsubscribe from your blog.

 7. Design issues

I think that the design issues related to your blog is the major reason for the unsubscribing activity of the people. Having clutter blog design, difficult in navigation and frequent template changes would definitely annoy your supporters and impulse them to unsubscribe from your blog. 

8. More guest posts

Why do people subscribe to your blog? They want to hear you! But if you are publishing more no. of guest posts instead of writing on your own, they might forget your blog by unsubscribing it.

 9. Absence of comments

I would say that a blog without comments reveals that it has no readers. Also, it is clearly understood that you’re not engaging and encouraging the visitors to leave their thoughts. Moreover, if you disable the comment section then it says that you’re not interested in conversing with your readers. Anyway, the absence of comments would make your subscribers to unfollow your blog. 

 10. No longer needed

Sometimes, changes are happening for no reasons. Yeah, the interest of your followers might be changed or they’ve progressed to a high level. So they no longer have a need for your blog posts and simply unsubscribed your blog.

Get notified when people unsubscribe your blog

To get notified when people unsubscribe to your blog, I would suggest you to enable a Google Feedburner feature associated to it.

Go to feedburner.google.com, then choose your blog.

Now click Publicize > Email subscription > Subscription management.

If you scroll down the page further in Subscription management, you’ll see an option “send me an email whenever people unsubscribe”. Tick that option and Click “Save”. So, now you’ll receive email when your subscribers unsubscribe to your blog.


Getting new subscribers and losing few in a month is not a big issue. You may email these unsubscribers and ask them to come back, request their feedback and enquire the reason for unsubscribing. Also, have it in mind that they might unsubscribe your blog just to clear up their email account. This doesn’t mean that wouldn’t visit/subscribe your blog again and don’t take it personally.

Think positive, maintain consistency and stay focussed to keep your subscribers with you. These are my judgments on why people unsubscribing from your blog. What do you think? Let me know your opinions through comments.    

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  • I feel that it is an essential post for the bloggers Atish 🙂

    Building an email list and sending regular mails to the subscribers is an imperative blogging work. Some of the bloggers fail to do this. Also they never worry about the unsubscribers.

    I too suggest that the bloggers should send a mail to the people those who’ve subscribed from their blog on asking the reason for unsubscribing.

    Nice post which covers all the possible reasons for unsubscribing from a blog.

    Thanks for contributing the nice post Atish, keep do the same 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    A much required post 🙂

    Yes, you mentioned the right reasons why people tend to unsubscribe from your email list. I think emailing and asking them is a good option to find out the reason, though it’s their own personal choice but it can help you find out the reason that you can further improve.

    If your content isn’t engaging enough any longer, or if you are having too many guest posts, Giveaways, or not following a proper schedule, nor being consistent, people are bound to unsubscribe. Sometimes if you are trying out something new on your blog without mentioning it to your readers, they might land for a shock and not like it, which could be another reason. And yes, sometimes people choose something else or other blogs too, and yours might no longer be of interest to them, which could be another reason. Many reasons could be there….and each to his or her own personal choice, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    I totally agree with you, the first reason for us to blog is that we need other people to read our posts and keep coming back for more, if you are not caring about your readers and what they want to read then you will lose them. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and the reasons why people would stop following.

  • Atish, what do you feel is too often or not often enough? I send mine about every 2 weeks or every 10 days. I don’t like sending for every post and usually do every 2-3 posts before sending a new one out. I’ve only had a few unsubscribe but I always wonder WHY. Interesting point about guest posts. I find I do get more comments when I post my own vs. a guest post.

  • Hi Atish,
    Nice article, I do see many people and Blogger those add subscribe button on their Blog but I do see many people those do Unsubscribe update & news of a Blog. I actually feel, You did wonderful Job to share the meaning full reasons.

  • Why would anyone remain subscribed to a list that does not meet his needs? If your content quality is poor and you cannot solve your subscribers problems via your contents they would most likely unsubscribe, i have personally unsubscribed from a lot of lists because i do not find their content interesting any more. So when you lose your audience by not providing them with good content then you have to rethink and make sure you fix it. Thanks for sharing such an amazing tips.

  • Hi Atish Ranjan Bro

    Nice To See You Here.Every Day i Receiving Guest post opportunity From my visitors.And I planed to Publish there guest post in my blog but after reading your post i got clear way About guest post.Ya u right My subscribers want to year me..
    Thanks bro
    keep Sharing
    Wish u success

  • When single reader subscribed to blog update I more happy and feel dejected whenever it reduces by one however this not to tell me my update are not update but most of the people that subscribes to our update have self determination, they subscribed for a reason and many others after they have achieved their mission they unsubscribed,

  • Hi Atish,
    This is a great food for thought. I for instance unsubscibed from one particular blog because he was publishing more once a day flooding my email.

    Knowing when to publish and when not to is indeed very paramount and ought to be taken very serious.

  • Great article, Atish. Very well written.

    I agree with all the points raised on why people unsubscribe from blogs but the strongest for me will be the lack of quality content. If the content is consistently KINGLIKE, it’s hard for readers not to keep coming back to get more.

    And yes, CONTENT is still KING, even if most of the other aspects are not adhered to. But of course it’s better to publish kinglike content and also adhere to the other tips shared here, to prevent people from unsubscribing from one’s blog.

    Once again, great article! Thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social networking and bookmarking site – Kingged.com. I found it there and “kingged” it because it deserves the “Content is King” mantra, 🙂

  • There are many reasons for why subscribers may decide to click the “unsubscribe” button on your blog. The major part has to do with your content.

    If you are not providing valuable content at the needed time, it is a sign that your would easily cause the subscriber to lose interest in what you have to offer.

    Another reason centers on decisions best known to the subscriber. However, its important for the blogger to avoid mistakes from his angle.

    This comment was left in kingged.com the social bookmarking website for Internet marketers where this article was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

  • A well written article Atish. This post contains almost all points. However, The most important reason which can’t be ignored is oviously “Poor Content”. These days, People are getting bored because they read same content on most of the blogs. If your blog doesn’t have uniqueness, You will fail.

    As you mentioned, Design also matters and yes, They should reply to the comment of their commentators as well. If you are not giving replies to your comments, Your visitor will not return again.

  • I don’t subscribe emails because most of them either send same thing again and again and spam my inbox or few send frenzy emails. Nice post though.

  • I used to unsubscribe few bloggers, and here are my reasons why:
    – They sent their emails so frequent which is really annoying! I understand if the blog is active and making posts frequently and almost every day, but that isn’t reason to always inform your subscribers about the new post. Some post are more interesting to someone, some less.
    In my opinion bloggers should send their advert emails to subscribers not more then once a week, on once in 10 days will be also fine. And when I come once a week and visit their blog, I will also read the old posts as well which I missed in this week.
    This is the reason why you don’t need to send your emails every day.
    Hope you got the point what I wanted to say 🙂
    Good post topic, really interesting.
    Have a great day and best regards,

  • Yes, people often has tendency to unsubscribe from a blog when their email is filled with hell lot of notifications. There is nothing to say about the action people because even i had done the same thing after seeing the mails. Many of the bloggers misuse the subscription and they will spam like a hell on your inbox.

    Yeah, I agree with you frequency of the post is a big reason for the unsubscription from newsletters. If the blog is more frequent then chances of getting unsubscribed are very much high compared to the infrequency in posting. Thanks howdy for sharing this information with us.

  • Great Article!, i fully agreed to your tips..Content is king indeed.One of the things that i found that looses subscribers are too much email per and and too much promotion in their in box and thing that they are not interested in .Great Article again

  • Great post Atish. I particularly couldn’t help laughing when you mentioned that some people write blog posts that look like legal documents. OMG, can’t blame the poor readers if they unsubscribe from such blogs.

  • I think info that blogs give is the main reason why people stay subscribed so as long as you do this then you should have any problems, however all the reasons given here are ture.

  • I do agree that with all that you’ve said about keeping people from unsubscribing from your blog. I think its very important to connect with the readers by understanding them on a deeper level and doing your best to resonate with them and help them out. If you help them out first then they will look to you!

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