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Reasons Why a Law Firm Should Market Their Brand Online

Maybe you are a small startup or a family-run law firm. Or maybe you are a larger firm with a lot of employees and multiple locations. Either way, you are looking to expand your company and gain more clients and looking to see what marketing methods to employ to reach those new clients. 

Here are a few reasons why a law firm should consider marketing their brand online and the benefits.

Larger Audience

The internet is a big place, with almost an infinite number of pages you can visit and more popping up every day. What does that mean to your company?  It means everything because everyone is online. Not everyone reads the newspaper, there are a lot of people that no longer subscribe to cable television, billboards and signage are honestly not that effective. But everyone has access to either a computer or smartphone these days. If you’re not marketing online, you are missing out on a huge audience.  


A reason you want your law firm to be marketed online is because that’s where people are going to be searching for legal services. No one is looking through the phone book anymore, and as great as televisions or print ads might be, when you need to look for a law firm, you’ll be the one searching for the contact information yourself, you won’t always have that phone number handy. By marketing online, you can ensure your company is there to be found when the customer goes looking. This can be done through Search Engine Optimization, an alternative form of marketing not involving ads, but where the website for your legal firm is at the top of your customer’s search query. There are even SEO companies that specializes in working with law firms specifically. Typically the goal and best possible outcome for online, SEO is to find your company on the first page of a search engine like Google because users will typically never go past the first few pages when using online search tools.


The reason online marketing is so effective is that, as mentioned, customers are out there searching for your services. You don’t have to convince people of what they need, you are already providing that service.  In this sense, you are already halfway there. What you are doing with your online marketing is telling people, you are the best when it comes to providing service that they need. And because people are searching for your company, these people are not simply browsing services, they are in need of actual legal advice or lawyers. Where marketing through older methods may give your company more attention from television viewers or newspaper readers, marketing online tailors to the audience that is out there looking for you.


When considering marketing, word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of referrals for new clients to different companies. This is because having that direct recommendation incorporates and evokes a sense of trust. Because someone else has a good experience with your company, and they refer your company to their friends and families, those people are more likely to trust you with their legal cases.  This word of mouth referral translates to the online community as well, because not everyone you know might have someone they can recommend. Ensuring your company has a good footprint on social platforms and has glowing reviews will be a way to gain clients who trust you. Additionally, the review system works just as effectively the opposite way, as one too many negative reviews can sink your company as that lack of trust can have a rippling crippling effect. Strong customer service and care will magnify any online marketing you do.

Connectivity and Community

People like to feel like they can trust those around them, with a desire to feel connected and part of a community. Customers that feel they can trust you aren’t coming in for a single product or service, similar to a mechanic or barber, once you have a clients business, they will come back to you in the future if they ever need that service again. Marketing online provides that ability to connect with people in the community through things like social media platforms.


Marketing online and having a strong presence is important. When doing so, you’ll want to ensure your website is tailored for mobile and phone use. There are many websites out there, that may be outdated, not ensuring their site is compatible with mobile devices. This can be a deterrent if your website isn’t optimized and result in the loss of customers.

If you are considering online marketing for your law firm, there are plenty of reasons to do so. It has proven to be one of the more effective ways at marketing a company to the people that are looking for you. It also makes it easy to connect with those in your community, promoting a sense of trust you want in your client-company relationship.

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