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Protect Your Kids Online without Restricting Your Own Use

Sharing a computer or mobile device with the family can be quite difficult for many people.  Keeping the kids from accessing dangerous material without locking yourself down might seem impossible, but it’s actually easier than you might think.  There are computer monitoring programs like Stealthmate as well as manual things you can do to make it convenient for you to use the computer while still keeping the Internet safe for your children.  Many of these things will also help protect your computer from viruses and malware at the same time!

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Most families today have both a desktop computer and one or mobile devices like a smart phone or tablet which has access to the internet.  While mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful with each update, they still function very differently than a desktop computer so it is important to address Internet safety on each one separately.

Protecting Your Desktop

Most people are already aware that they need some sort of anti-virus program on their desktop.  While this is a great start, it is not enough when you also want to protect your children from accessing content that you don’t want them seeing.  Here are a few ways you can protect your kids and your computer while still having access to everything you need:

  • Web Content Filters – There are dozens of content filters which can block sites which offer adult content or other questionable material.  You can block by the type of content or specific URLs.  This is a great way to keep kids safe, and with a quick password you can have unrestricted access to the web.
  • Time Based Blockers – Most families have something of a schedule so they know what hours of the day their kids might be on the computer.  You can set up time based filters to only block certain sites during certain hours to keep the children safe without inconveniencing you while surfing.
  • Open Monitoring – For those who don’t want to install software to block sites, having a policy in the home saying that parents will be checking computer logs regularly is surprisingly effective.  It is typically obvious when kids delete the browsing history so even if they try to hide their tracks the parents will still know something’s up.

Protecting Mobile Devices

Mobile devices used to be pretty safe when it comes to viruses and accessing harmful content, but that is always the case anymore which is why taking precautionary steps is essential.  The following tips for keeping kids safe while using mobile devices without causing any problems for the parents should help any high-tech family.

  • Internet Safety Apps – There are internet safety apps available for all smart phones and tablets.  Choosing a high quality app like Vodafone Guardian will allow you to block different content based on keywords, subject or any number of other things.  Like web content filters, this can be turned off with a password so parents can enjoy unrestricted usage.
  • WiFi Logging – All mobile devices today can access the Internet through an existing WiFi connection.  The vast majority of WiFi routers allow for logging to be turned on based on device.  Logging the Internet usage of mobile devices is a great way to track what everyone in the family is doing from their mobile devices.
  • Surprise Inspections – There aren’t nearly as many keyboard shortcuts and other ways to quickly hide your tracks like there are on full computers.  Having random inspections of mobile devices for unauthorized apps or inappropriate web usage is typically a strong enough deterrent to keep kids in line. 

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  • Informative post for the computer users who used to share it with their family Atish 🙂

    I often give my lappi to my daughter and will try to use these applications as you specified.

    Thanks for sharing the useful stuff, keep doing it 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Useful Twitter Tools To Expand Social Networking PerformanceMy Profile

  • It doesn’t matter what way of protecting you use. They are all really good. I think it’s more important to teach your children how to use computer correctly. If they are still to young, maybe the best way is to spend some time with them surfing so you can teach them how to deal with “potentially dangerous” content.

  • Very informative article you have shared.
    While going through the article, the best part I liked is the “Protecting Mobile Devices “.
    Thanks for the share mate.
    I appreciate your efforts.
    Rohit kothari recently posted…Know your exact location with your Android phoneMy Profile

  • nice tips, but nowadays it is hard to stop kinds because they are now familiar of each and evrything and they do know the soloutions of it. nevertheless worth reading it.
    MYB Yaseen recently posted…Internet Download Manager 6.17 Build 2 Crack Patch Serial Free DownloadMy Profile

  • Really very nice share Atish, It will be very protective task to save some important and official data from the children who don’t know its value. and also it will be also helpful for the parents who don’t want to provide full free web browsing to their kids. it’s really valuable post.
    thanks again @Atish…!! 🙂
    Amit kumar recently posted…How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPadMy Profile

  • yes its true i agreed with you my kids are very intelligent and they all are catch the negative and positive behavior its positive article for me thanks for the sharing stuff for kids and family atish i will use all these application as soon as possible thanks for this tips,,,

  • Many antivirus have got inbuilt filters(parental controls) to manage your your internet access …this control can be used to set passwords/access rules for some websites.Hence , you should find and install one that supports parental control (if you’ve a kid).

    Pramod recently posted…ZTE Grand X, ZTE Blade [G2, C, L, E], ZTE KIS Flex Specs: Android Smartphones below 15000 | 250$My Profile

  • hi atish thanks for sharing this useful information Keeping the kids from accessing dangerous material without locking yourself down might seem impossible,but it would be helpful
    vaibhav recently posted…WeChat for PC Download Free, WeChat For Computer (Windows 7, Mac)My Profile

  • Nice post bro, I use K9 web protection to safeguard my PC from malware/phishing sites and to prevent my cousins from browsing unwanted sites on net.
    Naser recently posted…Karbonn A29 Up For Sale At Saholic For Rs. 8990 (150 USD)My Profile

  • Years ago this info would have helped us out as our son use to get on my wifes computer to look up cheats for his games and she would have to clean up the mess he left with all of the malware and viruses she would end up with because even though we had told him several times that a majority of these sites were not safe of course he didn’t listen. He is now old enough to know better and has his own computer so we don’t have that problem. Great info though for others who are having this issue!

  • Nice tips. “Protecting kids online” is kind of complicated. What I did when my son and daughter learned how to used the internet is installing a keylogger so that I can monitor their online activities. But I also explained to them what I’m doing, it’s somehow protecting your kids while respecting them too.

  • The internet can be addictive enough for us as adults, but also for our kids with easy access to chatting, games, music and more. Limit how much time your kids can be online and keep an eye on them to make sure they really are using it for school work when they say they need to.
    Martin recently posted…UPDATE #4: Ten Beautiful Twitter Bootstrap templates to Any NeedsMy Profile

  • It is difficult to keep entire control over what the kids do on the internet. Getting savvy with tech is really the best way to do it…in my experience, if the kids know that you know what they’re looking at, then they’re much better behaved online!

  • I will say it is quite difficult to protect your kids online. The reason being that if you restrict them in your own home, they will surely get to know what you have been protecting them from outside your home. They might get to know these things from their friends, schools and so on. Just try to teach your child to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong as he or she grows.

  • it is good way to protect kids from cyber world which will be affected your children in anyways. your tips is really good and i think it works. keep it up you are going a wright way to teach people.

  • It is definitely a challenge to provide a safe environment for our families and especially our children. One of the most important things we can do for this is to delete our browsing history, cache, and cookies. This will ensure that no potentially offensive popups come to haunt our kids.

  • we need protect children from cyber bullying, so we must monitor our children online activity from any action that will harm them


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