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Tips to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers

protect your email from hackersIn the world of technology, there is always the danger of a security breach. The most common of this instance is when a hacker is able to access your email account to your demise and it generally makes your vital files, documents and perhaps important project portfolios and other essential documents with respect to your work highly vulnerable to a third party. Who knows, the hacker just might be a competitor who wants to take a peek of your valuable exchange of business correspondence with your clients or to completely pirate your active clients away from you. There is a high chance however that it could be any hacker who is just waiting for their prey at any opportunity that they can find to victimize.

Because many professionals are using their emails for their officials business, an email account becomes your valuable property and perhaps an asset that allows you to keep in touch and connect with your clients. Because of this reason, protecting your email account at all costs should always be a priority. If you are one among these professionals who find it a priority in keeping your email safe and protected against hackers, here are some useful tips to keep your email correspondence and files safe.

Here’s how you can protect your email From hackers:-

1. Before you create an email account you will be prompted to provide your own password. Maintaining a strong password for your email account is your first line of defense against hackers. A strong password attribute is one in combination of letters, numbers, lower and upper cases which makes it difficult to hack.

2. Make your password more difficult by adding punctuation marks and other symbols when your email service provider allows them to form part of your password.

3. Do not be tempted to use your birthday, nickname, pet name, family name or anything closely related to you that can be easily thought of by anyone as your password. If you are unsure whether you are creating a good password, make use of free sites that offer a tool for generating strong passwords like the PC Tool by Semantics.

4. When creating accounts to different websites that use your email address for log in, be sure that you have secured for yourself a difficult password to break on each account but make sure to have your own password manager to easily remember all your different passwords.

5. Never use the same password as your email account when signing up on various online sites.

6. Be wary about cell phone spyware that could be monitoring your device each time you get access to your email using your mobile phone. They can run stealth which quietly monitors your email correspondence without you knowing it. You should constantly update your operating system, launch a malware scan periodically on your phone and always audit your program file to check for suspicious programs that are installed on your mobile device.

7. Creating an alternative email account will give you another contingency plan on how to access your hacked email account or prevent hackers from gaining access to it. In case someone else managed to hack your email, you have an opportunity to access it again through your secondary email and change the account password.

8. When providing for an answer to a security question, make sure to provide an answer that can’t be easily guessed.   Look for a more unexpected answer, more so a memorable event in your life, which can take a hacker an eternity to find out. A complicated answer to these questions as long as you can fully remember or memorize it can drive away a hacker.  Unless he has the leniency of time, he’ll definitely leave your account alone immediately to find other accounts who can be hacked easily.

9. It is not impossible to find yourself needing to access a public computer in order to access your email in case of emergency. Internet café is the most common place where you can have an easy access to a public computer. When you do so, make sure that you have the automatic log in box unchecked before you start accessing your email account.

10. Ensure that you have successfully logged out of your account before leaving the public computer otherwise you are simply giving just anyone an instant access to your email account to your misfortune. 

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