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PPTStar – Massive Collection of Professional PowerPoint Templates

In this article, I am going to talk about PPTStar – a hub of PowerPoint presentation templates and other elements. Do you remember I did talk about PoweredTemplate a few months ago which is also a great site for Professional PowerPoint templates.

Now, I am reviewing PPTStar, which is also a nice place to find PowerPoint templates, charts, diagrams, and much more.


Surprisingly, most of the people out there don’t understand the need of PowerPoint presentation templates and other elements. The pre-installed stuff provided by Microsoft seems to be enough to them. But, I can say for sure that they’re wrong and are actually missing out on a lot.

Here’s why:

Why Pre-Installed PowerPoint Templates Suck

Numerous reasons for this argument – and I will deal with all of them.

First and the foremost reason being, they’re just too common. Office editions from 2007 to 2015 have almost the same templates, if not all. Many templates exist and are continued till date even from the 2003 edition of Microsoft Office.

Why is it a problem? The problem isn’t with the continuity of templates; the problem is with the fact that you find them everywhere! Be it demonstrations, business conferences, educational presentations or anything else – it’s the same old boring set of themes everywhere.  People accustomed to PowerPoint are so used to with these templates that they have learned them by rote.

And, supposing you follow the same old tradition and use the same old set of templates in your upcoming presentations, how well do you think are you going to stand out from the competition?

It’s not just their popularity. Most of those default templates fail to utilize the full potential of PowerPoint. If you haven’t seen a premium, minutely constructed template, you haven’t yet seen the power of PowerPoint, my friend!

So, how can you bring in the “power” in the term “PowerPoint”? Simple, by going beyond the conventional PowerPoint stuff! How do you do that? By using PPTStar, of course.

Why PPTStar overpowers the conventional elements?

The people behind PPTStar know how dumb it is to rely on the conventional elements – we are using them for over a decade now. Therefore, they have developed a hub of professional PowerPoint elements – be it PowerPoint presentation templates, charts or diagrams.

diagrams charts

The main reason why PPTStar rocks is that you will easily stand out from the competition. In a world where people focus on the wrapper more than the product inside, using professional PowerPoint templates is a cutting-edge advantage.

Let me talk in brief about both the sides of PPTStar – presentations and charts & diagrams.

Professional PowerPoint Templates

Needs of templates are always diverse – different color suit different occasions, different elements fit different scenes, different looks are meant for different purposes. PPTStar serves all of your diverse needs. As of writing this article, PPTStar boasts of a collection of 17,428 templates. Pretty huge, isn’t it?


Imagine your potential while having all those 17,428 templates at your fingertips! You will have not dozens, but hundreds of templates for any occasion whatsoever. Be it an educational seminar, office meeting or promoting a product – you can do anything quickly while creating a deep impression. Having Professional PowerPoint Templates is always an advantage.

Don’t assume that just because there are so many templates, many of them will be carelessly designed! Each template at PPTStar has a standard of itself and is qualitative. Don’t believe my words? Check out their collection yourself then.

Moreover, all the PowerPoint presentation templates don’t just include the title page and body page – there are numerous charts, diagrams, graphs and a lot more to help you beautify and simplify your piece of art. The additional graphics here and there also serves as a benefit.

Thus, PowerPoint presentation templates at PPTStar are remarkable. Take a look at one of those templates:

Presentation demo

Diagrams & Charts

diagrams charts

It’s a dumb idea to neglect diagrams and charts, for they are an inevitable part of PowerPoint. Your audience is not interested in reading big chunks of text in your slides. Sure, they do want information, but the information should be of the form which can be grasped easily. And nothing is as easy to grasp as structured form of information, i.e. diagrams and charts.

Look at any professional speaker who uses presentations in the background – he would be smart enough to make full use of these resources. The main aim of the speaker is to put the desired information into the minds of the audience in an appealing manner, and this aim can be easily fulfilled through diagrams and charts.

Don’t underestimate PPTStar – this hub of professional PowerPoint templates has a tremendously huge collection of these resources as well. Let me tell you, no matter how good you are at PowerPoint, you would hardly have used the default diagrams, charts, and graphs. Why not utilize it with PPTStar?

The diagrams and charts you will be getting at PPTStar are fully flexible and customizable. You can easily change the color, shape and size of these elements. You can manipulate the data or insert new data. You can even remove or change the position of any element.
Here’s an example of the same. Take a close look at the elements in the below image:

Diagram demo

PPTStar vs. the competition

PPTStar is not the pioneer in this field. Many websites offer their own collection of PowerPoint templates. I have gone through many of them, but I have never found any website with such remarkable range. I mean it – no such website is so good as PPTStar in terms of range and quality. I have no doubt that PPTStar must be having an excellent customer base as well.

Also, talking about the pricing model – it is better than others. We will be dealing with the pricing model here:-

Plans and Pricing

The pricing model of PPTStar is absolutely simple. Get everything in their hub – all the templates, charts and diagrams for a specific period of time. Either pay $99 per quarter, $199 per annum or $499 for a lifetime license. Simple, isn’t it?


Many websites demand per template charge, and their complete access license is rather expensive. PPTStar is rather cheaper and doesn’t charge per template. It might be a disadvantage if you just want a template or two, but looking from the perspective of a regular user, the lifetime license is the best option.

Final Words

I hope you liked my review of PPTStar – the hub of PowerPoint Presentation Templates. PPTStar’s range and quality make it exceptional indeed. What do you think about PPTStar? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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  • Hi Aatish, This is really a Good collection of powerpoint presentation but as i can see their price are little bit higher as they are charging minimum $99 for a quarter. If you are not presenting a lots of presentation every month then it is a huge investment. Overall a good collection but their prices are much higher. Thanks for posting this review for us. Hope to see more such reviews on your website in near future.

  • After reading your article I checked out pptstar. I must say they have a great collection of ppt templates.
    I use ppts very regularly in my business and I find this service really useful. It will save a lot of my time.

  • Hello Atish Bro,
    Thanks for introducing with PPTStar and awesome review. Will consider to buy some templates to create some cool documents for my upcoming project.

  • There are a wide range of PowerPoint Presentation Templates which are very much useful. I will definitely have a look on PPTstar in Future.

    Thank You for sharing this article.

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