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PIN Genie Smart Lock – The Ultimate Solution for Smart Home Security

After more than two years of development, including ongoing testing and optimization, PIN Genie Smart Lock has passed the high-security certifications and received great feedback from its 256 Kickstarter backers. The team is now proud to announce the launch of PIN Genie Smart Lock at shop.pingenie.com after doing hundreds of extensive head-to-head competition among leading smart locks. The retail price is set at $159 for PIN Genie Smart Lock Essential and $199 for PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro.

What makes PIN Genie Smart Lock unique?

  1. The globally patented peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN Pad.

The most common and cost-effective solution of top smart locks in the current market is to apply a digital keypad on the lock to achieve keyless experience. However, as it is known, password on our traditional PIN pad is vulnerable to the hidden cameras and prying eyes around us. Statistics show that 2 out of 5 people reported that their passwords had been stolen.

PIN Genie Smart Lock applies the PG PIN pad that has 12 global patents on it. It is easy to use and provides the highest protection to your e-key which offers the great security to your home. It randomly distributes the 10 numbers from 0 to 9 into four buttons, and the numbers reshuffle after every use. Therefore, even when someone watches you or records you while you are entering your password, he still wouldn’t be able to know it. PIN Genie makes PIN theft a thing of the past. The team has first applied the PIN pad into two mobile Apps and launched in 2016. They are PIN Genie Locker, the highest rated screen lock, and app lock on Google play that has over 3 million users worldwide, and PIN Genie Vault on iOS, which is an all-in-one vault to save all kinds of your private files, including photos, videos, logins, etc., Users have loved PIN genie PIN Pad, and PIN Genie Smart Lock is the only one smart lock in the market that is equipped with high-security level of PIN pad. Access combinations of PIN Genie Smart Lock can have up to eight digits, and its memory holds up to 8 sets at a time.

  1. Low Energy Bluetooth Connectivity turns your phone into your key and manage access from anywhere anytime

PIN Genie team strives to provide not only safer but also better experience. The PGD 728 Model connects the smart lock to the smartphone through Bluetooth and turns your smartphone into the key to your phone. We love PGD 728 model as it enables hosts to manage access on their smartphones. It eases the worries in sharing your physical keys to housekeepers, delivery guys and other guests, etc.; Home owners can simply create temporary passcodes on their smartphones with expiring time and share to their guests. This is super useful for hosts who list their homes on Airbnb and VRBOs, which they no longer need to pass the physical keys to guests and worry about keys being stolen and duplicated.

You can set up to 8 access codes for each of your family members and know who is home by checking the access history. This is super helpful for families with children and grandparents. PIN Genie make sure you make sure you don’t worry about family during business hours.

  1. Tamper-proof high-quality finish and built-in 120dB siren Alarm keep your home free of burglary

PIN Genie Smart Locks has passed extensive tests by 3rd party lab, which has the same safety level as BHMA 156 Grade B. The deadbolt meets the highest industry rating for security. Its built-in alarm has three levels of sensitivity that customizable for your needs, which the alarm will be triggered from slightly vibrations to strong tampering attempts. PIN Genie Smart Lock protects you from any damage to your door. For additional security, you can activate the “Safe Home” mode when you arrive home, which you simply press the button on the back of the lock and disable the touchscreen. No one would be able to activate the smart lock from outside unless he/she has the physical keys.

  1. Totally D.I.Y and easy to use

We firmly believe that if you need to hire a locksmith to install the lock or find it confusing to use, the smart lock is not good enough. PIN Genie Smart Lock is designed to fit in most standard door size and can fit into your existing door hole. We have prepared detail user manual with step by step instructions. Over 30 plus users were asked to install the lock by following the manual, and most of them finished in 5 minutes. PIN Genie Smart Lock works perfectly with both door opened from the left side and right side.

PIN Genie Smart Lock fits in most standard door size

PIN Genie Smart Lock is compromised with simple parts for you to install.

  1. Other available features: PIN Genie Smart Lock does more than locks and unlocks your home!

Other than the above features, PIN Genie Smart Lock has many other features for you to explore. With its 30s auto-lock feature, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to lock the door.  If you are first-time smart lock user and is thinking about being locked out when the smart lock runs out of battery. PIN Genie has perfectly solved that. It is powered by 4 AA batteries that run approximately 12 months with 10 times of lock / unlock each day. It will remind you by flashing the PIN Genie button in the back to alert you with the battery gets low. Even if you forget to change the battery in the low battery period, there is a 9V battery socket from outside that you can use to activate the smart lock when it completely runs out of battery.

About PIN Genie

PIN Genie is founded in Silicon Valley in 2014. The team is comprised of experts specializing in both security software and electronic hardware developments. The team has brought three mobiles security apps with over 3 million PIN Genie fans worldwide.  PIN Genie founder, Lee Zheng has over 20 years’ experience in electronic product development and manufacturing. He and the team received over 70 patents and had brought hundreds of successful electronic products to the global market. The team is launching a full range of PIN Genie Smart locks that are compatible to the smart home eco-system, such as Apple Homekit and Alexa. Other than PIN Genie Smart Lock, the team has applied the PIN Genie technology to PIN Genie Smart Safe and PIN Genie Smart Padlocks. PIN Genie strives to provide safer and better experience for every family.

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  • I am using PIN Genie smart lock app which works together with their door Lock. I am extremely happy with this very good PIN Genie product and app. The app controls the door very well, and it contains family and customer mode, I can view the open door history very well in this app.

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