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Pay Your Guest Authors and Earn More

Before I write about the topic I think to make some points clear. There are millions of writers/bloggers most of them have great domain names and every one is receiving little traffic. Some of them are making some money and many are just having dreams of earning good money. Those bloggers who have good schemes and attractive strategies succeed and those who are novice just sit and stare. This article is for those bloggers who think that success in blogging is not their cup of tea. I must tell you that with some investment you can make a name and some good money in the big vast field of blogging.

Make an investment, a wise investment

But wait what I told just now? “With some investment you can succeed?” yes with some investment you can succeed if you spend your money wisely. You may ask how? Here’s the strategy that I have in mind and many top bloggers use it. Before you begin you must have some money to spend. Once you decide how much you are going to invest follow the strategy step by step and find your way to monetary success.


Before you begin make sure that you don’t over spend. Don’t spend all your money all at once. Warren Buffet once said “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” Here we are putting all money in one campaign but not at once. Spend it step by step.

Guest blogging

Step 1

If you have just started a blog then make sure that you write few articles 20 or 30 are enough. Make sure that the articles have targeted Keywords and they must be of good quality so that it will attract some fellow writers/bloggers. Add necessary pages to your blog like “About us” “contact”  “write for us” etc.

Step 2

After you complete step 1 create accounts in all the Social Networking Sites like Facebook, G+ etc. It will be better if you have Facebook Fan page and G+ page. Then create accounts in all Social Book marking sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumble upon. If you are not aware of other social bookmarking sites I suggest that you search it on a search engine (I prefer Bing.com). There are hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites with good Page Rank and also there are some which are do follow.

After signing up on these sites Bookmark the links of your articles on these sites and spread your links in a wise manner. Don’t submit your entire links at once, instead submit them slowly. Submit one link per day or I recommend 3 links per week, this will save you from getting flagged as SPAMER. Patience, patience, patience is the key to success.

Step 3

Once you have done with the Social Book marking list, join some famous webmaster forums such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum etc. Join them and spend some time taking part in the conversations and discussions. If possible answer some questions, make some friends. Talk with admins/moderators, be social. Make some contribution to that community.
Remember Kindness always comes back to you in fact when you receive it, it will be multiplied.

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Step 4

I assume that to complete all the above steps will take at least a month. If you need my recommendation then go more slowly. And the step 4 is the more crucial and important and must be completed with care. Before you begin make sure that you have ample time and don’t do it in a hurry.


First take time and write 2 important posts. 1st post must contain all the stats of your blog, number of visitors, Page Rank, Alexa ranking, number of comments etc. Also mention how much you have earned from this blog. And be truthful, don’t lie. If you lie then all your work will be crushed like a palace made of cards.


The 2nd post must have an announcement that you are hiring writers, in other words you are paying your guest authors. Mention the amount that you plan to pay. The rate must be above the obvious. Don’t pay peanuts; there are hundreds of writers who are willing to write but only for a good price. If you pay good then many writers/bloggers will get attracted and in turn become a regular visitor of your blog.

At this point I think you must use your influence at the Forums and FB groups. Create a post in these forums inviting freelance writers to write quality articles for your blog. Mention the amount that you intend to pay. A single post at a famous forum will flood your inbox with offers! If you don’t believe my words try. And that’s why I say Goodness Comes back.

Pay cleverly

I recommend that you pay at least 10$ per article. If you have good budget then pay more 20- 30$ per 1000 words will attract writers like honey bees does to honey. The more you promise to pay the more your deal will get attracted. But at this point I must give you are tactical information that most newspapers follow. Although the newspapers receive hundreds of articles from all over the world but yet they print only limited articles. And they never publish the same writer more than once per week.

Use this tactic, even if the writer sends you quality articles don’t publish him more than once per week. This way you will publish many writers’ work and in turn you will gain many admirers. Also impose a limit of articles that you will be paying for. Pay 10 articles per month. Politely reject the rest of the submissions.


How to win a game? By following the rules, make your writers follow your rules. Lay a set of rules to be followed by the writers. I recommend you specify the following:

  1. The writer who gets published must subscribe to the feeds.
  2. The writer must vote/G+/Like his articles across all the social media.
  3. The writer must post the link of the article on all his social networking sites.
  4. The writer must try to promote the article in every manner he finds fit.

Monitor the promotion done by the writer and then pay him. And wait. The strategy hasn’t ended here. There are some more tasks to complete. Once you complete the above tasks carefully make a list of blogs which normally publish lists of Top blogs that pay or Best sites to write.

Encourage Gossip

Make a list of 10 such top sites and send an e-mail to all of them asking them to include your blog in their future lists. Normally sending e-mails is considered as spamming so message them on Facebook. If 5 out of the 10 add your link then sit back and relax. Your strategy is working.

Last word

The completion of the above steps does not guaranty monetary success. But you will find many many readers, writers, friends, and finally after a few months you will see an increase in traffic, comments, fans, fame, and finally money!

If you find the above tips useful then do spread it and if you find that it illogical then do speak the same in the comments sections.

Imran Soudagar is a writer, poet, speaker and a technical trainer. He specializes in writing technological guides. He is the author of write-online.com

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  • great idea to increase blog traffic as well as contents. All you need is a clear approach and a vision. Thanks dear for this tip another tips may be share your revanue on your article. This may be more promising for the new bloggers.

  • Truly amazing !! I am extremely pleased with your writing, Imran.

    You’ve added some great points and included terrific similes to support them. I especially liked the idiom “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

    • Glad to know that you liked this article.

      And the idiom that I have quoted in this article is said by Warren Buffet (the 3rd richest man on earth)

      Keep reading and keep commenting.

  • Guest Articles are an excellent way to show that your blog is being managed very well. More articles, more things for your readers to spend time on reading. Paying your guest posters is an excellent way to keep them in your blog, reading it, producing links for it and keep your article production in high levels.

    • Yes Guest posting is a great way to become an authority in our niche.

      Glad to hear that you agree with my points.

  • Wow, good idea. Thanks for sharing, I am going to follow your step on my next blog. 10$ per article for 500 words? What is the guideline to measure the quality of the post? Just own judgement? Is that too few for 2 posts per week? Do you think when is the right time to inviting guest post writers?

    • Hi Tan,
      I will be the happiest man on earth if you follow my strategy. And regarding the price per 500 words that I have mentioned is just to attract writers/bloggers. If you are making more money from your blog then I recommend paying more as this will create another Happy Guest Author

      And for the questions that you have asked I think I can’t explain all these things in a comment. May be within a few days I will publish a post which answers just your questions :). And may be some other commenters will add more questions which I can answer in a Special post.

      Thanks for commenting, thanks for asking. Here’s my favorite quote on Questions.

      “One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything. ~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg”

    • Blogging is one of the biggest business these days. In fact it is the fastest growing field.

      Thanks for your kind words. Stay tuned will be posting more 🙂

    • Hi Vignat,
      I don’t think 10$ is high amount. Writers deserve more. Paying peanuts to writers is bad. I have seen many writers getting just 2$-3$ per quality article. Is it worth their work? I don’t think so. If you pay less to a writer then he will surely give you sub-quality article.

      Do you know before this article was published here a blogger was ready to pay me 2$ for this article. Do you think a 1200 word unique article selling for a mere 2$ is good?

      BTW dont think that I am venting my anger on you. Just want to tell all the bloggers to pay more.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Thats Super strategy Imran. Thanks for sharing your thought. Super Post on TTW 🙂 .
    Yes really Blogging is one of the biggest business these days.

    • Thanks Amit for reading and Thanks for you kind words. These encouraging comments by readers is what motivates a writer.

    • Hi Danny, you are right. Bloggers really spend too much time promoting their blogs. This approach will keep bloggers at peace. Thanks for your kind words.

  • I liked this technique… Ill surely think upon something over it after my exams… I am sure something kewl would soon come up on Tech Tricks World..!! 🙂 🙂

    I just hope that bloggers would get good content after paying… this post story should not become a cheap profession where any non professional person would come to earn without having any standard to his content, because this is indeed an easy job to perform..

    • Hi Zainil, I would love to see what that something ‘Kewl” is going to happen on TTW.

      And yes blogging is getting filled up with non professional and unethical people.

  • Hello!
    This is a really nice guide!!!
    I do pay freelance bloggers to write for me and I think they are happy with the amount of money they get.
    This is of-course being done for my own blog.
    For the blogs that I manage (as an employee) I cannot think of a way of doing this.
    I mean it is the bosses’ task to negotiate for new writers.
    Maybe I am wrong.
    What do you think?

    • Hi Jim,
      That’s really good to hear that you are paying your Guest Authors. And yes its the work of the ‘Bosses’ to negotiate with new writers.

      Thanks for sharing your kind words.

  • Hi
    I found the article very informative but I do have a couple of questions. Why do you post the traffic stats to your blog? Also where do you find places to invite guest bloggers that you are going to pay?
    If you create a blog and are trying to make money from it you are essentially creating a business and you have to invest in your business which I think you point out very well. Most people just do not seem to get the part about investing in their business.

    • Hi Mark,
      Glad to see some questions in your comment. The reason I recommended to post blog stats is to show the Guest Authors how much difference they are making to the blog. It really motivates us when we see that we are making huge differences in traffic by doing various types of Marketing.

      In 2009 I had written a article on a top blog. And it was really a hit with the audience. The article in question received around a few hundred comments. Though I was happy with the comments but I always wanted to know how much traffic that article was getting. And later I realized that my article was the most commented article on that Blog. Is it not motivating to hear that you are more famous than any other blogger.

      And to find Guest writers you can use Digital Point forum or any other webmaster forum. Also try to search some ‘Blogging’ related Groups on Facebook you will find many there.

      Thank you for commenting.

      • Thank you Imran for answering my questions. Yes I agree that posting the stats to motivate people is a great idea, wish I had thought of that! lol. Most of us do like to know we are making a difference and by showing the stats one would be able to see.
        Would you post the stats publically or in the admin area so they can read them when they log in?

        • If the blog is related to webmaster/blogging then it will be good idea to post the stats publically and if the blog is related to other niches then it will be better to keep them off the eyes of public.

  • This sounds like a pretty great campaign. At first I was a little uncertain from the title but now I see what you are trying to accomplish and that is the way to do it. If you want people to guest post then give a little money.

  • I have heard about this strategy and I think it’s interesting. I know a few people who have build several blogs, made them successful and them hire others to keep posts on a continuous basis. At first glance it might seem easy, but I think one needs a lot of patience to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    • Hi Jack, Patience is the key to success.. Just keep working on and you will find success.

  • It’s an excellent post, Imran. When I saw the title, I was curious to read this post quickly and after reading this post I could say that if bloggers follow these steps then nobody could stop their blog to grow well.I am also going to spread your words on my facebook page.

  • hey Imran, Paying Guest Authors can be a very good idea to attract Guest Authors to your site and build a brand reputation online. But having a budget and income for the same is also must! 🙂

    • Hi Debasis,
      Yes you are right it really needs some investment. But if you play by the rules then you will be a winner!

  • Nice explanation Imran. I use MyBlogGuest to get some writers and in return I also write for their site. This is good for newbies and starters with less budget.

  • That’s a well written post Imran. And a good strategy too! All good business requires a certain amount of investment and if done wisely, the rewards will be sweet indeed.

  • A well expressed content. Its very informative. I learned couple of important updates, which i wasn’t aware of.

  • Thanks for the tips. This is something that I really need to do with my site, as I am the only author as of right now. And after submitting my site to Google News and getting it rejected for not having enough authors, this definitely can help me out. Thanks!

  • Hi

    Really a great blogging tip . But there is a challenge, now a days many newbie bloggers started offering Guest posting service, it has become much difficult to approach to the right author as everyone is claiming them as expert. It would be a great help if you could suggest some Guest Authors to be consider for guest posting.

  • Thank you for your expert tips. There were a couple of things here that I wasn’t aware of. It was extremely useful for my website. Will incorporate these into mine. Looking forward for further updates.

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