How I Made a Cool $400 Passive Income Using Adbeans

I have been writing articles aboutHow To Make Money Online‘ and ‘How to Monetize Your Blogfor quite a while now, and I thought it would be better to actually review a service that I have been using for sometime and spread the word about their awesome options to make money for writing to your own blog!!!!!

Doesn’t it sound great..you do not have to write reviews for someone’s products or services, you don’t have to worry not getting traffic for your hard-work, you don’t have to worry about your blog not getting enough unique articles even. All your effort and time spent on researching a topic and writing an article, will actually earn you a few extra moolah in a ‘passive’ way. Now what does ‘passive’ mean?

It simply means that you do not have to go an extra mile to earn your income. All you have to do is what you have been doing all these days, write your article and publish it as usual. Now let us see how it all started and worked for me, hope this interests you enough to sign up using my affiliate link – Sign Up For Adbeans. (of course I get a 10% commission if you sign up using this link)

A few months back I received this email via my contact form which got me thinking about their validity and authenticity.


After some careful research and digging, I decided to give it a try and agreed to sign up. Before that, I asked them what are they looking for in my website. I did not want another banner or text link URL from my homepage. Here is what they had to offer me:


I chose Option 1 due to the fact that, I realized they will assign keywords related to my blog niche, and I can always write articles on those keywords which will actually be easy for me and better suited for my needs. Once confirmed, they created a user account and started assigning keywords into them which can be accessed from “My Websites” section of your account control panel.


Once you are assigned the keywords, all I had to do was study the niche and write a unique and original article around the same. Each keyword will have a specific URL which will be in your dashboard. You need to link to that specific URL as per the adbeans guidelines. Once I publish the article in my website, I need to come back to adbeans and specify my post URL in the section below:


Once you submit your article for Approval, the keyword is removed from your account and an adbeans representative will check the article and approve it for payment. Payments….YESSSSS….that is the interesting part now, let us focus on that 🙂

Adbeans have their algorithm set to determine how much to pay for each of the options above. For DMC, they offered me 16 GBP per article published, which is equivalent to around $23.

How the Payment is made –

Adbeans payments will be accumulated in your account on their website. A minimum payout of 30GBP is required for you to withdraw the amount and transfer it to any bank account of your choice. So that means a minimum of 2 articles to be published and approved before I can withdraw the amount. That sounds reasonable doesnt it? Once you accumulate a minimum payout amount, and opt to withdraw the amount, it takes 30days for the payment to be credited in your bank account.

Are they Reliable –

This is the main question every blogger will have for any publishing networks out there. Are they reliable? Will they actually pay? What if they close out their business before they pay?

Well, in my case, it worked out quite smooth. Till date, I have withdrawn around 225 GBP which corresponds to around $400. You can see my account statement snapshot below (just to prove that I am not faking it)


Now, let us summarize some Pros and Cons of Adbeans:


1. Decent Payout – The payout amount is quite low and also the payment per article is quite decent. You do not have to wait for completing 10 articles before actually realizing any income out of it.

2. Affiliate Program – As I mentioned earlier they have an affiliate program using which you can refer your friends and make some side-money out of it as well. My affiliate link is here – Adbeans Sign Up Affiliate Link.

3. Passive Income – You do not have to go out of your way to accomodate their articles. The keywords are usually related to your blog niche and will be easily adaptable to your website. Readers will not notice diverse topics which may take them by surprise.


1. Keyword Density – Sometimes I had used up all my keywords and had to send them reminders to assign new ones. Their account managers are quite responsive and do it immediately, but still you have to remind them from time to time.

2. Adbeans website – It is quite convoluted and sometimes takes me all around the site to arrive at what I was originally looking for. Like to find my affiliate link, I had to spend some time to actually find it on their website!!!

Over To You 

Hope you found this review useful and will use my affiliate link to sign up and start earning some extra money along the way. Do let me know if you need more information about the service. Have you used any similar networks before? Did you find them reliable and did you actually make money from your blog? Share your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.

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