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OSRS – Making Money with the Blast Furnace

In the underground of Keldagrim, the Dwarf operated furnace for the ultimate Smithing methods provides some of the fastest experience in the game through smelting Gold Bars. The Blast Furnace also has a fantastic perk allowing you to not only smelt bars much faster than a conventional furnace but also has a coal-reduction effect, significantly reducing the number of ores needed and, therefore, costs for creating bars. 

If you’re interested in making money from the Blast Furnace, the best rates require higher-level Smithing as well as a fair amount of money to invest in supplies. You could consider training up your Smithing level faster first or gathering the cash for supplies by buying OSRS Gold from Chicks Gold

Requirements and Recommendations

There are a few items and quest completions worth acquiring before you use the Blast Furnace for profit. These will ensure convenience and efficiency with your training, allowing you to get the most out of your time and make a further profit. 

  • The Giant Dwarf (Quest)

Starting this quest is necessary for training at the Blast Furnace as, without it, you cannot access Keldagrim. At the point in the quest you arrive at Keldagrim, you can access the furnace. 

  • Ice Gloves (Item)

You must kill the Ice Queen to receive these as a drop. This has no requirements other than 50 Mining to get to and the combat ability to defeat the level 111 queen. Ice Gloves allow you to instantly pick up your molten bars at the Blast Furnace, removing the need to either wait or frequently use new Buckets of Water. 

  • 60 Smithing+ (Skill)

It is strongly recommended to have at least 60 Smithing for the Blast Furnace, even though level 50 is when you unlock the ability to make Mithril. Before level 60, there are extra fees to utilize the Blast Furnace, which must be paid every 10 minutes. 

  • Coal Bag (Item)

The Coal Bag is almost a necessity at the Blast Furnace, especially for the higher level bars. The convenience this adds is enormous, allowing you to carry two inventories worth of Ore at once effectively. It costs 100 Golden Nuggets from Percy’s Nugget Shop at the Motherlode Mine. 

  • Stamina Potions + Weight-Reduction

Blast Furnace methods all include constant running, Stamina Potions, and weight-reducing gear are of great use here.

Operating the Blast Furnace

Thanks to more recent updates, the majority of the Blast Furnace operation can be run automatically on the Blast Furnace worlds, requiring a small fee. 

A full hour of automated Blast Furnace costs around 72,000 coins, resulting in saving plenty of time you would otherwise spend fixing various parts of the Blast Furnace for it to process your bars. 

When paying the 72,000 coins for automated operation, your input is straightforward. 

  • Place required ores on the Conveyor Belt. 
  • Cool down smelted bars with a bucket of water or Ice Gloves. 
  • Collect the bars from the Bar Dispenser 
  • Repeat 

Placing gold in the Coffer at the Blast Furnace will allow the coins to be taken for operation automatically, which is a great convenience. 

If you are under level 60 Smithing, there is an extra fee for using the Blast Furnace. The foreman will charge you 2500 coins every 10 minutes, resulting in a cost of 15,000 coins for an hour of Blast Furnace. This cannot be taken from your Coffer, meaning that every 10 minutes, you will have to give 2500 coins to the Foreman for more time manually. 

Profitable Bars

Due to the savings, all of the Bars made with Coal as a secondary ore are profitable at the Blast Furnace. 

The following statistics are estimations based on stamina potions’ expenditure and speed increases, such as using the Ice Gloves and Coal Bag. Remember, prices of items are always changing, so these are a general idea of profitability. 

  • Iron Bars – Level 15 

200K Profit/H 

  • Steel Bars – Level 30 

250K Profit/H 

  • Mithril Bars – Level 50 

350K Profits/H 

  • Adamant Bars – Level 70 

570K Profits/H 

  • Runite Bars – Level 85 

800K Profits/H

Ore Patterns 

Due to each Bar type requiring a different amount of Coal, there are various methods for efficiently managing your inventory to make the least runs possible to create the bars continually. The following advice for each bar assumes the use of a Coal Bag for convenience. 

  • Steel Bars 

Trip 1: 27 Coal + 27 Iron 

Collect Bar 


  • Mithril Bars 

Trip 1: 54 Coal 

Trip 2: 27 Coal + 27 Mithril 

Collect Bar 

Trip 3: 27 Coal + 27 Mithril 

Collect Bar 


  • Adamant Bars 

Trip 1: 54 Coal 

Trip 2: 27 Coal + 27 Adamant 

Collect Bar 

  • Rune Bars 

Trip 1: 54 Coal 

Trip 2: 54 Coal 

Trip 3: 54 Coal 

Trip 4: 27 Coal + 27 Rune 

Collect Bar 

Trip 5: 27 Coal + 27 Rune 

Collect Bar 


Utilizing these methods 

Have fun! 

The Blast Furnace is a tedious method, requiring continuous clicking and running to keep up the pace. Have fun with it, enjoy the profits, and be sure to take breaks!

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