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How to Make Money with Online Proofreading Jobs

Internet is leading the world with its tremendous source of information. Regular internet users are rapidly growing, and the current count has crossed several billion. On the other hand, the opportunity of making money online is rising and getting popular day by day. As the internet has opened several employment opportunities to generate solid income from home, most of the people like students, stay at home moms and retired people are searching for some legitimate online jobs to make extra income in spare time. Previously, I discussed some ways of online money making and here is another one for you. Yes, it is “Make money with online proofreading jobs”. Let’s see in the detail about it.

Online Proofreading Jobs

Working without the traditional office has become real with the help of the Internet. All types of online jobs related to writing like editing, proof reading and copywriting can be carried out at home. Many writers and websites owners need editors and proof readers to get their job done and pay for it. They have content with excellent information but there would be some grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you are not interested in writing, then you may choose the online proofreading jobs and make money with it. Online Proofreading Jobs

Editing, quality assurance, book reviewing, content editing and copy writing are some of the types of common online proofreading jobs. Sometimes proof readers may ask to write, or they just need to supervise the other writers with the content planning. Generally, these kinds of jobs could generate a higher payout when compared to other online jobs. Companies may hire the proof readers on the contract basis and in some cases they work with some freelancing websites.

Tips to become an online proof reader

Wide variety of opportunities is available for the freelance proof readers to correct the spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors on the websites and eBooks.  If you have good scripting skill and command over the English language, you could earn a decent income with the online proofreading jobs.

Here are some tips which would help you to develop your proofreading skill:-

  1. To become a successful proof reader, you should read different forms of writing and familiar with the number of writing skills.
  2. Correct usage of words and punctuation is the basic need of proofreading and so try to learn and recognize the common word confusions.
  3. Online courses related to Journalism and literatures are existing, you can make use of it to advance your skills.
  4. Train yourself with many styles of books and build a reference library with it.
  5. Watch TV news programs, read newspapers and buy word search magazines to solve the word puzzles.

Useful websites to make money with online proofreading jobs

Following are some useful websites with which you can make money online with proofreading jobs.

  1. www.book-editing.com
  2. www.globalproofreading.com
  3. www.editfast.com
  4. www.scribendi.com
  5. www.prospectsolution.com
  6. www.academicknowledge.com
  7. www.gleim.com
  8. www.multidoc.fi
  9. www.proofreadexpert.com
  10. missdream.org
Look for proofread jobs in popular platforms like Freelancer and LinkedIn


The real job of the proof readers is reviewing, editing and making changes to the written content before publishing. This internet based job allows you to finish the job at the comfort of home and you will get paid after completing the job. Maintaining a good quality and submitting the job on time according to the guidelines are the key elements to make money with online proofreading jobs.

Work from home at flexible timings is the great advantage of performing net jobs. But it is imperative to choose the genuine ways to work as the internet has many scam jobs and websites which wouldn’t pay a single penny for the workers. Eagerness and endurance are the secrets to succeed in any kind of online job.  

What do you think about make money with online proofreading jobs? Leave your valuable thoughts here.

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  • Its really nice to read the details of making money with online proof reading jobs Atish 🙂

    I don’t know this option of earning money online.

    Will try this once as am interested in writing.

    Thanks for sharing this online income job details for your readers, keep sharing 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for this article and all the links. One thing I’d say is that your grammar and spelling skills need to be very accurate in whichever language you want to work as a proofreader – it’s meticulous work that needs great concentration and you must have a sound knowledge of the language.


  • we have to be strong in Grammer if we want to do this type of job.
    Our Skills matters a lot in this field.In Online ProofReading job we have to be sharp because it need concentration.
    Thanks for Unique and Fresh Article Brother 😀

  • There are a lot of online jobs available and the proof reading job is certainly one of the best one .Thanks for sharing these links with us Ashish ! I would be giving it a try .


  • Hello Atish,
    Proofreading is really very cool and interesting way of earning income, One of my friend also doing the same thing. He was not so good in Grammar, but he used some online tool to correct his error/mistakes like Ginger and other tools. Now his grammar improves at a great extent.

    Really if you know the right place to find your solution, then you can do anything…
    BTW Thanks for the post. Keep Sharing… 🙂

  • Well, i wasn’t aware about this type of online job. This online proof reading job can be very beneficial for students, as they can earn few bucks and improve their English skills at the same time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  • Thanks very much for this revelation. This is one of the means of making money online I have been looking for for some months ago and my search stopped with this post. I always appreciate you post as it is always beneficial to me.

  • I know about freelancer jobs but i don’t know and don’t hear about proofreading jobs.Tips are useful to turn our self into a professional proofreader. Thank you.

  • This article will definitely excite the people who have urge to make money from home.Thanks for sharing this information:)

  • Hi Atish,

    For me, I would try my luck on sites such as elancer and freelancer. I think the trick here is to be careful with where you sign up for. Some doesn’t pay you a dime for your work.

    Don’t forget to create a good portfolio for yourself. Better ones usually gets more chance of job 🙂

    Good luck and thanks for sharing mate!

    • Yea ofcrouse, When you start your freelancing career you need to work on lesser prices to make a better portfolio. Once you have some work to show to clients then you will be getting goo offers. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Very nice article..!!!
    As we know that for most of the youngster thought that internet is source of income and most of them have the same search “How to earn money online”. So you have explained them one aspect of earning online income. It will surely help them a lot.

    • Actually I found Internet the best source of earning good money while sitting in your comfortable chair without any boss or managers. So I am trying to find more resources where we all can make money online. Proofreading is one of them.

  • Hi Atish, you said it right. Nowadays, working in real offices is not necessary. People are more than happy to find work sitting in the convenience of their houses. The best part is that, internet is actually creating such opportunities. Thanks for sharing the post with us.

  • I personally used proofreaders before to edit my eBooks and other content that I wanted to publish. One thing you must note is that it is very important to choose a proofreader with an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients as this can make or break your written work. Do not always go for the cheapest option as this can give you very poor results. I have a proofreader that charges a fair amount and does an excellent job and I only use him to proofread all my work.

  • really great post atish sir . All information here is really usefull. I am going to check out all the websites you mentioned here and try to make some money

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for the comprehensive list of Online Proof reading jobs. I guess it would be very lucrative if you have decent grammar skills.

  • Hi Atish,
    Good to be here again,
    This is indeed yet another list or bundle of information for the expert who seek an online job.
    Of course for this job one need to be an expert in the language, otherwise of no use.
    Anyways thanks for sharing this for your readers. I am sure, some of your reader will be benefited by this post. 🙂
    Keep sharing such useful and informative pieces for your fellow beings.
    Have a good day.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  • Nice information shared on proofreading there are also many genuine program in market that provide online proofreading work genuinely. As you have shared really usefull information regrading online proofreading job and suggested us with the least of good site. Thank you for sharing this article

  • I liked this article. It was comprehensive and provided some great information regarding proofreading and what it entails. Many people get proofreading tasks confused with copywriting tasks. This article did a nice job of breaking down the components of proofreading. Thanks so much!

    • The replies to this article also have a lot of grammatical errors. I agree, if you are trying to get a job in this sector, the comments should also be correct and complete. I saw a lot of mistakes there too. The author does not work in this field, but he has friends that do. They could have looked this over for him first.

  • Has anyone tried any of the sites listed? If so, I would be interested to know the result. I worked as Secretary to a College Principal for 26 years (6 successive Principals) and have all the Secretarial Skills including A level English. Working from home Proofreading would be perfect for me as I am now retired. If anyone reading this could direct me to a genuine Proofreading site, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you mahdeene at gmail dot com.

  • Atish, I found your blog interesting, but disturbing. Proofreading probably is a good way to earn a little extra money. Before you posted on this subject, though, you should have submitted your blog to someone for proofreading. The finer points of grammar provide cues to the reader about the writer’s expertise. It is apparent that English is not your native language, and that your command of it is only conversational. You have motivated me to research the links you gave and start providing proofreading services. Perhaps one day I will advertise on your blog.

  • As someone who aspires to publish a book one day, I understand the importance of punctuation, word usage, grammar and spelling. I would love to review and proofread in my spare time but I am leary of scams and wasting my time. If I make the effort and submit my review timely with accuracy, I expect to be paid. Thank you for the links to legitimate offers.

  • All these jobs require that you have several years experience and certificates in order to begin working. Also, you need a portfolio, or other proof of work you’ve done in the past. You will be expected to take the tests required and pass them. Lastly, some require that you focus only on proofreading, so you can not have another job.

  • This article is interesting and informative, and gives me confidence to go through the provided website list. I will visit these sites and would like to have the opportunity to be tested for this kind of job since I am looking for an extra income working from home. I have some kind of experience doing proofreading both in Spanish and English.

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