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From small businesses to enterprises and from global ventures to layman, anyone can take advantage of this technological evolution and bring immense ease into their lives. With real time tracking and proper authentication, they are one of most secure ways of conducting business in online world.

Analyzing different case studies brings us to the conclusion that there are immense benefits of using online electronic signatures. Availability on the mobile devices and any gadget connected with the internet gives you complete liberty to finalize any transaction from anywhere! Installation and use of online electronic signatures is easier than ever now.

The basic utilization of online electronic signatures is to provide a secure way of signing electronic documents. In the digitized world of today, there are numerous transactions that you need to perform online in order to get a legally bound document. Online purchase and payment is facilitated by this technological feature.
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If you are reluctant in using online electronic signatures and you need paper-on-pen signatures on a document you will have to undergo a long procedure. First you will wait for the email or fax, then you will print it and imprint hand written signature on it, then you will scan to email the signed the document or fax it again. Gone are the days of undergoing such hideous tasks for the sake of a single document. Thanks to digital technology, you can perform the same task within minutes, and that too hassle-free.

Advanced solutions like online electronic signatures give you a compact solution in the form of sealed security and swift processes. Adapt this emerging technology today to win the race ahead of your competitors because within a couple of years, you will witness online electronic signatures being used everywhere readily.

Business process workflow is automated and processes are streamlined by the use of electronic documentation. But if you rely on hand written signatures for electronic documents, it is going to cost you more in terms of printing cost and time. If you are planning on growing your business, you will have to spend increased monetary cost on moving your important documents from one office location to another – thus online electronic signatures give you margin for growth with increased potential for savings both in time and money.

Every effort is being done to provide fool proof security for approval process of digital documents. Since an electronic record is maintained in the form of log for each user’s online electronic signatures, it is least likely that a fraud or an attempt to fraud will go unnoticed.

Installation and integration of the complete system is awfully easy. Your continuing workflow will not be disturbed if you integrate online electronic signatures with it. Workflow system will be facilitated by secure transactions and regulated processes.

Online electronic signatures are a digital way of binding the unique identity of a person with the documents that he or she authorizes. Another valid point in favor of online electronic signature is that once the signing authority has signed a document and later any changes are made to the document, the signature will stand as null and void. Thus there is compromise neither on data integrity nor on authenticity of the electronically signed document.

The basic underlying mechanism of online electronic signature is assigning a one-time private and public key, which will be later used for decryption and verification of the signature. During the validation process of the signature, the signed signature is decrypted and then it is compared with authentic signature provided at the time of setting up online electronic signature for the first time.

According to laws and regulation, a digital version of your signature places you under the same legal binding as any of the pen-on-paper signature documents would do. You are accountable for any document you sign and once signed, you will not be able to claim that you have not done so. Sophisticated mechanisms are used to ensure the legitimacy and genuineness of online electronic signature.

You should also feel good about the fact that by using online electronic signatures you are even doing good deed to those people who are not using digital version of signatures. Wondering how? You are saving the mother earth by reducing paper and carbon usage. Thus, online electronic signatures are a blessing for everyone.


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Anna Stacy has in-depth knowledge and experience of online electronic signature solutions. Her basic forte lies within process optimization and process re-engineering, and has a long-term obsession with e-sign. She is a leading source of what’s hot and what’s not in the online digital signature space.

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