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Offline YouTube Viewing: The Future is here!

While launching Android One smartphone, Google announced something really interesting and useful. Offline YouTube viewing, which is in news from a long time and many rumors were there that it will be launched soon, will finally be coming to India.

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What is offline YouTube viewing?

In this feature of YouTube, a user can download any video of his choice and can watch them later even without internet connection. It would be available for mobile users only thus saving a lot of mobile data. In offline YouTube viewing, a user will have to first download a video by using an internet connection, once it is downloaded, the user can view it later at any time and as much as he wishes to watch it without internet connection.


How it will work?

As this feature of offline YouTube viewing is restricted to only mobile app so there would be an update for the app after which you can use this feature. To download videos, users will have to press an “add to device” button, which should be present somewhere on the page of the video. For saving a video you need a data connection. After this video will be stored in the device for as long as user wish to keep. Once it is saved to the device, user can view it later at any time and this time there would be no need of internet connection.


Why there is a need of offline YouTube viewing?

Our country consumes over 3.7 billion videos in a month.  According to a report, the total online video audience in India saw a huge growth of over 70 percent in 2013 with the average person watching 18 percent more videos and these numbers are expected to increase in the coming years. It would be beneficial for those who wish to watch their favorite videos again and again. Apart from saving lots of mobile data, a user will enjoy buffer free video and that too at almost free of cost.

How will YouTube monetize from offline YouTube viewing?

Well, this is an interesting part. In a normal YouTube video, there are all kinds of ads that pop up while watching the video. There are also some pre-roll ads which starts playing even before the video gets start. Then there are banners which you must have noticed below your videos. All these ads are a huge source of monetization for YouTube and they need an internet connection to play. Right now there is no news on how Google will tackle this problem. It may possibly that even the ads are downloaded while downloading the videos. But, better to wait for the official announcement.


When will this feature be launched?

For YouTube offline viewing, the wait is not so long. However, Google has not made any announcements on when it will be going to launch this feature, but indeed it is a good news for all the mobile users. Also, there is no news about all those countries in which offline YouTube viewing will be possible. Although, Indian users can start celebrating as it is confirmed that it will be coming in India.

What are your views on this feature? Let us know how excited you are for offline YouTube viewing.

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  • It really seems a thrilling feature of YouTube!

    Most of the people love to watch videos on YouTube and often visit there to see their preferred videos. I hope that this feature will help them a lot to watch their favorites by downloading them to their smartphone.

    Good to know that this YouTube feature will be available in the form of mobile app and let’s wait for its arrival on PCs.

    Thanks for sharing this detailed post for us.

  • Hello Atish bro, its real big good news. at last google is thinking way beyond apple can imagine.

    The real weapon in the world is giving everyone power. by offline youtube videos most people can enjoy this feature specially the ones who don’t have a broadband.

  • Seriously speaking, if you are downloading youtube videos, aren’t you the ones who are actually voiding the rules of it. There is just no way that google will allow that.

  • Wow! this is going to be great. YouTube video downloading option, and it’s too from YouTube itself. Everyone including me seek for options to download these videos, and if Google rolls out this one, it would be a great relief.

    And if monetization is enabled for these videos then tracking — I guess would be very hard.

  • Wow! This is really the best new feature in 2014! Love it and have waited for it for a long time. Unfortunately not all Android users have good internet connection while travelling,etc, and to be able to watch Youtube video even then is really great

  • Hi Atish,

    There are many users of YouTube in India and all over the world but in India the main problem is to have an internet connection.
    As we all know that it’s not that easy to get high speed internet in India. For common people it’s not affordable.

    While after the launch of offline YouTube it would be helpful for many users who wish to see the videos without internet.

    Great post indeed.:)


  • It is a good news that,

    Google is finally launching offline YouTube viewing.

    It will save a lot of valuable time as well as data.
    Thanks bro. for sharing such good news.

  • A very late initiative taken by the youtube. Though they knew it very clearly that people are already downloading these types of video from youtube and such sites, it was their desperate efforts to ban but when they become helpless they announce this move. Am i right Atish ?

    • Agree! Youtube videos can be easily downloaded even Google doesn’t allow. They have tried their best to stop those downloads but as they have no control over it. They are now officially allowing the downloads. Thanks for sharing your views bro.

  • YouTube giving an option to download videos and view them offline is major step for India. Data connections are not very much stable in certain areas and cannot buffer the video completely. Data Plans also are a considered factor in this case. Also like Atish mentioned YouTube videos can be downloaded very easily too, so now a good reason to allow official downloads..

  • Hi Atis

    This is the 1st time I am visiting your blog and Wow what a great news I had waiting for me to discover… 🙂

    Now, after what happened with “Authorship”… I seriously doubt that any of Google’s new strategy will have a long term life… If really they are doing this with youtube video then anytime they can come up with cancellation news…

    What say you?


    • Google is unpredictable! No one knows what will be the next step of it. So just enjoy what is being offered currently.

  • Hi Atish,

    This is a great news for all who are online always in search of good videos to download on their smartphone. Also, with this feature YouTube is going to make a big impact in the market as well. I am eagerly waiting for this service to launch as most of the websites from where one cannot download videos easily and they are redirected to many more links to download a video and I with YouTube this problem is resolved.

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