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oFeatures – Customer Support Service [Review]

Once upon a time, in the world we live, if you happen to run a company and for some reason required feedback from your customers on how to make your products better – you had to ask for it, and then patiently wait while the letters came in. Life was a lot slower in those times. This was before the information revolution; today things move a lot faster – a bit too fast for some – which is why tools that can help you cope with the speed are necessary, tools that can help you gather feedback from your users and help you understand it.   

Now obviously this creates a void, which needs to be filled by other services from companies that specialize in these services – why? Because if things are moving too fast for you to cope with feedback, imagine how much more difficult it is going to be, to provide real-time customer service to your customers. Suddenly, instead of being a one-way stream of feedback, it has transformed into a two-way interaction where you need the tools to interact with your customers and the customer needs to be able to contact you in the most convenient way possible. This is a very complex system to cater for, there are multiple moving parts in a customer support system and if even one part breaks the whole system breaks – you need to make sure the tools you are using are not the ones that break, because they are very much essential for the service of your users and customers.

oFeatures – one of such services, is what we are going to take a look at, and see what – if anything – makes it better than the competition. It offers a list of useful customer support tools for websites. Let’s have a look on it detail.


Now right off the start, it is very clear oFeatures is capable of much more than what we usually find in a service such as this – that obviously creates a problem since you don’t want to overpay for features that you don’t need. However, oFeatures took that into account. You can pick and choose what services you want to use, and only pay for the ones you do. Having multiple services bundled into one suite is a good thing; it helps you to reduce the complexity of your solution and makes the workflow of your employees much more straightforward. oFeatures lets you add a live chat to interact with your customers, a ticket system to track the issues your customers raised, a feature that let your customers request a call-back from you, a service that lets you gather and track feedback from your customers, a guestbook for your customers where they can leave their opinions and soon enough they will be adding a fully functional ordering system with carts and all that hoo-ha.  I propose to delete this part.   


The sheer number of features oFeatures provides is fascinating – instead of having to pay for and maintain multiple similar services with different features, oFeatures can give you all of the features you would want from a service like this – and you can pay only for the features you use. Not a lot of customer support services offer these many features, making oFeatures one of the few who do.

Obviously, when you see a service with so many features packed into one package – utilizing them can get difficult, but oFeatures seems to have thought of everything. They have made some really good introduction videos to get you through the initial confusion that you might suffer from.

It will be interesting to see how oFeatures implements their upcoming ordering system, considering how easy they have made to add simple features like live chat. An ordering system is a much more complex product in itself, making it as simple as adding live chat would be an extraordinary feat if they achieve it. Watch the video below to learn how to get the Chat feature on your website within minutes:

When you add so many features to your service, you also want to know how these features are being utilized – so you can improve your workflow depending on whether your resources are being utilized properly. For this, oFeatures also gives you some excellent statistics to go with their different services. After all, you need to know if paying for oFeatures is worth it at all.


These statistics are extremely detailed and are available for every feature that oFeatures offers. Above is a screenshot of the statistics page for the live chat feature. Every feature has its statistics page with detailed information about the interaction between your employees and the users – you will know exactly when something is wrong with your product when you suddenly get an influx of support messages in real time.

Now to summarize – oFeatures is an excellent solution to a problem every company would face at some point during their growth. Customer feedback and support is a very important part of keeping your customers satisfied. The features it includes such as:

  • Live Chat – that lets your employees interact with your customers in real time and resolve their issues.
  • Support Ticket System – to let you easily track the grievances of your customers and address them promptly.
  • A feature to let your customers request a call-back from you, making sure that even if your real-time support is offline, your customers can get help when they need it.
  • The ability to let your users give you feedback for your products.
  • And a guestbook that lets your customers leave their opinions about you.

Complete oFeatures features list:


Overall, oFeatures fulfills a very important purpose by helping you, help your customers. There are other services that could offer you the same benefits, of course, but there are very few who bundle it all in one easy to implement the package, that too with real-time statistics. And oFeatures is still adding new features such as the upcoming ordering system. Clearly, they have bigger plans for their products, and what they have to offer right now seems to be a good indication of things to come.  

Service summary:

Home page: www.ofeatures.com

List of available features:  live chat, ticket system, contact form, call-back, feedback, guestbook

I would like to hear from you. Please share your views and feedback in comments.

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  • Hi Atish,

    You have come with a pretty new stuff for us, thanks!

    For the first time, I read the details of oFeatures, they seem helpful and affordable. Good to know that we can grab its 14 days free trial.

    It is essential for the serious business owners to have an excellent customer support to gain authority and get more leads/sales.

    It is really nice that it is more likely to include the essential customer assistance features just through the drag and drop method.

    I would like to recommend this service for the passionate businesses who are looking for a reliable support for their consumers.

    Thanks for the useful review, keep revealing such kind of stuff for us.

    • Hello Nirmala,

      Ofeatures was so new to me when I came to know about it. I am happy that I came to know about it because it has some great features that a business website can use if they need to provide customer support service. Thanks for reading the post, and posting a good comment.

      Have a nice time. Thank you.

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